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[REQUEST] Any TV Shows with dark/gloomy atmosphere and great plot?


I've always liked this kind of genre, from games (like LIMBO, INSIDE, CUBE SCAPE) to movies etc, but I want new recommendations. I doesn't matter the language/country (i prefer subtitles), just want something with that kind of atmosphere (Dark, Hotel Beau Séjour etc) ot like the games


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[Discussion] Guys ,any idea whether season 2 for any of the following will get released this year or not?? All of us are dead, hellbound,sweet home,Blood of zeus??


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[Request] any anthology series/movies recommendations?


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[DISCUSSION]The Netflix bucket list


Shows to make sure you watch before you cancel:


All of Us Are Dead, Black Summer, Brand New Cherry Flavor, Chainsawman, Ju-on: Origins, Mindhunter, Narcos, Ozark, The Recruit, The Sinner, Squid Game

Action/Science Fiction:

Alice in Borderlands, Black Mirror, Dark, Demon Slayer, Jujutsu Kaisen, Last Kingdom, Love Death and Robots, My Name, The Sandman, Sense 8, Stranger Things, Summertime Render, Sweet Tooth, The Witcher


After Life, Bridgerton, Cobra Kai, G.L.O.W., Godless, Heartbreak High, The Naked Director, The O.A., Outlander, Sex Education

Comedy/young adult fiction:

Archer, Brooklyn 99, Community, Derek, The Derry Girls, The Good Place, Larva, Murder Mystery, The Outer Banks, Rick and Morty, Santa Clarita Diet, Shameless, Spy Family, Teenage Bounty Hunters, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Warrior Nun, Wednesday

This covers most shows I loved and will miss, any additions?

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[REQUEST] Shows like Vikings and Vikings Valhalla


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[REQUEST]Bingeworthy Tv series that came out 2022


I am in desperate need of a new series that I can watch and enjoy.I'm really struggling with finding something that really catches my attention so I'll try my luck asking on here.

Since I couldn't find something on my own in my typical genres that I enjoy I am open for anything just name it.Maybe it's a show you would categories as a hidden gem I am open for it all

The only criteria would maybe be if you know that the show was cancelled it wouldn't be something I'm primarily looking for since the anticipation of another season is something I really crave.

Thanks a lot in advance

Here some shows I enjoyed for reference

OBX Stranger things The Blacklist Several marvel limited series The walking dead

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[REQUEST] What are some great episodic comedy shows on Netflix?


What are some great episodic comedy shows on Netflix? I've seen


Good place

Schitts Creek


30 rock

The office

Parks and Rec

Brooklyn 99

Always Sunny

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[Discussion] Anyone have any idea about when the geeked week for Netflix this year is?? Actually I am looking forward to the upcoming project announcements...


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[REQUEST] any good Netflix shows without much romance?


I don’t enjoy reality shows, but besides that are there any good ones? I don’t mind a little, or even a married protagonist, I just don’t want any main plot points to be a cliché dramatic love story. Or any dramatic love story. If I wanted one I’d watch a romance Netflix!!

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[REQUEST] please suggest Movies with a logical script with very few plot holes. Plot holes that don’t impact the storyline are acceptable. Many Thanks.


[reposting to fix format issues]

Some movies I have enjoyed:

  • Lost In Yonkers

  • Glengarry Glenn Ross

  • Locke

  • The Painted Veil

  • Before Sunrise

  • Boiling Point

  • A Hijacking (Foreign)

  • A Separation (Foreign)

Foreign movies go by other titles elsewhere in the world. SciFi and fantasy films are mostly not my cup of tea. I did enjoy a few but generally, they defy logic. Lol. No hate mail please. ☻︎

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[DISCUSSION]TV Shows you can't wait for their next season to drop


What is that one TV show that left such an impact on you that you can't wait for the next season to drop. Mine Personal was Ragnarok on Netflix

Let me know your TV show/shows down below. Maybe it will have the same impact on me :)

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[Discussion] Why is dubbing so low quality for all contents?


