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Answered What is done with the aborted fetuses in abortion clinics?


To be clear, this isn't a political post. I've heard that they throw them in the dumpster but that seems... idk. Too crude to be true?

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If you find out you unknowingly slept with a married person should you tell their spouse?


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Why do Americans call the 24 hour format "military time"?


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People who have free roaming cats -aren't you worried about disease when they bring home dead animals like mice?


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Unanswered Why are subreddits like r/incels banned, but ones like r/femaledatingstrategy aren't


Don't get me wrong, I am all for banning toxic communities like r/incels

But I fell like this only extends to a select few. Many communities that are just as bad or worse are allowed to continue, even despite backlash from the community at large

Is there a reason for this I am missing?

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Don’t water a grease fire, don’t mess with a garage spring. What are some MORE potentially life saving tips?


I saw a post about this a while ago and was wondering if anyone had more of these

one I know is that if a tornado looks still, it’s moving towards you

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How can I respond to racist customers without getting myself in trouble?



For context: I work in a call center and handle roadside assistance. Specifically, I'm a supervisor for a department that has a lot of non-native English speakers. their English is fine, I have no issues understanding them, but many of them do have accents.

When a customer asks for a supervisor I'm the one that gets the call, and sometimes they say things like "Oh thank god you can actually speak English!" or "I'm so glad I can actually understand you, that agent barely spoke English"

often times I just don't acknowledge these comments. but sometimes they can be persistent in making sure I know that the agent couldn't speak English (Which, again, is utter bullshit.. they just have an accent). What would be an appropriate way to handle that situation?

EDIT: I am not referring to customers who kindly tell me they were having trouble understanding the agent. I'm talking about customers who spend 15 minutes telling me how the country is going to shit because of "all these foreigners taking our jobs' people who go on and on about how ridiculous it is that they can't just talk to an American instead of (insert racist slur here)

I didn't think I needed to be that specific. But some people didn't seem to understand.

It is not racist to have trouble understanding someone. It IS racist to spend 15-20 minutes berating the agent for being foreign.

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Is it reasonable to cry over an animal?


I was doing good until a few hours ago. My neighbor's cat came into our yard looking for my cat to play with. He's the kitten of my other cat (I have two) who passed away a while ago (won't go into that however). It was fine until he somehow got himself stuck in our tree. Something about seeing him helpless and crying for help really got to me. He reminds me so much of my cat and that's probably how she felt when she took her last few breaths, alone and helpless. He eventually got himself down though, not to worry. He's very sweet and affectionate. I had to stop playing with him and go back inside because it got to me so much and I started tearing up. Is this normal or is there something wrong with me?

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What are some jobs where I can work alone?


I currently work as a security guard at a mostly dead site.

My job consists of doing a patrol every 2 hours which takes me 10 minutes to do and I get to sit back down. I rarely talk to anyone on my job aside from my reliefs, the other workers when I want to warm my food up or use the bathroom, or the occasional supervisor visit every other week. The rest of the time I am by myself. I want to know where are some other jobs for peole that don't like interacting with other people?

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Why do bottles of white distilled vinegar have pictures of vegetables on them?



To the best of my knowledge it is not made from vegetables or used in the cooking of vegetables. Maybe it's used for pickling vegetables but I think folks like to use other vinegars for that?

I see it most on the really big bottles of white vinegar, but that is realistically because that is the only size I buy and I have not paid attention to the smaller bottles.

Thank you

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Is there any evidence for the paranormal?


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Why do many people want humanity to go extinct?


I’ve seen many people say that humanity should go extinct because we’re bad for the planet, (true) but most people consider humanity the only ‘intelligent’ life, hence why we (most people) eat animals without remorse. However, if we go extinct, what would be the point of the world being healthy, if we’re gone?

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Was facebook always targeted towards older people, or did the same users just keep using it?


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Why do we sing Rock-A-Bye-Baby as a lullaby when it's about a baby falling to its death?


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In many countries, especially in southern Europe like Spain and Italy, windows often have iron bars in front of them. Is it because house breakings are actually common or is it a "better safe than sorry"-response?


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How do people make so much damn money?


And I don't really mean big billionaires who's net worth is linked to a company they started, like Bill Gates or Elon Musk.

I'm talking more about the "regular" person who makes 150k-200k a year in a modest cost of living area. It just seems that there are a shit ton of them all making really good money. Yet the US median household income is like 50-60k?

I know someone who got a business degree, hired on at a company making 60k plus bonuses 5 years ago. They stayed with the company and were promoted up to 120k plus bonues. Then they moved to another company where they make 150k plus bonuses.

How in the fuck does that even happen. They have fully remote work. They do work long hours, but for 150k plus bonuses I would too. It seems like they got a raise every 6 months or so. Every time I touched base with them, it seems they were making even more money.

How in the fuck. I have been at my current job for 2 years now and I haven't gotten a single fucking raise the entire time. And I'm making peanuts to start with. In 1 year, the person I mentioned probably got more in raises than I make in an entire year. They bought a house 5 years ago that has appreciated by 200k by now. And they're looking at buying yet another house in a nicer neighborhood.

How the fuck do people from rich families just go on to make a shit ton of money? It's like they live in a different fucking reality than I do.

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Unanswered What happened to the free Reddit coins that used to appear periodically?


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Is this a psychological trick to get someone to be their best self or did I make it up/wishful thinking


I know I heard this idea somewhere but I do not know where. Basically, when meeting someone, treat them with the emotion you’d like them to to show. So if you’re meeting someone and you want them to be trustworthy, treat them as if they are trustworthy. If you want someone to act kind, treat them as if they are kind.

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My coworker listens to music on his laptop speakers. It's down low, but it annoys me. I complained and everyone told me to just put up with it. I'm I weird or is he just a jerk?


We work at a small mom and pop home improvement company. He listens to the same playlist everyday. When a certain song comes on, I know it's noon and time for lunch.

His laptop speakers are only on 6/100 volume wise, but it's just this constant whispering sound that annoys the fuck out of me. He told me to kick rocks and HR sided with him saying it's not even loud.

Everyone thinks I'm crazy for that bothering me, but it does.


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Parents, what’s something you wish you requested on the baby registry or wished you bought for your newborn/infant?


Wife and I will have our first in June.

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How does every new generation keep up with all of the accumulating knowledge from previous generations?


I'm talking more about science and math here with this illustration in mind. It seems to me that a person would need to be an expert in their field before being able to start conducting their own research, but if every generation contributes some amount of critical knowledge to their fields, the next generation has more and more learning to do. An example of what I mean is, Einstein had to learn a certain amount of stuff before he knew enough to start developing his own theories, and the generation after his needed to learn the all same things that Einstein did, plus the stuff that Einstein produced. Wouldn't this eventually get to a point where it takes so long to learn anything, there's no longer any time for research? How would institutions cram more and more information into the curriculum without sacrificing quality for quantity? Or am I thinking about research the wrong way?

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Why does barely moving a faucet handle cause wild changes in the water temperature?


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why do we have butt cracks?


like, what is the evolutionary reason we have them? why do we have to separate blobs of skin and muscle when we could just have one? i saw someone say it is for sitting comfortably but we could have sat comfortably with one butt cheek?