r/AskMen Oct 07 '22

What do you guys think about hiring cleaners to deep clean your apartment?

This isn’t for moving out, but in the middle of the lease. I got a little lazy and I realized I need to spend a weekend deep cleaning. I would rather hire someone if possible and affordable



u/HaroldGodwin Oct 07 '22

Absolutely! I had a couple of house cleaners do the same for me. I didn't like to do it, and they have all the kit needed, and experience to do a great job.

And they were great and we had great chats. Pay in cash, and tip well.


u/SaltWaterInMyBlood Oct 07 '22

I've done it. The most important thing money buys you is time.


u/MadImBad Oct 07 '22

Use time to get money, then use money to get time!


u/spiteful-vengeance Oct 07 '22

I make more money per hour freelancing than I'd have to pay a cleaner, so I work while they clean and I make profit.


u/Keith__Peterson Oct 07 '22

I hate cleaning, I always get someone to do it for me. Nothing wrong with that


u/CalGoldenBear55 Oct 07 '22

Hiring a housekeeper was one of the best things I ever did. My place is always spotless and my wife and I never have to argue about a dirty toilet or messy rooms.


u/DistributionFrequent Oct 07 '22

We live in a society that has forgotten that services used to be the backbone of society, not production. Paying other people to do things you don't want to do yourself is super valid and can save you a lot of time, effort and frustration.

Think of it like this. First establish how much you make an hour. Then compare that to the wage of hiring a cleaner. If you make more than it costs to hire the cleaner you could better spent that time on doing extra work or taking that time to recover so that you can work more effectively.

We should buy less things and focus more on buying services. Services save us time, effort and frustration. If you already work 40+ hours and make enough money, why do people shame you for making the most out of your free time by paying others to do shit you don't want to do?


u/Neonjoe94 Oct 07 '22

Spend a weekend doing it with some music or a podcast you like

Spend the money on food and beer for your after party


u/[deleted] Oct 07 '22

I would. But I get so tired. I’m doing full time work work and full time school. I get home and I have the energy to only do a few tasks. Which is mostly spent studying


u/TheCoStudent Man, 18 Oct 07 '22

I’m doing uni and work too and if I were you I’d pay for it. No need to burn yourself out more by cleaning


u/Neonjoe94 Oct 07 '22

If it’s better for you then do it. I’m a work through the tired type of guy, but there’s no shame with hiring someone if you can’t pull the energy together because of other priorities.


u/V_M Oct 07 '22

If you're never home except to sleep, how can it get dirty?


u/BrendanQ Oct 07 '22

Sounds like you have your answer right there. It’s probably worth it to hire someone. Or if you a really good friend/friends, bribe them with food/alc/money to help you


u/KK96740 Oct 07 '22

Worth it!


u/jojo571 Oct 07 '22

Absolutely worth it.


u/Kevita24 Oct 07 '22

I think I'm going to hire a cleaner once a month to do all this shit I don't have time to do like dust, scrub the floors, clean my windows ect. I don't mind cleaning my kitchen once a week, or quickly cleaning my bathroom, and just generally keeping things tidy but with work, it's tough to keep up with everything, and quite frankly it's worth it for me to pay someone $100 so that my house is on point...I can use that time to do other shit that I need to get done and it would save ton of time.

It's a great idea man, hire a couple of ladies to come in and scrub your place down.


u/captain_flak Male Oct 07 '22

It’s a good idea. The second you walk into a clean house after work or whatever, you’ll know you made the right choice.


u/BigD1970 Oct 07 '22

If I could afford it, then hell yes. Cleaning sucks and if I could get somebody to do it for me then i would.


u/brownsnake52001 Oct 07 '22

I think that it is a great idea to hire cleaners to deep clean your apartment. This way, you do not have to worry about doing it yourself and you can focus on other things.


u/Turbulent_Patience_3 Oct 07 '22


Best use of resources. You will sleep and study better in a clean apartment


u/manhunt64 Male Oct 07 '22

I have a maid come by my place once every two weeks


u/captain_flak Male Oct 07 '22

When I was a kid, my dad told me a story that I always think about. He had just gotten his first real office job and one morning he was late. His boss asked him why and he said he had been changing his own oil on his car. His boss shook his head and took him aside. He put his hand on my dad’s shoulder and said, “Listen, it’s simple. Do what you do well and pay other people to do what they do well.” In the long run, you’re going to get further ahead by focusing on what helps build your career. Unless you like cleaning, just pay someone and move on.


u/Methylatedcobalamin Oct 07 '22

If you have the money, why not?

