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Two weeks of blazor.. I'm sold

Have been doing development since the 90s and generally have always found the mix of js, html, css and c# to be laborious.

Even react which I find to be the least annoying js framework is painful. Most of the time I would just go back to html, css and jquery to get stuff done quicker.

But blazor, wow, just doing server side blazor for two weeks and I'm making stuff with such little faff. Everything works so painlessly.

Using radzen ui components but not their ide, this is seriously impressive stuff.

Has anyone tested how well server side blazor scales when using azure signalr service? . Now I have used this there's no going back.


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u/Z010X Mar 03 '22

js, css, and html not only bring pain, they also bring their estranged frameworks which contains separate venues of nodejs, npm, typescript and browser compatibilities.

.net solved those problems very well in 3.1 and even better in 6. I'll never look at js the same way again because all my years of c# under my belt got boost productivity instead of the tedious hassles of frontend work.