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The Paperwork Never Ends! The Struggle Is Real

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u/RaiseTheBalloon Mar 23 '23

When I sold firearms, my mom would tell people that her son is an arms dealer to mess with them lol


u/Key-Ad7401 Mar 23 '23

Same, then they realize you spend more time with a pen and paper than you do guns lol


u/Kellendgenerous Mar 24 '23

I told people I was an international arms dealer because I’ve sold multiple firearms to people with green cards


u/roanovakovic I Love All Guns Mar 23 '23

Being a legal firearms dealer; we appreciate y'all that endure the nonsense in lieu of having a fun-filled short-lived career on the socials.


u/Clint_Basedwood 4 Doors, More Whores! Mar 23 '23

Shit's gonna hit the fan when the ATF criminalizes red Swingline staplers.


u/MIKE-JET-EATER Mar 23 '23

If you do it the way the founding fathers intended you'd be a felon


u/Jeep-The-Conqueror Mar 23 '23

You mean; 'How it SHOULD be VS How the government makes it?'


u/flyman95 Mar 24 '23

Sadly you aren’t wrong. Goddamn having a business in this country is a pain in the ass.

Shot show was fun though.


u/Key-Ad7401 Mar 24 '23

Never been, how do we get there?!


u/flyman95 Mar 24 '23

A valid FFL and a business card got me in. Sign up for NSSF and the event price is really reasonable.

Went first time this year. Honestly, kinda overwhelming. Pictures don’t do justice to just how big the event space is. I considered it a fact finding mission. Really helped me learn about things in the industry. Make some contacts. Familiarize myself with brands I’d not had much experience with. Next year I need to go with a set budget and ready to make some deals.


u/Electronic-Ad-3825 HK Slappers Mar 24 '23

So you have to have an FFL to get in?


u/flyman95 Mar 24 '23

Yes. It is a trade show. Not a “gun show”. All weapons have firing pins removed. You can’t buy any weapons there directly. You can make purchase orders for a number of guns. But nothing you are walking out of there with. For example HK had a thing of buy so many guns get one free. It was actually a pretty good deal.


u/DetectiveDumm Mar 23 '23

War Dogs was such a good movie lol


u/diklevelkid Mar 23 '23

Can confirm.


u/Top-Rip9824 Mar 23 '23

I still love my job tho


u/Okami_no_Holo Mar 24 '23

i kinda just wanna get an ffl to have machine guns...


u/Selliseth Mar 24 '23

There is another way…