I've done it and was happy I did it.

You might want to request that they do not rearrange things when they clean.


u/TheImpossiblePoster Oct 07 '22

If you can afford it, absolutely. Who wants to do that themselves??


u/Thissitesuckshuge Oct 07 '22

It’s a very good idea. Living in a dirty place isn’t good for your mind and there’s nothing wrong with spending money in exchange for time as opposed to material goods. Best use of your money in my opinion.


u/Minute_Cartoonist509 Oct 07 '22

Amazing. I've had a cleaning person come into my home once a month for the past 15 years.


u/azuth89 Oct 07 '22

If you've got the cash, sure. Getting a hard reset like that from someone else can make maintaining things much easier.


u/ConstructionNo1603 Oct 07 '22

If you have the money for it and not the time to do it sure why not! But if you have the time you should really do it lol it will feel a lot better if you do it too


u/asleepbydawn Oct 07 '22

I don't want random people coming in to my apartment.


u/Alchemis7 Oct 07 '22 edited Oct 07 '22

I often thought about it, but then again it seems so unreasonable to do something I can do for free and even better without using any chemicals.

For me it’s a cathartic thing, as I take the effort to do what I should’ve been doing all along (effortlessly in tiny bits), it also clears a lot of emotional garbage for me. It’s like alchemy. The shower I get to take after I’m all done feels like taking thick layers of filth that gathered for months off of me. Oh boy and the feeling of freshly showered lounging in the super clean environment is the peak of pleasure. No one can do it for me.


u/TheNobleMushroom Oct 07 '22

The question I ask myself is how much money can I earn for the time that it would take me to clean the place? If the answer is more than what I would have to pay the cleaners, then I hire the cleaner. If not, then I clean it myself.


u/Homely_Bonfire Oct 07 '22

I scheduled something like that for next spring. New carpets, paint job, new ceiling lights, the whole nine yards.

It's mainly stuff I am actually not allowed to do myself in the apartment so I think doing that's reasonable. If you think your time is better spent when hiring someone so you can pursue something else in the meantime - I hope you are right. Nothing wrong with that either way, you are in charge of your economic decisions.


u/Jeramy_Jones Oct 07 '22

I had surgery a while back and My sister stayed with me to help me out. In the month before I broke up my apartment into deep cleaning jobs so that everything was clean and welcoming to her, and also so o could skip housework until I was healed. It’s a lot but if you break it up and do a little each weekend it’s not so bad.

As a side note: most things I’m fine with doing myself but I would love to get someone to clean my oven. I did it this summer and it was terrible.


u/Professional-Bit3280 Oct 07 '22

I’m not against it, but idk if I trust them to do it right. I’ve heard stories where really important papers were thrown out as “just loose papers”


u/PhysicianTradition Bisexual, 34y/o, Male Oct 07 '22


I have a fulltime house keeper who we've basically adopted as a second daughter

Paying people to do all that work for you is definitely worth it


u/nobody0350 Oct 07 '22

Nothing wrong with hiring cleaners to clean your apartment, but just make sure you treat them with respect. I know a couple of people who clean houses for a living, and unfortunately some of their bosses have treated them like shit in the past because they think that the cleaners are somehow inferior to them. House cleaners are people too. Don’t forget that. 👍🏽😃


u/[deleted] Oct 07 '22

If you have the money, why not


u/Token_or_TolkienuPOS Oct 07 '22

The trick to keeping a sanitary and livable space is to clean as you go. Don't wait for dishes to pile up in the sink. As soon as you finish your coffee, it takes literal seconds to just rinse the cup right then. Finished making a sandwich? Wipe down the same counter immediately after. I don't get how someone ends up with a place so dirty that you'd need to pay someone to tidy up. Especially if you live alone or just 2 people.

