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Victims' families urged armed police officers to charge into Uvalde school while massacre carried on for upwards of 40 minutes

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Hot Fuzz 2 now filming in Blackfriars

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Politics Beto O'Rourke Wednesday May 25th 2022

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📌Follow Up In the last 24 hours since the Uvalde massacre, Fox News has proposed at least 50 "solutions" and none of them are gun control.

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Why is such a large segment of US mass shooters young men?


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Convicted pedophile Josh Duggar was sentenced to 12.5 yrs for CSAM

No rape jokes

If you can, please donate to children's safety center of washington county in celebration of this occasion (or a charity of your choice!) If you can't, that's fine, give a hearty FUCK JOSH DUGGAR

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It just never stops

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Never really took this perspective

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Fox News guest suggests "ballistic blankets" to stop children getting shot

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Politics You want a solution?

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Paywall Justin Trudeau cancels B.C. appearance after protesters gather carrying noose

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How do you feel about Beto O’Rourke interrupting the town hall meeting to speak?


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News Beto O’Rourke interrupts Texas governor's news conference on school shooting

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Arts/Crafts [OC] My 7 y/o daughter drew Sonic today. I'm so proud of her and her ability.

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holup Objection, Emotional Demage!!

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Everyone knows we don't have to pick just one answer, right?!

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fall-off-the-bone steak


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Other ELI5: Why do British people sound like Americans when they sing but not when they speak?


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ONGOING OOP almost sabotages house purchase by buying a bag but it still goes through. They then immediately drain pool. Husband in despair.


I am not OP. Originally posted by u/mikeythrowaway1 in r/AITA. Not technically 'updates' but the two posts read concurrently are quite something. The executive function of OOP, or lack thereof, is something to behold.


AITA for messing up the closing on our first house? I know I messed up huge but AITA?

My husband and I have been trying to buy our first house for over a year. It’s been insane in this market and we finally found a place that isn’t exactly what we wanted and was $40000 over the asking price. But still it meant we would no longer be paying rent and was only a little over our budget.

We were supposed to close on Monday. I was so excited I wanted to get some a new outfit for the closing. While shopping a saw a bag I absolutely fell in love with and it matched my new outfit perfectly. They did a great job selling me and before I know it I had let the sales ladies convince me that as a new homeowner I deserved nice things. They also talked me into getting a store credit card…with A 20k limit. The bag cost a pretty big chunk of that. I was approved and bought the bag.

What I did not know is that taking out a new credit card is REALLY bad when you are buying a house. We couldn’t close on Monday and since there are like a dozen offers on this house we may lose it while everything is sorted out with our lenders. Also we may lose the $10000 in earnest cash we gave the seller.

I want to throw up I know I messed up so badly it was stupid decision and I was such an idiot for even walking in the store. And this bag may ended up costing us hundreds of thousands of dollars in earnest money and still having to rent (as my husband has told me countless times over the past 4 days).

I know I messed up but AITA?

Edit: Edit for those still following: the seller is going to give us 5 business days to get financing worked out with lender. Realtor thinks it can be done. Crisis is averted it looks like we will get the house still.

Apparently the sale did go through, as just days later OP was back with:


AITA for draining our swimming pool to save water (we are in a drought state)?

So for some backstory, my husband I were able to finally close on our first house last Friday. It came with a very nice pool that I was excited about. My husband had to travel for work immediately after the closing so it was up to me to arrange keys, initial move in, utilities, services, etc…

On Saturday morning we were talking and he said “you know the drought is worse here in California, I know it’s too late now but I’m wondering if we get this bad if it wasn’t a huge mistake to get a house with a pool?” I said I was still excited about the pool and is already laid out by it and gone swimming. He said that he was just thinking out loud and about the future.

The more I thought about it the more I thought maybe he was right so I researched how to drain pools, looked up YouTube videos and went and rented a pump and I drained all the water. The pool is now basically empty.

Well he freaked out when he got home and said that I made a huge mistake because you can’t leave a pool drained. I said I did it to make him happy and that I understood his concerns. He said that he’s so sick of me acting like a “child” that he’s going to hire a babysitter for me while he goes away. Obviously this really hurt my feelings, I’m a nurse for gods sake not a bumbling fool.

