r/GunMemes Apr 23 '23

Mod Post Should AI posts be removed under Rule 7 “No low effort posts”.

929 votes, Apr 26 '23
489 Yes, they’re trash and annoying
133 No, I have low standards and I like them
307 Don’t care, show me results.

r/GunMemes Mar 27 '23 Gold

Mod Post Introducing The Big Dickens Award


Last year we have the 4 Door Award, this year we’re giving out the Big Dickens Award. We're giving one trophy (yes a physical trophy) to the best gun memer of the year. And of course the sub is going to decide on the winner. So let's talk about how it works...

What will the winner get:
-Physical Trophy.
-Custom User flair.
-Username in the sub description for the next year.
-A temporarily pinned post of your trophy when you get it.

Eligibility Requirements:
-Have at least 20 verifiable original memes (A Meme series only count as 1).
-All memes must be posted on this sub between Mar 1 2022 and February 28 2023. Memes removed for rule violations don't count.
-Must be nomimated.
-Attempting to pass off someone else's meme as your own or other shenanigans attempting to game the system is automatically disqualifying.
-Can not have won a previous award.

How it Works:

-Nominations will be made in the comments of this thread. Nominating yourself is allowed but will make you a "tier 2" nomination. Making a comment in this thread asking to be nominated by someone else or making coy comments counts as nominating yourself. Those nominated by other verified members will be considered first. Nominations close on midnight April 1 2023 EST. (You may only nominate one user, whether that be yourself or someone else)

-Mods will vet the nominations and make sure they meet the eligibility requirements. Depending on the number of nominees, mods may pre-screen to pull the best candidates to the top. Being nominated in this thread is not a guaranteed pass to the finals.

-Nominees will be notified via PM and will need to send their highlight reel to the mods by April 15 2023.

-A poll post will go up with the nominees and link to their highlight reel. Voting will go for 7 days then a winner will be decided.

Let's do this.

Edit: Due to the amount of member that have joined since last year, it’s looking like we’re going to have more nominees. So I’m going to clarify a criteria to ensure proper quality of nominee:
-Cursed Gun Images are not memes for the purpose of this award and will not be accepted into the count or highlight reel. Generally it’s just a picture you found online. The only exception is if you built it yourself. And I mean built. That means you can’t slap on a few QD components and stickers and call it “cursed”. There better be rivets, 3D printing, welding, etc.
-News articles and Twitter posts are not counted. Basically anything you screen-capped off the internet does not count unless you actually made a meme with it. We generally let these slide by for rule 7 but they won’t count for this.

r/GunMemes Apr 16 '23

Mod Post Big Dickens Voting is Open (Make sure to review the Highlight reels before voting)

261 votes, Apr 23 '23
14 Zjwex
46 Biohazard883
56 Bimmers_and_Benellis
145 DAsinDerringer

r/GunMemes Mar 29 '23

Mod Post Reminder:: This is a gun meme sub. Not a trans meme sub.


Obviously due to recent events, there appears to be overlap between the trans issue and guns. There is some (civil) discourse to be had and there is nothing wrong with it. Things like how the media is treating it, mental health issues, police response, etc, are all important things to discuss in relation to the trans issue. However, some of you are using recent events as an opportunity make posts that equate to basically "trans people bad". No other joke. That's it. Some of you are going as far as making posts that basically equate to "dead trans good".

Your opinions are yours and you're free to civilly discuss them but if your post is just an anti (or pro) trans meme connected by a fine thread to something that is disguised as a gun meme, it will be removed.

And for those who are reporting every post or comment you disagree with as "hate speech" or "misinformation", we don't care. Violations of our "Be Civil" rule will be removed but we encourage civil discourse so we will not be removing CIVIL discussion just because you disagree with it. And this applies to BOTH sides of the debate. You're both guilty of this.

r/GunMemes May 28 '22

Mod Post New Rule: Any post with a mass shooter’s name or face will be removed.


Multiple studies have shown that media reporting on events like mass shootings and suicide cause an increase in these events. Many mass shooters have been shown to idolize previous mass shooters and try to claim the notoriety of their predecessor. For this reason, this sub will not contribute to the promotion of mass shooters. Although, this is a subject that needs to be addressed, so memes about mass shooters or specific mass shootings will still be allowed.

We will work this into the permanent rules in the next few days. Probably under rule 4.

r/GunMemes Jun 17 '22

Mod Post No you’re not shadow banned. Calm down everyone.

Post image

r/GunMemes Jul 06 '22

Mod Post Gifs in comments are coming to Reddit soon. Should we turn this feature on in this sub?

1134 votes, Jul 09 '22
635 Yes, I need flashy image to express my thoughts
252 No, I hate new things and think they’re annoying
247 Results

r/GunMemes Aug 19 '22

Mod Post Stop the Brigading Shenanigans.


