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Shounen What anime got you into anime?

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Clubhouse What biological advantage do trans people have at fishing?

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Politics Joe Biden on the Picket Line with UAW

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Why do some women resent it when men engage in video gaming?


Does anyone know why it bothers some girls so much?

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Image One of two photographs in existence of the US Supreme Court in session. Cameras are forbidden in the Supreme Court, but this photograph was taken by a young woman who concealed her small camera in her handbag, cutting a hole through which the lens peeped, 1937.

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Megathread Megathread: Judge Rules that Donald Trump Committed Fraud for Years in Runup to 2016 Presidential Campaign, Orders Dissolution of Trump Organization


Per the AP, 'Judge Arthur Engoron, ruling Tuesday in a civil lawsuit brought by New York’s attorney general, found that the former president and his company deceived banks, insurers and others by massively overvaluing his assets and exaggerating his net worth on paperwork used in making deals and securing financing.'

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Judge rules Donald Trump defrauded banks, insurers as he built real estate empire apnews.com
Trump is found liable for fraud in New York civil case reuters.com
Trump and organization liable for fraud, New York state court says theguardian.com
Donald Trump defrauded banks and insurers by grossly inflating assets, judge rules the-independent.com
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Trump is found liable for fraud in New York civil case reuters.com
Donald Trump found liable for fraud in New York civil case – DW – 09/26/2023 dw.com
New York judge rules Trump committed fraud and lied about his net worth for years nbcnews.com
New York judge finds Donald Trump liable for fraud cnn.com
This Stunning Court Ruling Could Destroy the Trump Organization: Donald Trump has been found liable for fraud—and the Trump Organization is going to suffer for it. newrepublic.com
Judge Rules That Donald Trump's New York Business Certificates Must Be Canceled themessenger.com

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AITAH for refusing to help my sister financially with her kids when I can


My husband (M, 40) and I (F, 38) both have good jobs. We tried to have children for years, but in the end, we decided to accept that it’s not happening. We are now a two-income, no-kids family. On the other hand, my sister was a single mom of two by the age of 26 ( never married , kids have two different dads and both left ) , then met a single dad of one (so a total of 3 kids in the house) and married him right away. Since then, they have had 5 more kids ( total of 8) . Now she just announced she is pregnant again. She doesn’t work, and he works long hours and doesn't lift a finger at home . Now my parents and my sister are pressuring me to pay for my nieces and nephews' nanny! I told them that my sister made a choice, so why should I sacrifice my savings (I paid for my own college and saved up instead of splurging)? My sister said my nieces and nephews are the closest things I have to a child, and I'm selfish for caring more about my dog and cat (I buy my nieces and nephews presents all the time; she is referring to my pets being loved by my husband and me). Both my parents are calling me selfish and jealous because my sister can have beautiful kids and I can't. AITAH for not contributing to my sister's kids' nanny?

ETA*: oh my goodness thank you for your kind words . My parents do help her with housework and childcare . 2 of her kids are highly special needs so she thinks with the new baby and current littlest ( she gave birth to the last one in December !) she needs more help and it’s my job to hire help ( indefinitely)

ETTA sorry I can’t answer all your questions I’m at work ( it’s my lunch time now lol). They are not overly religious. My sister said many time she loves being pregnant and newborn stage is her favourite. She said she is still not sure if they are done and she and BIL love big families . Thank you for the suggestion but I have zero interest in adopting my nieces or nephews. I have taken them out to events and water Parks , wonder lands ,and bought them gifts for birthdays and Christmas but I don’t want to adopt them We are French Canadian . We live in a small city near Quebec City . Yes my sister receives universal child care benefit from government for each kid , monthly

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Behind Soft Paywall Elon Musk’s X Is Biggest Outlet of Russia Disinformation, EU Says


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Cringe Britney Spears Dancing with Knives

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Senate Dems Want to Cancel All Student Lunch Debt—A 'Term So Absurd That It Shouldn't Even Exist' | U.S. Sen. John Fetterman said the aim of the bill is to "stop humiliating kids and penalizing hunger."


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Payday 3's launch has gone so badly that Starbreeze says it's now 'looking at the possibility of some sort of offline mode'.


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What is a book that was popular that you absolutely hated?


I'll give two:

Mockingjay (the third book in the Hunger Games series). It read like a dream sequence. And since it's purely from Katniss's point of view, we don't even really get a conclusion to the story and what happens to the government.

Ready Player One. The 80s references were fun and the tech was cool to read about, but I don't get the excitement in reading over and over again, "This would have been a difficult challenge for anyone else. Luckily, I've already memorized every single thing ever written or made in the 80s, so this was no trouble for me at all. No, you will not see me learn anything new that will help me in my quest. I will just already know everything and be able to figure everything out immediately." What kind of story is that?

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Discussion What's a movie that is fantastically produced/made that is just gross.


I would nominate Wolf of Wall Street. None of the characters are likeable. They're all fucking monsters. Everyone in it is a great actor. But the movie is almost a masterpiece portraying these awful people.

Can y'all point to another movie that has the similar terrrrrrrrible characters but great actors?

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How do you NOT hate going to work everyday?


I just can’t seem to get my head around it. I hate going to work, and once I’m there, I hate that too. It’s like all I have to look forward to is another 8 hours of work. It’s so draining. I tried looking up YouTube videos on what to do if I hate going to work, and I can’t find much. What do y’all do?

Edit: wow! So many responses. I def don’t have time to respond to them all now, but will try once my work day is over. I am feeling better about work, if that matters to anyone, maybe because it’s almost over for the day. Thank you everyone who came here and replied.

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27 years ago today, the Nintendo 64 made its debut in North America! Do you have a favorite N64 game?

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Clubhouse Some heroes wear hoodies

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FunnyandSad Well being raised in apartheid certainly explains his rampant bigotry.

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Helping Others Just a gesture changes their day..

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She fell for it 😂

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Ever seen a Golden Tiger sneeze?

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Phones After USB-C win, EU tells Tim Cook that Apple must 'open up its gates to competitors'.