Why don't they put some effort into dubbing the contents properly. It's useless, the voices have no emotions.

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[REQUEST] movies about someone with special abilities


So expand on what I said above, I'm looking for those movies that we saw a lot of in the 2010s that are about a protagonist discovering that they have some sort of power - usually with them reacting shocked or a frightened. Good examples of this are things like:

  • Max Steel

  • The Butterfly Effect

  • Powder

  • iboy

  • Limitless

  • Chronicle

  • Phenomenon

  • Jumper

  • Percy Jackson/Harry Potter/ any other extremely popular franchise with a "special kid" with a destiny

Im looking more so for movies but TV shows are okay too, doesn't have to be on Netflix, and bonus points if the power is hard to control and more frightful in nature.


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[Request] I love time travel movies, especially where modern technology gets shown to people in the past or is used to beat antagonists. Does anyone have any suggestions, Netflix or elsewhere?


I want Rome Sweet Rome to come out very badly, but don't think it ever will.

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First time in a while to be alone and have some quiet. Need a good show to keep me company, and something that I can binge!

I liked the queen's gambit, behind her eyes etc. Limited series like such. Shoot me your recs! Doesn't have to be netflix.

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[DISCUSSION] Pamela, a love story ❤️


Just finished watching Pamela, a love story and have fallen totally in love with her as a person. Curious to read what everyone else thinks after watching it.

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[Discussion] season 4 of 'YOU'?!


Who is waiting for season 4 of 'YOU'?!

View Poll

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[US] Naoki Urasawa's Monster (2004) - A brilliant Japanese neurosurgeon is drawn into darkness when he tries to solve a series of murders involving a patient whose life he once saved.

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[REQUEST] I’m big into shows with character development.


Like in Ozark, I found when Wendy and Agent Petty’s were spiralling quite amusing. I enjoy character development, especially unhinged characters. I’m not too concerned with plot. For example, I’ve heard about the Walking Dead. As a plot, it sounds flat, but I can see it potentially having good character writing. I’m unsure of watching it, though

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[Discussion] There seems to be confusion around allowed recommendations.


You can read the sidebar info for this sub, but you'll notice that non-Netflix recommendations are not prohibited. And, I agree, we should be able to recommend non-netflix content when an OP ask for recommendations.

I think this is appropriate because so many movies & shows are picked up by Netflix, dropped by Netflix, adopted by other platforms. What was on Netflix one day, might be on a different platform the next day and vice versa.

And on top of this, the content differences across countries. What is on Netflix in England or Japan may not be on Netflix in the US and vice versa.

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[REQUEST] Where can I watch “Four Seasons in Havana”?


Four Seasons in Havana is a Netflix Original show that wasn’t renewed for a second season and Netflix took it off the catalogue.

Does anyone know where I can find this series? I watched it a few years back and now it seems to have disappeared off the internet. I would really love to watch it again… :(

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[Discussion] Which series is better in your opinion?


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[Request] Solid shows, good writing


I’m gonna say something that i hope i wont get killed for, i only made it to season 4 of breaking bad and never finished it. BECAUSE me and my boyfriend were watching it together, then we argued and he finished it WITHOUT ME. So anyway

I’ve just finished rewatching “the last kingdom” and i just love that show so much, i feel like throughout every season it was very consistent

And i dont really wanna get into watching vikings because i dont like the idea of watching the same type of show and feeling like it wont be the same

Another show i really enjoyed was “bojack horseman” , i felt like the writing on that show kept getting better and better with each episode.

Another show i liked was black mirror, i loved the deep thought put into each episode.

I guess i also enjoyed sex education because it was funny, but the writing is mid someone had to say it.

And i feel like i wont enjoy stranger things because it just seems silly to me, idk.

OH AND I ALSO LOVED “THE GOOD PLACE” at first i thought it was a light hearted show with not much thought, but its genuinely so funny and i loved all the characters and character development.

Ok i think im done

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[Discussion] Which do you like better?