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Unanswered Why do female athletes wear such revealing uniforms?


Not to be that guy but I really don't see why some sports like track and field or beach volleyball require uniforms with almost their whole ass out. Would it really change the sport if the shorts were just a little bit lower? Why is it like that?

Edit i fucking hate reddit why did i even ask

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Unanswered Why don’t I hear Russians complaining about their dead/missing men. I did the math.


According to Wikipedia there are about 144 million Russians. 35% of them are between the ages of 18 and 44. About half of those are men. So, if the reports are true and about 100,000 Russian men have been killed in the war in Ukraine then about 1 in every 250 Russian men between the ages of 18 and 44 have been killed. This seems like a super big deal. These men have mothers, fathers, grandparents, brothers, sisters, children, wifes. So why aren’t we hearing from these people?

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Unanswered What's a polite formal way of saying "that's none of your business?"


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Unanswered Am I NOT supposed to recline my seat on an airplane? Is it frowned upon?


I’ve went on three flights in the last year, economy and have reclined my seat on all flights.

I have had comments from people behind me on all three fights.

I’d consider myself a nice person, I didn’t argue with them, I just explained it was a 5 hour flight and I’d like to be comfy and I didn’t know it was an issue.

Do people normally not recline their seats to give others more room? I thought everyone reclined their seats lol

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Unanswered What would happen if another country that went to the moon just decided to knock over the American flag?


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Unanswered Why is it that all the news on trans people seem to always revolve around trans-women?


Whether its about sports, competitions, scandals, degrees, awards, scholarships, etc, it seems that trans-women are the ones who are front and center in all of the news. I can name the trans-women that were featured in those news - because of how often they appeared - but I can't name a single trans-man.

The only time which I have seen a trans-man appear on the news, it was because he gave birth; that was it.

Heck, sometimes I forget that trans-men even exist.

Why is it that trans-women seem to be the ones featured in the news? Do they just stand out more? Or am just missing the news mentioning trans-men?

EDIT: I just remembered that there was a trans-man (he was a boy) who was in a wrestling team in highschool, and there was a controversy on whether he could compete or not since he was taking steroids. Other than this and the birthing man, I don't recall any other news stories.

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Unanswered What do we need to do to reduce obesity in America?


This is silently one of the most important issues we face. 70% of the country is overweight and nearly 40% obese.

Obesity is expected to rise to 50%, and severe obesity to 25% by 2030.

Considering that the nation was relatively slim and fit as recently as 30-40 years ago, what do we need to do to get that level of fitness back?

Edit: please stop suggesting fat shaming. It’s nasty, mean and unpleasant.

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Unanswered Has there ever been a politician who was just a genuinely good, honest person?


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Unanswered Has the BLM movement actually changed anything?


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Unanswered Is there any actual proof or record that Jesus Christ existed?


At the title says, is there any proof? I've always grown up around christians but not a single one has ever provided any evidence outside of the bible of Jesus's existence. I mean you'd think there'd be another historian or something within his lifetime who wrote about him, if he was real.

There's obviously tons of texts from hundreds of years ago, but is there anything from his lifetime?

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Unanswered do you still care about what ed snowden did for US citizens and the world?


the guy sacrificed everything just to warn the world... his home.

and now he's in a foreign land, and I bet he wants to go back considering the situations in russia.

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Unanswered If atheists don't believe Jesus either is God, was a real person or both, do they also believe Moses, Daniel and other biblical heroes never existed? Why or why not?


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Unanswered When someone's kid is beat up at school, why don't the parents press charges and have the offender thrown in jail?


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Unanswered Why do home toilets generally have a full circle seat, while commercial ones are often horseshoe shaped?


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Unanswered Why does my husband say he likes me chubby when I bring up dieting?


I recently brought up going on a diet to my husband and he surprised me by saying he likes the weight I’ve gained since we got married. He told me men prefer women with meat on their bones and he doesn’t want me to be wedding day skinny again. Is this normal or is he just telling me this to be nice?

I’m 5 ft 4 and around 170 lbs give or take depending on the day. I’ve put on roughly 35-40 lbs since the wedding and I’m 23 years old. Let me know what y’all think

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Unanswered How stupid does an attempt to kill somebody have to be before it stops being a crime?


This is too strange and hypothetical for /r/legaladvice, so I guess it fits here?

If you point a gun you think is loaded at someone and pull the trigger, that's an attempted homicide. Even if you don't realize the gun isn't loaded, you still obviously just tried to kill somebody. But what if what you did has no actual chance of working? Let's say you've somehow been persuaded that you can kill this person by hitting them with a rubber chicken, or that you have magical powers and can throw lightning bolts at them--is that still an attempted homicide?

What if it's a bunch of people? What if you think you're blowing up a building full of innocent people--if your bomb turns out not to work, you're still a terrorist, so does it make it any less awful (or criminal) if you instead try in all earnestness to invoke Poseidon, that the lord of the sea might destroy it with a giant tidal wave?

Is it, technically, illegal to attempt to bring about the End Times?

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Unanswered Do you believe the human race would be better without religion?


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Unanswered Why are there people worried about low birth rates and population collapse? Isn’t the earth over populated and less people would be better for the environment?


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Unanswered is it ok for white people to cosplay as black characters like black panther or blade


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Unanswered Does parenting get easier? I wake up at 6am, get ready for work, wake up my 9 year old, get him ready, pack his lunch, school, go to work, pick him up at school, dinner, help w home work, play, go to sleep, start over. And today someone asked me “what’s your purpose in life”. I started crying.


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Unanswered Is America (USA) really that bad place to live ?


Is America really that bad with all that racism, crime, bad healthcare and stuff

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Unanswered Why do we idealize historic conquerors (e.g., Alexander, Caesar, Charlemagne, etc.) -- instead of viewing them as murderous psychopaths?


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Unanswered Anyone else just play around with Google maps?


I like maps. I like knowing where places are. I zoom in and out of places learning where all these different cities and monuments and capitals are. Anyone else?

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Unanswered why are you expected to clean after staying in an AirBnb if there is a cleaning fee?


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Unanswered Will identifying as a bisexual man make women less attracted to me?