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I've moved on you idiots Meme

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u/DAFUQyoulookingat Mar 23 '23

I reeeeaally wanted a P226 mk25 mid-pandemic and I can't even count all the stores I signed up for in-stock notifications. I'm still getting those notifications


u/alcoholinduced Mar 24 '23

You still want one trust me.


u/Enough_Anybody2467 Mar 23 '23

I haven't, COME TO PAPA


u/DAFUQyoulookingat Mar 24 '23

Even with boosted pricing for guns you can find cheaper with a Google search?


u/Clint_Basedwood 4 Doors, More Whores! Mar 24 '23

I never sign up for that shit because I know the bastards will flood my inbox.

Correct answer: Go to manufacturer's website and find the SKU for the exact make, model and spec you're looking for. Copy SKU number. Paste SKU number into the search box at http://gun.deals That's all you need to do. I buy what I want when I want it and whoever has it in stock gets my cash. If nobody anywhere has it in stock, I'll circle back and search again, I'm not signing up for Alerts, that's just giving them permission to bother you.


u/DESTRUCTI0NAT0R Mar 24 '23

I've saved thousands doing exactly that.


u/motosandguns Mar 24 '23

For real. Even non panic is up. Got an alert for a 457 scout for my son, was $349 a few months ago but not available in my state and sportsman’s wouldn’t ship. Now it’s in stock again but for $550…


u/totallysmartass Mar 26 '23

moved on from AUG phase?



u/MK12Mod0SuperSoaker Mar 29 '23

Can't get the STG77 classic scope for it anymore.


u/jaxamis Mar 23 '23

Anyone have a link to where they are in stock so I know to stay far, far away from them.


u/Attacker732 MVE Mar 24 '23

Damn, I'm not even getting that much luck for the RIAs that I've been eyeing.


u/McRibbans Mar 25 '23

Joke's on them! I now spend exponentially more money on milsurp than I do modern rifles.