Over the last (few weeks) there has been a lot of Brigading going on with a certain sub. Those comments have been getting removed and you may have noticed some of the comment sections getting locked. The mods don’t care if you’re making fun of other subs. In fact we encourage it. That’s what gun memes is about. We should be able to make fun of others in the community (especially if they’re Glock fan boys).

However, when you cross-post memes from this sub to other subs with the intention of trying to get banned or to instigate, or starting arguments with them, you’re crossing into Brigading territory. We can’t and won’t control what you do in subs outside of r/gunmemes, but we can control you dragging this sub into it.

Rule 3 (Be Civil) already covers this aspect. If you’re unfamiliar, read it. Basically, you shouldn’t be cross-posting posts into other subs with poor intentions, ban posting, commenting on this sub that you’re going to try and get banned from another sub, or making posts with the intention of rallying members from this sub to go invade another sub.

It’s gotten out of hand and from this point forward temporary bans will be handed out for this behavior. We want to maintain this community self reliant and we can’t do that when your actions are drawing the attention of other subs and admin. Admin is not opposed to nuking entire communities especially when the values of that community don’t align with Reddit’s and I think we can all agree that Reddit is not a pro-gun platform.

r/GunMemes Jul 30 '22



Over the last few days there has been a lot of reports that amount to nothing more than “I don’t like what you’re saying” and to make matters worse they’ve been reported as either “threatening violence” or “self harm” and well as other inaccurate report reasons. Not only is this annoying for the mods but it can bring admin into the sub, which we don’t want as they tend to be a little more ban happy than us.

Stop acting like children and either have a civil debate or ignore the comments that you disagree with. If the comments/posts actually break the rules, please report them. But if these false reports keep happening, the mods will take further action. We want this to be a (relatively) free place to have discussions (as much as Reddit can be) but we’ll have to start locking down posts about certain topics if y’all can’t behave.

r/GunMemes Apr 15 '22

Mod Post Voting for the 4 Doors award is open! (review attached highlight reels before voting)

351 votes, Apr 22 '22
43 u/Helpful_Indication6
74 u/Biohazard883
189 u/Clint_Basedwood
45 u/Oreo28_

r/GunMemes Sep 23 '21

Mod Post Protect our military’s 2nd Amendment rights. Link in comments.

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r/GunMemes Jan 14 '22

Mod Post Before everyone goes crazy, Rarebreed was NOT raided by the ATF. No word on BDU.

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r/GunMemes Jan 24 '22

Mod Post Should photoshopped images be considered “cursed guns” and continue to be posted on this sub?

1410 votes, Jan 27 '22
847 No, they are dumb and not cursed
563 Yes, it’s all I have going in my life.

r/GunMemes Jan 02 '22

Mod Post Voting for The Gundies is open. Vote for your favorite creators.


r/GunMemes Jun 03 '22 Wholesome

Mod Post Make a meme. Posts that are just screen caps of Reddit comments will be removed under Rule 7.

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r/GunMemes Jun 01 '21

Mod Post Steppin’ Mega Thread


(UPDATED 12/1/21) Due to the amount of steppin’ going on in DC, I will be updating this post with a watchlist of federal bills that we should keep an eye on. I want to keep this sub light and fun but some of these need to be addressed which is why this thread will allow us to keep an eye out and also enjoy this sub.

But before we get to the Steppin’, consider donating to the Firearms Policy Coalition, Gun Owners of America, or the NRA

HR 5878. Expands the restricted persons list to those who had “violent misdemeanors”.

HR 5376. Biden’s finance bill. You won’t find ‘firearm’ or ‘gun’ anywhere in this bill but you will find 2.5 billion dollars allocated to the attorney general for “public safety” which is going to boil down to more red flag laws bribes. Passed by House

HR 5273. Create board of Anti-gunners who’s job is to create anti-gun legislation, statistics, and propaganda.

S 2725. Attempting to shut down online firearm retailers through litigation.

S 2325. Bribes states to enact gun registration and red flag laws.

HR 5427. Attempting to make bump stocks NFA items in case the ban is overturned.

HR 4350. Defense funding bill but buried deep in sec 529, it creates a red flag law for military personnel. Passed by House

HR 1752. Requires a 3 day waiting period before buying a firearm.

S.2725. Removes “immunity” of online firearm marketplaces. Attempting to shutdown sites like Armslist and Gunbroker.

HR 4992. Raises the age to purchase ANY firearm to 21.

HR 4953. Would make any semi-automatic rifle with a detachable magazine an NFA item.

S 2319. Bans 3D printed guns.

S 2320. Makes gun dealers open to lawsuits and hires 80 additional ATF agents.

S 529. Universal background checks.

S 736. Assault Weapons Ban

HR 1808. Assault Weapons Ban.

S 1338. Opens the ability to sue firearms manufacturers and also makes ATF records in firearms purchases effectively public record.

HR 2814. Opens the ability to sue firearms manufacturers and also makes ATF records in firearms purchases effectively public record.

