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what are some funny things you do with your significant other?


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Today was a good day for me. How was yours?


It's midnight as I start typing, so technically, it's already tomorrow (aka Friday) for me. I just wanted to ramble a little and post something positive for once. I am currently sipping on my second self mixed Negroni after a long day. Today:

  • Me and my team worked for almost eleven hours uninterrupted on an important systems upgrade and everything went flawlessly. These guys and gals are awesome! We will party tomorrow (=today).
  • Later, I got a call from management pre-announcing that tomorrow, I will be negotiating a significant salary increase and that the company will offer me almost double what inflation is here. I have a good salary now, so that percentage increase is... a lot.
  • After work today, I managed to finally fix the relationship with a family member. This has been a dark cloud over my head for some time, so I feel very relieved.
  • I finally learned how to tie a tie properly and can now do it drunk or half asleep. Only took me over thirty years.
  • I have next week off. I am so ready for this. November has been tough. After the party tomorrow, it's time to relax.

I don't know why I am writing this. Today has been a good day. Hopefully, you had a good day as well! That is all, kings!

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Men, how did the year 2022 go for you?


How did this year fare for you compared to prior years?

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How much privacy is fair to give in a relationship?


My partner says he just wants privacy, so how much privacy is fair to give him? He says he wants privacy in regards to his phone specifically while having access and free range to mine at all times. Im personally comfortable without much privacy between us and am very open as he says he wants to make our relationship last life long and have nothing to hide.

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With the unbelievable amount of free content out there, why spend money for Fans only access?


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As a man, how do you see it when other men ask you for help or advice?


Also, how do you feel when you ask for help or advice?
Do you view it as weakness, or vulnerability, or as a sign that someone respects you, or some other way?

Edit. And I don't mean psychological help necessarily. I meant with anything from moving, to fixing something, financial advice, help at work, women advice.

I apologize for any confusion. Thought I had that in there, but must have erased that part while editing.

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How often do people get into relationships because they feel loved by their partner as oppose to because they love them?


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Men who love to cook, what's your favorite dish to make?


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How have your beliefs about masculinity and being a man changed as you've grown older and what advice would you offer other men on what you've learned about being a man?


Positive masculinity?

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How do you get rid of acne?


I’ve cut out sugary drinks and have been washing my sheet weekly. I also wash and moisturize my face daily.

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What’s a great video game to play when you’re drunk and just want to win and feel good about yourself?


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What's your least favorite type of person?


I'll comment mine

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Besides investing or gambling a bunch of money on something, What would you do if you restarted at the age of 18?


You know everything you know now

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Do you think the pressure of being successful is greater for a man than a woman? (based on societal norms) How do you handle the pressure of trying to build a life especially in your 20s, in the case where it is quite difficult to do because you're starting from the botttom?


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What’s the best thing about dating tall women?


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People who take good selfies, how can us guys do better?


I've noticed a lot of guys, myself included except on rare occasion (usually using a slight myspace tilt), take awful selfies. Help us look as swag as we all are! What are your tips?

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What is the rudest/most hurtful thing someone has ever told you?


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What’s good advice for a man going into his first leadership role?


Basically I am now my colleges Student Body President and I would like some advice on how to handle it. Thanks!

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What is something you’re not very good at but wish that you were?


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Men, what is your trick of the trade?


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How much does a persons job matter to you, in both a romantic partner and a friend?


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Why don’t we have urinals at home?


I think urinals at home should he a thing. First of all it uses way less water and would end the toilet seat position disputes with my gf.

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How do you guys deal with your frustration?


I had such a stressful day at work today in a new position and all I wanted to do was listen to my music as loud as I could and lift weights. I was wondering what things other men do to calm down/de-stress.

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How do you motivate yourself when you are feeling overwhelmed?


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How do you appropriately ask your partner if they can see you as a future spouse / parent and when it is appropriate to ask?