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Answered “You can’t comment here because you haven’t commented enough”


Ok so apparently I’m unable to comment anywhere on Reddit because I immediately get an automatic response informing me my comment has been deleted/disabled/hidden/beaten with sticks due to my low comment karma.

I don’t understand this. I’m sure there’s good reasons for it all, said autobot messages say stuff about spam and the like.

But how am I supposed to increase this if I can’t comment anywhere? Is there some other way to do it? My Reddit know-how is limited, but I thought comment karma is from making comments that get upvoted?

Thanks in advance 🙏

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Do Americans actually just go and pick up Mexican immigrants from a street corner for manual labor?


I've seen this happen in a few TV shows and I'm really curious to know if this is really a thing

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If the Right to Bare Arms was intended to allow citizens to fight back against a corrupt government/military, what purpose does it still serve in modern times against a military that has tanks, cruise missiles, and nukes?


I asked a Conservative friend this and he said he thinks citizens should also have access to tanks, cruise missiles, and nukes.

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Answered If purple dye was so hard to make historically, why couldn't red and blue dyes have been combined?


This is one of those things that has never sat with me and I just want to understand why.

Purple is associated with royalty because the dye required shells or something else quite scarce, and it's often stated that this is why purple doesn't appear in many national flags and things like that.

I don't actually care too much about the actual process of making purple dye, I simply want to know why they didn't just mix red and blue. Were pigments somehow different back then and couldn't be blended for whatever reason?

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How do they find actors to play the roles of ugly people?


Do they just tell them:

  • Hey we need someone who looks like ass and it turns out you're a 2 on a good day

and the actor/actress just goes:

  • Sick,all those years working on being as ugly as possible finally paid off —yay!

Is it like a specialization for some actors? I know that sometimes they hire conventionally attractive people and just drown them in make up and prosthetics, so I can see how in that case the artist's ego would be fine, but sometimes... It's just their face, you know?

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Unanswered Will I look like an idiot if I go to urgent care for zoloft withdrawal?


I’ve been taking 100 mg of sertraline for probably over 2 years now and long story short, kept forgetting to fill them the last few days. Been wanting to stop anyway, so decided to keep going cold turkey. I’m nearing day 6, and it’s unbearable. Will I be turned away or is it pointless to even go in? I feel like I have the worst flu.

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is the nuclear war actually gonna happen?


hearing about biden's words of armageddon really frighten me and is making my anxiety act up terribly. is just empty threats on putin's side? or ... i need some reassurance, please. no jokes.

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Why don't plus size models have double chins?


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Would ppl still want marijuana for its medical properties if they could not get high while smoking it?


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Is it normal to hate every human voice around you when you want things to be silent?


The title basically explains it. I hate everyone that speaks and that even includes some members of my family. Is this normal? It’s not that I want things to be completely silent, it’s just that I want to focus and relax.

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Why do creepy guys who spam women on dating apps always seem to have atrocious grammar?


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How do I become more self-disciplined?


Every day i tell myself the same things like: “I’m gonna wake up early tomorrow” or “tonight I have to sleep early” or “5 more minutes of TikTok and then I’ll start working” or “I’ll do a quick workout at 9am” and I never follow through.. especially in the mornings.. I set 20 alarms and I always tell myself “once you wake up you gotta get out of bed” but I never do and I end up snoozing through them all or just lying in bed on Instagram until I’m forced to get out! Why am I like this?? I want to change but in those moments I’m so weak and I like instant gratification!

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If i change my password on google does it log every device out?


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How do you get charged with simple marijuana possession at the federal level?


With Bidens recent announcement that he would pardon those with simple marijuana possession at the federal level I was wondering how does one get charged with possession and it be federal. Seems like it’d be more at the local / state level for simple possession.

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We don't have candycorn in my country, what do they taste like?


They look like they taste gross..

Edit: Thanks, glad we don't have them tbf

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People with arm or leg prothesis, do you sleep with it a night ?


I am losing sleep over this one.

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How realistic are tv shows like Criminal minds, FBI, Bones, CSI,...?


As a good EU citizen I have zero feeling with law enforcement or American society. However, me and my wife like to watch crimi series every now and then, but we wonder how close to reality such series are. We are aware that TV contains at least a certain degree of fiction, but to what extent?

Any insight is welcome. 🙂

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Anyone else feels like crying?



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What do you say to someone when they say "I'm not being racist, I'm just stating the facts"?


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What would happen if a country just stop having an army, would they suddenly get invaded?


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If 100 years is a century, 1000 a milennia, then what are 10k,100k and a 1M years called?


If there's even words for those that is