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Why don’t men wear more eyeliner? Do you all realize how attractive that is on a guy? It isn’t gay. It’s amazing.


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Men 45+, what has changed about you as you got older?


And how are you dealing?

More tired? Less patience? Stay home more? Pay more attention to health?

Do you date more often? Not want to be bothered?

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What do you do when you are walking on the streets and you think a female is scared of you


Do you try to apear harmless? Is it annoying? Do you feel discriminated?

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With the unbelievable amount of free content out there, why spend money for Fans only access?


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How long do you deal with an inconsistent texter?


Talking with this chick for about 2 months and in person we’re great. A lot of flirting and laughing. But she’s inconsistent with the texting and it’s annoying me because of how consistent it is. If it was once in a while I wouldn’t care but this is happening almost daily now where she’s takes an unreasonable amount of time to answer, sometimes even the next day. I do keep in mind that she might just not be that into me which is why I want to address and find out so I’m not wasting time. Being that we’re only talking, should I wait a little longer to address it?

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Deodorants and anti-perspirants aren't working, why?


Hey, fellows. I need some great help from you because I've been struggling with body odor after starting to work out. So for years, I was using a Nivea deo and it worked well until about 4 months ago when I finally started an active lifestyle. I started going to the gym 4-5 times a week and clean bulking. I got desirable results in my gym progress... however, that wasn't the case for my armpits. Somehow, whatever deo/antipers that I use, sweat would still get through and make me stink. I've tried Dove, Rexona, Axe, and currently Old Spice. Old Spice would hold up for a bit but the other 3 that I've tried were no help at all. My confidence has been taking a toll lately. Seriously, any and all help would be greatly appreciated, thanks all.

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What should my first car be? Something cheap, reliable but good looking


22 year old sales rep here, I make about 3k a month. Been looking at a couple cars, Mazda Touring or CX-5, Toyota Camry/RAV-4, Honda CRV/ Accord. My manager keeps telling me its my first car and i should "go all out" suggesting i take a loan for the latest Mercedes Benz. Sounds like terrible advice.

Currently in drivers ed with 5k saved up. i could probably ramp up about 8k for down payment.

I have never owned a car before and i have a couple questions.

  1. In this market should i buy Used or new?
  2. what brand or model of car screams value and reliable.
  3. Do i take a loan for a car i know i can pay off quick and help my credit score or buy outright.

P.S. i know my title sounds a bit too silly because its hard to get all three in a car but pls help me out, THANK YOU GUYS! I'm also scared of buying used because i really want my car to hit the road instantly.

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How long did your longest fwb or fb last?


ETA I'm currently just over a year

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How can I help my male friend stressed by work?


My friend is quite stressed by work and I’d really like to do something that’s nice without it being considered too much.

What would make your day if you were in a similar situation?

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What should a woman bring to the table?


Like what should a woman bring to the relationship if she has a bf? I wanna know what y’all think

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what do you think are nice things men do which women regularly miss?


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In your opinion, what should couples never do?


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What are foolproof signs that he isn’t interested?


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Have you ever used a dating app while in a serious relationship? Why?


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What are some small gestures your partner does that you really appreciate but they have no idea?


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Younger men of Reddit, what advice do you have for older men?


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What do you actually think of high heels?


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What did your father teach you?


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How much do you agree with the concept of “fake it until you make it”?


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How do men choose their friends


I've dated many guys who were deal breakers because of their friends.

I love and support dumb, crazy and funny guy shit they do like pranks, camping, drinking for fun and jokes and acting like they're still little kids (in terms of doing shit like nerf gun fights, playstation, etc )

But the guys I've met, (from 18 years old to mid 20s) their friends (from mid 20s to mid 40s) would make jokes about their exes, or "why not hit this chick up" "oh, we saw him with some other girl last night!" and obviously, the dude would value "bros over hoes" and say the GF is the problem for feeling uncomfy at times.

How do guys choose their friends and set boundaries?

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Frequently Asked Men of reddit, what is something about fatherhood all men should know?


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Men, how did the year 2022 go for you?


How did this year fare for you compared to prior years?

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Why i feel so immature and naive for my age.


Im 30m single. But by looking at me no one can tell im 30 also by my behavior. Im skinny even though i workout and i have a face of a teen with more feminine facial features. Im so much immature for my age. When at gym i can see i dont have the strength or personality of even an 16year old. As a male i feel like im so plain male, like the manliness and the gut other men having is taken away from me. I dont have the manly vibe others have im so much like a awkward dork and i myself feel that I'm creepy. Cause my approach for anyone is kindness and niceness and its so cringe but i dont know how to change it. Idk how to joke like other men or have fist bumps and be a jock type dude. My dad is same naive as me. He is lost like me too. His coping mechanism is also niceness and kindness and its cringe. If anyone watched Daddy's Home movie, the will ferrel and his dad have the same personality like me. Mine even worse. I dont have lot of freinds and the few i have are also like beta males like me. Idk man i just need to be a man. Im fedup being afraid of everyone even when they are young than me. I giveup the day as soon as i wake up and i go autopilot whole day. I have no gut no personality and I always overthink. So I apologize a lot i thank alot in order to be liked and keep things smooth. I dont know how to stand up for myself or argue or anything. I literally look down with tears when in such situations. I feel like im too soft feminine for this world, what should i do? Simply i need the gut as a man, and that threatening vibe and aura to give as a man.