For deep scrubdowns, maybe once a month you can get someone to do the hard to reach places.


u/BlueCoatYellowBoots Oct 07 '22

Clean for an hour a day for 2 weeks until you've deep cleaned the whole place. Then spend 5-10 minutes picking up once a day for the rest of your life and never have to deep clean again.


u/SpecialKannon Oct 07 '22

If I could afford it I totally would


u/mtron32 Oct 08 '22

I pay a woman to deep clean our house about three times per year even though we regularly clean. Worth every penny


u/Motanul_Negru Manbearpolarsasquatch Oct 08 '22

I 'think' I can't afford it, but if you can, knock yourself out. Just don't be a shithead to the cleaners (or complain about it if you are and they poison you) 😊


u/Danmont88 Oct 08 '22

There was a married couple next door to me. He was a quadriplegic but, he did have a job.

She also worked but, had to do a lot of things that he couldn't.

He hired a maid to come in twice a week and dust and do the floors and a few other things. Just to give his wife a break.

Perhaps ask yourself what is your long term plan. Is it going to be a weekly thing of having them in? If it is just one time do you have a plan to keep the place clean.

Someone told me long ago that if you really don't like doing housework then do just one thing every day or every other day. Vacuum one day and dust the next.

Doesn't take a lot of time and things get done.


u/RunikVarze Male Oct 07 '22

It's your call. If you lack the time or motivation and want to spend the money on it, go for it. I wouldn't do it personally, because I would rather save the money. But you do what you deem best.


u/Brave-Needleworker80 Oct 07 '22

Fuck no. I don't want some strangers riffling through my personal possessions. Unless i can hide the bodies in time. Then fine.


u/PlatypusPristine9194 Oct 07 '22

Can't do it. Trust issues.


u/Swiizy_ Oct 07 '22

so do it why do you need to post it on reddit to a bunch of strangers lol


u/V_M Oct 07 '22

A couple costs nobody listed yet:

If they move stuff, you'll never find it again, may as well toss it out. Then you'll have to pay again next time you need it. Then again if they're moving stuff around that you don't want or need, then why not declutter and toss it out? Stuff you don't own anymore can't get dirty, need cleaning, get dusty, or get in the way of finding stuff you do actually need.

If I were going to rob a guy blind, or do massive identity theft, I'd be a "deep cleaner". If you don't own enough junk to get dirty how do you have enough money to hire a cleaner? I mean the target by definition has plenty of money and won't notice missing stuff. After hiring six different cleaners, "Where's my grandpa's old gold watch?". "Huh, my bank statements disappeared, I wonder where?". "My prescription pill bottle isn't here anymore, that's odd". If you hide everything valuable, they'll find it while cleaning and take it. If you lock everything up as if you're visiting a hotel, that's no way to live in your own house "under siege" by your own cleaners.

Most "I'm too tired to do anything but sit on the couch" is undiagnosed depression, and treating the symptom by 3rd party house cleaning won't fix the mental health issues. In the long run you're better off getting treatment. Blue collar laborers and soldiers have cleaner houses than depressed people. There are numerous other cost/benefit issues with respect to poor mental health.

I'm not overly worried about judgment, but there are things laying around my house that I wouldn't want other people messing with. Static electricity sensitive electronics parts sitting on my work bench in the middle of working on projects. Woodworking projects where the finish might not be completely 100% dry and ready for abrasive abuse. Is that pile of cut exotic hardwood wood next to my table saw the matched fronts for the drawers for a big expensive project, or literal scrap firewood? My wife probably would not want people messing with her sex toys, or, for that matter, mine?

AFAIK this is yet another one of those "tip heavily" jobs where you'll be expected to toss in an additional 25% cash on top... just be prepared financially. Just because the ad says $100 for two hours doesn't mean they aren't going to sandbag it out to four hours PLUS want an additional $50 tip, so its not gonna be "a hundred bucks" its going to be "two fifty" (I don't know inflated 2022 house cleaner prices so I'm using car detailer prices... I figure vacuuming a living room won't be any cheaper than vacuuming a car.)


u/captain_flak Male Oct 07 '22

You wouldn’t tip an independent person. If they work for a company, then you should.


u/ghostbear019 Oct 08 '22

As long as she's attractive.