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u/Dontneedflashbro Dec 01 '22

One lady was just at two years. Another one was on for three years on at one point of time. She moved to a different part of the state, but when she comes down we'll smash. Most of my fwb don't last that long though.


u/simplyme773 Dec 01 '22

Damn. No feelings after 3 years? No boredom?


u/Dontneedflashbro Dec 01 '22

If I don't want to date a woman for long term, I'll never gain feels no matter how many times we had sex. I didn't get bored because I had multiple fwb going on, she wasn't coming over ever week.

I don't really feel get closer to women though sex. It's the non sexual activities that draw me in, assuming I like her personality.


u/gbizzle2 Dec 01 '22

Yea that's usually how it is for most men. It's the bonding time that makes "us" catch feelings.