I keep trying to explain my point and that I did it to make him happy and he says that if I don’t I understand why he’s upset and don’t get how foolish I was he can’t waste brain power on it.

Was I the asshole here?

Some of the comments make for great reading too...

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That hug makes me feel safe

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M TIFU by losing my company £100k and am now suspended from work


Hi Everyone, unlike most this fuck up happened today and my god it’s a colossal one at that.

Throwaway as my Reddit account is known by fellow employees and this is under wraps.

I work in finance and am the only person to do my job. It’s been a long week and I got a email from my CEO asking for his payment to be made into his new bank details. He asked if instead of waiting he could have the payment today (not unusual as he usually gets his payments on the 5th of the month).

The business is in debt to the owners for a substantial sum so when the request for his money came early I checked with the CFO who is out of the country and he said go for it.

Now it’s not unusual to receive an email and as my CFO was out of the country he left me his PIN number and device in order to sign payments. (FU 1)

I go on to our banking and drop the new details into the bank system. The bank system runs a name check and the error “please ask the payee to confirm” - I try to call the CEO and get no answer. I’m in a rush so instead of waiting I proceed without checking (I have done this with other Payee’s I assume the system is a bit glitchy with certain sort codes). This is the 2nd fuck up. I make the payment on my account and as I have the pin device I log in as my boss and approve the payment (FU3)

Within 10 minutes of the payment the CEO calls back and asks why I called. I told him not to worry and I have sent the £100,000 as he requested to his new details and the good news is he does not need to wait as well I have the secondary device. There was a long pause and a lot of confusion as he had not asked for any money or changed his bank details.

I went back to the email and I notice that the sender has copied our CEO signature and got a very similar email address but not quite the same.

The CFO has called me and we have spoken to the bank who can try and trace the money however as it was signed by myself we have breached the banking security protocols and they said it’s unlikely we will get anything back.

I am currently suspended whilst they investigate to ensure I was involved in this somehow.

To top it off the money I sent now will come out of company bonuses next month too….

TLDR; Did not check a email and sent a fraudster £100,000 and now there is no bonuses and I might even get sacked.

Edit: on mobile excuse the formatting!!

Edit 2: going to pop off for a beer at the local and wait for all this to blow over. Got a call in a hour with the CFO. Wish me luck and thanks for the gold!

Edit 3: this is getting a lot of attention and I’m trying to reply where I can. The CFO called to see how I was and he understands this is a fuck up but not on my part purely. He told me to enjoy a few beers and the bank have been informed and our bank manager will give us a update by 10am tomorrow to see what if anything can be done. I’m just going to finish this beer and go home as I don’t fancy a call being hungover tomorrow dealing with this.

Edit 4: please stop dming me saying you are my CEO and CFO and asking for money. Even if you are a Nigerian Prince I am not interested

Edit 5: Thank you for the “Burning Cash” reward - seems very fitting. Thank you for the comments of support/laughs and everything else. I will update tomorrow with any further updates!

FINAL EDIT: Got a fuzzy head from last night and this post has blown up. Please stop awarding me for this fuck up. So I have spoken to the CFO this morning who has heard from the bank……. Good news is due to the account we paid being marked as suspicious the funds left our account but never credited the scammers account. Due to the IP and the device ID being the same the bank tried to call to verify (I did not have any calls) and therefore the CFO confirmed the scam and we have been informed the money will be back within 24 hours. Apparently we got a bollocking from our bank manager and I have a meeting with the CEO to discuss everything at 1pm and to come up with a plan to stop this happening. Looks like both the money and my job are safe for now. Now for a couple more hours sleep before the meeting and before I have my access restored. Thank you for all the support including the people who said I am a asshole for being so thick. I guess I will now be the most vigilant employee in finance after the actions of yesterday!

Plus the people saying it’s a inside scam it appears it clearly was not with the scammer already in action and having the account marked suspicious.

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Ninja Jackson

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Movies With today being the 45th anniversary of Star Wars, let’s take a minute to honor the greatest group of heroes in the series

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