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Game Thread [Game Thread] College Football Playoff Outlook & Hypotheticals


Come one, come all, and bring your most far-fetched and outlandish scenarios! Who's in? Who's out? What kind of chaos is needed for your team to make the Playoffs, or for your rival to get left out?

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Weekly Thread Coaching Carousel IV: A New Hope


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News [Thamel] Source: CFP officials have been informed that the Rose Bowl has signed an agreement that will allow the College Football Playoff to expand to 12 teams in 2024 and 2025.


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News π—’π—™π—™π—œπ—–π—œπ—”π—Ÿ π—”π—‘π—‘π—’π—¨π—‘π—–π—˜π— π—˜π—‘π—§: The College Football Playoff will expand to 12 teams beginning in the 2024-25 season!

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News Court records: Michigan football star Mazi Smith facing felony weapon charge

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Serious UF Quarterback Jalen Kitna accused of possessing child pornography


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News Ohio State Wide Receivers Coach Brian Hartline Reportedly Interviewing for Cincinnati Head Coaching Job


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Discussion In 2017, 12-0 #2 Wisconsin played 11-1 Ohio State for the B1G Championship. Wisconsin lost 27-21. 11-1 Alabama lost to Auburn, their top ten rival, in the last week of the season and did not play for a conference championship game. Alabama made the CFP. Sound familiar?

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Just pointing out, I believe this is the only relevant precedent for this predicament of whether a team "can lose their way out of the CFP during championship weekend."

Edit: Should be #4 Wisconsin.

Edit 2: Also 10-2 Ohio State.

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Serious Former Nebraska interim head coach Mickey Joseph arrested Wednesday in Lincoln on charges of domestic assault and strangulation


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News [Mandel] If Ohio State finishes No. 5, the Rose Bowl strongly considering taking No. 8 Penn State instead due to Buckeyes' recent appearances, sources tell @TheAthletic


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Satire Opponent Watch: Bonus Round

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Discussion Bigger Year 1 flop: Brent Venables at Oklahoma or Mario Cristobal at Miami?


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Casual Fellas, if Ohio State goes to the Orange Bowl, it could set up a nightmare scenario for the University of Alabama's administration.


Let me explain. (This is for fun, so don't take it too seriously.)

First, we need to make sure Ohio State doesn't make the playoffs in the first place. So, we need both TCU and USC (yuck) to win to lock up the 3 and 4 spots.

Now, this next step is the trickiest one. Tulane is the highest ranked Group of 5 team, so we need them to lose to UCF in their conference title. However, it has to be close, like 1 or 2 points, so UCF doesn't get bumped up a few spots.

Why is this important? Well, you can probably see why in this next step: Troy needs to blow out Coastal Carolina in the Sun Belt championship. If Troy wins in such a convincing fashion and UCF barely squeaks by Tulane, that should be enough for Troy to lock up the G5 NY6 spot in the Cotton Bowl. (You can probably see where this is going, but let me indulge myself.)

So, Selection Sunday rolls around, and Ohio State is in the Orange Bowl and Penn State is in the Rose Bowl. Also, and this may involve a change of heart by the committee, since Tennessee beat Bama in the regular season, Tennessee gets the Sugar Bowl bid ahead of them. Now, in this case, where does Alabama go? That's right, in the Cotton Bowl, against Troy.

Now, this game would probably be a blowout, but let me take you back to 2014. At the behest of Bear Bryant Jr., the UAB Blazers football program was shut down and was only reinstated a few years later. Their crime? Existing in the same state as the Crimson Tide. Also, Alabama has refused to schedule any other in-state school not named Auburn. Why? Same reason as UAB, so eyes aren't taken off of their precious Bama, even with how ludicrous that sounds.

So it's plain to see how much of a nightmare it would be if Troy pulls off the impossible. After years of trying to make Bama the crown jewel of the state, even killing a fellow program to achieve that, they get knocked off in the heart of Texas against a program they were trying to avoid in the first place.

I think I should make clear that this is purely hypothetical and will probably never happen, but this was for fun anyway. Thanks for reading my ramblings.

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Casual If the 12-team playoff starts in 2024 as expected, the four-team CFP will never have appeared in EA's college football game.


The last year of the BCS was 2013-14, the same as the last year of the video game.

