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How to make a meme with minimal effort. Hopefully some of you find this useful and we can lower the number of non-memes on this sub. Mod Post


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For those who were curious:

The photo is off of the google. That’s where I grab most of my images for memes. You just have to know what you’re looking for.

The watermark option is only available if you have the pro version but there is a free version of the app. Your meme will just say “made with mematic” in the corner if you have the free version but I promise people won’t care unless you post for the snobs over at r/memes.

There are many formats on the app so you’re not limited to the one I demonstrated. I was just showing how you can take a photo and make it into a meme and it’ll only take you about a minute.

No I’m not shilling for Mematic. It’s just the app I use and it’s honestly the most popular app. If you want to use another do some research. Apparently some people make memes on Snapchat which is weird but I’m not familiar with it.