S 1819. Federal Red Flag laws.

S 292. Federal Red Flag laws.

S 1155. Extra Background checks, red flag laws, and handgun purchase limit.

HR 3088. Ghost Gun Ban.

HR 1207. Basically bans the online sale of ammunition.

HR 1454. Makes any build kit considered a firearm. Aimed at 👻 guns.

HR 1004. Requires gun owners to have “liability insurance”.

HR 1005. Requires the NICS records to be saved. Definitely not an attempt at registration.

HR 1006. Requires NICS checks at all gun shows.

HR 1007. Requires guns to not be transported “in an illegal manner.”

HR 1008. Requires smart guns including a required device that allows the government to turn off your gun.

HR 130. Requires “safe stowage” of firearms. Another SJL special.

S 1558. Ghost gun ban.

HR 167. Requires all firearm transfers to go through FFL.

HR 4238. Kinda a blanket bill include licensing, red flag laws, and background checks.

HR 4505. Bribes states to add mental health records to background check database. Buried deep in the bill. Keep an eye on this one. It’s moving under the radar

HR 4225. Bans all 3D printed and home built firearms.

HR 3740. Federal Registration and Licensing of all Handguns.

2021R-08. ATF going after pistol braces again. Comments are Closed.

2021R-05. Gives ATF ability to classify basically anything, including parts, as a firearm. Comments are Closed.

HR 2510. The regulation of “High Capacity” feeding devices.

S 1108. The regulation of “High Capacity” feeding devices.

HR 8. Requiring background checks for private party sales. Passed by House. Moving through committee

HR 1446. Extending Background check time-out window. Passed by House

HR 127. The “fuck the 2A” bill. Most likely won’t go anywhere. Just designed to make all other bills look tame.

S 675. Requires FFL to report on denied NICS check to Law enforcement, so if you’re denied for any reason, police will be knocking on your door.

HR 1620. Mostly not about guns but includes a reporting clause similiar to S 675 and includes expanded definitions of prohibited persons in relation to “stalking”. Passed by House

S 974. Creates a soft gun registry for all newly purchased firearms.

HR 125. Another SJL umbrella bill covering background checks, “high capacity” magazines, waiting periods, etc.. Not likely to go anywhere.

HR 121. Hire 200 additional ATF agents. Introduced in Jan and hasn’t made it to committee. Probably not going anywhere.

This list will update as updates become available. Please comment on any Federal bills that come up.

r/GunMemes Dec 25 '21

Mod Post …Or whatever you celebrate. Have a great one.

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r/GunMemes Jul 01 '21 'MURICA

Mod Post Thank you for 40k members :)

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r/GunMemes May 18 '22

Mod Post Should Terry the fat shark, Gustaf the croc, and Barry the bear etc, still be on this sub?


Every time Terry gets posted, he is reported multiple times as “spam” and “low effort” and “karma whoring”. The mods have been letting it go because it’s been isolated but now all the “knockoffs” are rolling in. So to keep things fair, either none of them will be allowed, or all of them will be. It’s up to you.

View Poll

937 votes, May 21 '22
558 Yes, they’re not hurting anything.
232 No, they’re karma-whoring spam
147 Results only.

r/GunMemes Sep 05 '21

Mod Post Comments on ATF Pistol Brace rule closes on 9/8/21 at 11:59pm (link in comments)

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r/GunMemes Sep 08 '21

Mod Post Final day for comments on ATF’s Pistol Brace decision. Comments close tonight at midnight EDT

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r/GunMemes Feb 24 '22 Helpful

Mod Post I know a lot is going on in the world but remember to keep your memes at least loosely gun related.


That is all. Thank you.

r/GunMemes Nov 19 '21

Mod Post Victory- Kyle Rittenhoise innocent!


Kyle Rittenhouse has been found innocent on all charges! This is great news but we need to keep the sub meme focused, we don't need anymore news screenshots. Do not troll other subs or post screenshots of yourself trolling other subs. With this out of the way, enjoy the sub and stay civil.

r/GunMemes Aug 24 '21

Mod Post 45,000 Member Thread


We’ve got some plans for 50,000 members including some rules changes /clarifications to make the sub better but that’s not what this is about. We’ve got some redesigns coming up and we need the sub’s input on a couple of things:

  1. We need to decide what our members are called and what they are doing when online. This will replace the “members” and “online” at the top of the page.
  2. We need ideas for an upvote and downvote button. This will only really be visible by those on desktop and it will be limited based on size/detail due to the buttons being small, but we’ll work our best to get as close to what the sub decides.

Post your ideas in the comments. We’ll take the best ideas and put them into a poll and let the sub vote. Looking forward to 50,000 members and taking the sub to a new level.

r/GunMemes Mar 05 '21 Silver

Mod Post I know I said I would be moving onto another meme format, but this is something I wanted to address. Use mematic or kapwing, they are free to use and you could come up with some cool stuff.

Post image