The first year of the 12-team playoff will be 2024-25, the same as the first year of the revived video game.

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Discussion Best season out of nowhere


Given A&M's surprising results this year compared to what kind of season most people thought they would have, it made me wonder: what is the best example of a team (not necessarily from this season) who had a great season seemingly out of nowhere. 95 Northwestern is the best example that comes to mind, though I was in pre-school at the time, so maybe there were people out there who saw it coming.

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Recruiting 2023 4 Star WR Adam Hopkins decommits from Auburn

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Casual "Ohio State doesn't even deserve the opportunity to face Michigan again in the College Football Playoff when you get your behind whipped that bad. They got stomped," Smith said. "We gotta take the 'The' off of The Ohio State. Just call them Ohio State. That's how bad they got beat." -Stephen A.

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Satire I applied to the Auburn HC using my NCAA 14 resume to replace Hugh Freeze


NCAA 14 > Hugh Freeze

Due to Hugh Freeze recently being hired by Auburn, I realized that his character and coaching abilities have nothing compared to me and my NCAA 14 experience. Thus, I have applied to be the head coach of the Auburn Tigers football program with my NCAA 14 Football resume.
I'm still waiting for a response.

Here is an image of my NCAA 14 resume

(and here it is in black/white)

I've also included text versions of them both down below.



Mike β€œThe Cock” Hawk Resume

ligma@balls.com β€’ (555) 420-6969 β€’ Fort Worth, TX


TOTAL: 87-11



Texas Christian University, Fort Worth, TX (27-1)
Head Coach January 2027 – Present
β€’ Y1/Y2 – Continued carrying Gary Patterson’s torch after his retirement by winning back-to-back CFP National Championships with record-breaking seasons
β€’ Y1/Y2 – Recruited the #2 class in the nation in the first year, and the #1 class of all time in the second year, with all players having 75+ OVR ratings (done without requiring any NIL money)
β€’ Y1 – Only regular season loss was to Texas due to an uncalled fumble ignored by the Big 12 refs because they are biased towards bluebloods. Please see attached videoo as evidence.
β€’ Y2 – Coached senior Penis Wang to break all of McButts’s previous records – 8,503 passing yards, 69 passing TDs, and 10 rushing TDs. TCU led with the top 5 receivers nationally
β€’ Y2 – Won the CFP National Championship against #1 Stanford 84-78 in a thrilling 7OT win
β€’ Y3 – Save file became corrupted due to Pac-12 refs and SEC bias

University of Texas at El Paso, El Paso, TX (39-3)
Head Coach February 2024 – January 2027
β€’ Y1 – Coaching ninjaed the UTEP Miners to the have the #1 rush defense, #2 pass defense
β€’ Y2 – Won the Orange bowl 49-7 by repeating the same dominant defense in the country #1 rush, #2 past. The score would’ve been higher without the Big 12 reffing team
β€’ Y3 –Heisman winner Butt McButts broke the #1 single season passing yards with 6,934 yds
β€’ Y3 – Brought the UTEP Miners to the Rose Bowl and led them to be the first G5 team to win the national championship, despite the BCS existing

Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO (21-7)
Offensive Coordinator, QB Coach, Grad Assistant May 2022 – February 2024
β€’ Y1 – Recruited the #1 MWC class and #17 nationally
β€’ Y1 – Lost Las Vegas Bowl 42-49 purely due to an odd combo of SEC bias and Pac-12 refball
β€’ Y2 – Coached Maxwell winner Dick Wiggleson to break the school’s all-time passing TD record
β€’ Y2 – Ended Nick Saban’s dynasty with an 84-0 blowout win, leading to his forced retirement


Team Awards: 3x National Champion, 2x BIG 12 Champion, 3x C-USA Champion, 2x MWC Champion
Coach Awards: AP Coach of the Year (x3)
Player Awards: Heisman (x3), Biletnikoff (x7), O'Brien (x5), Maxwell (x7), Walter Camp (x3), and literally all the rest


Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO May 2022
β€’ Theoretical Master of Sports Management Hypotheticals. Major GPA: 4.20
Texas Christian University, Fort Worth, TX May 2020
β€’ Theoretical Bachelor of Science in Hypnotoad Football. Major GPA: 4.20
β€’ Theoretical Bachelor of Science in Air Raid offense, with a focus on 4 verts. Major GPA: 4.20



     I am writing to inform you of my desire to replace Hugh Freeze as the head coach of football at the University of Auburn. Attached you will find my NCAA 14 resume. But all you need to know from that is I run an Air Raid offense and will dump Four Verticals with. First, I’ll describe why I’m the best candidate you could hire. Then I’ll explain why Hugh Freeze should be unemployed, alone, and sad.


     Your first question is probably β€œWhy is Mike Hawk looking for a new job after winning back-to-back national championships?” And to that I say – my save file was corrupted, and I have to start over. In fact, it was a set of Pac-12 refs and SEC refs that personally came into my home and said β€œSEC bias is real” while staring me in the eyes as they corrupted my save files. Then they beat up the Pac-12 refs.

     Your second question is probably β€œWhy is Mike Hawk qualified to be the head coach of Auburn football?” And to that I say – please review my resume. In addition to having a HC record of 66-4, I’ve also won 3 nattys, 7 conference champs, had the top recruiting classes of all time, and coached 3 Heisman QBs. Before the SEC refs broke into my home, my QB was on pace to break 10,000 passing yards in a season. They were probably still upset over me dominating Nick Saban 84-0 and forcing him into retirement. Temple.

     Your final question is probably β€œHow much are you asking to be paid?” And to that I say – $0. You will be able to save $6.5 million per year while having a respectable natty-winning coach. If you choose to hire me, I will say that living expenses would be a great bonus, but not necessary. I am willing to live on the field at Jordan-Hare, as long as you keep enough grass for me to be fed.


     Finally, let me explain why Hugh Freeze should never have been hired. Don't worry, there are only 2 reasons (although one has a couple sub-reasons).

  1. Hugh Freeze is an absolute pervert, scumbag, and awful human being.
    1a. In Memphis, he made underage girls change clothes in front of him and used his hands to inappropriately measure the length of their skirts
    1b. He paddled (aka abused) another underage girl with no appropriate supervision (this still would not have been OK)
    1c. At Ole Miss he used his work phone to call an escort service over a dozen times. While sex work isn’t immoral, him doing this to cheat on his wife speaks to his awful character
    1d. He is close with Liberty’s AD. You may remember him as the former Baylor AD who assisted in covering up the horrific sexual assaults that hurt hundreds, of Baylor women
    1e. Over the course of several months, Freeze harassed a sexual assault survivor who had bravely stepped forward to reveal that Liberty university created a toxic atmosphere where rapes and sexual assaults were more likely to both happen and be covered up.
    1f. Based on these previous comments, it is likely that Freeze could create the same very toxic culture at Auburn, where sexual assaults are covered up by the administration for the sake of keeping the football program running.
  2. His last name is Freeze, but the average temperature in Auburn is ~75Β°F which is nowhere near the freezing temperature of 32Β°F. If being a creepy piece of shit to sexual assault survivors isn’t enough to stop you from hiring him, then this certainly is and should be the final straw.


     Thank you for taking the time to read this cover letter and thoroughly read my resume. I look forward to hearing back from you so that we can take the next steps in making me the new head coach of the Auburn Tigers football program.


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News Ohio State Request Orange Bowl

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Discussion Anthony Richardson and the Gators can learn a great deal from FSU star Jordan Travis


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News Yogi Roth says Washington's Michael Penix should be invited to the Heisman Trophy stage

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News Florida Gators QB Jalen Kitna arrested Wednesday

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Discussion Road to 11-0: The Story So Far - Holy Cross Crusaders Football

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Discussion Pac-12 finally has playoff contender β€” but why did it have to be the Traitors?


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Discussion 'Go totally underground with this': Unraveling Nebraska's 76-day coaching search

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News Kentucky RB Kavosiey Smoke enters the transfer portal

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Has 1583 career rushing yards, but had a drop-off in 2022. Went from 416 yards on 81 carries (5.1ypa) to 277 yards on 58 carries (4.8ypa) this year.

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Casual 15 Year Anniversary of 13-9

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Today marks the day that set in motion a whirlwind of changes across the college football landscape when Pitt upset WVU in the Backyard Brawl on Dec. 1st, 2007. Seems like yesterday I was getting ready for a blowout loss to the Mountaineers, but boy was I wrong. Happy to see this rivalry restored for the foreseeable future. Hail to Pitt!