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Dead Space Remake Devs Explain Lack of 180 Quick Turn & More Details Revealed Articles & Blogs


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u/Keepitsway Feb 05 '23

There is a quick turn in Dead Space, just not what you expect it to be initially.

Isaac can turn around quickly. However, it's the camera that doesn't. If you are looking behind Isaac and press L2 he will snap into aiming in that direction.


u/LAROACHA_420 Feb 05 '23

Literally discovered this the other day


u/BenderRodrigezz Feb 06 '23

I was also pleasantly surprised to find you can sprint backwards with L3, not sure if I've seen that in (m)any other games


u/theCioroRedditor Feb 05 '23

A post about an article about a Reddit ama post ....


u/hellraiser29 Feb 05 '23

Reddit is the source for majority of the articles we read on this sub.


u/Peidalhasso Feb 05 '23

Gaming Journalism nowadays is beyond lazy.


u/excaliburps Feb 05 '23

A 180-degree turn was one of the things I assumed were in the game. When I was playing it, I kept trying to press down and L2 or something to see if it was doable.

Asked around, and yep, found it wasn't. Would have made things easier especially if you're running away from a corner. The game's enemies have a huge hitbox, no?

I tried running past enemies multiple times that were kind of blocking my path (not their entire body), and I couldn't go through.


u/Derriku Feb 05 '23

Is there a way I can just ignore everything that has a link to mp1st?


u/soupspin Feb 05 '23

Yeah, just keep scrolling lol


u/OR3OTHUG Feb 05 '23



u/Psychological-Boot26 Feb 05 '23

Love this game so far but the amount of back attacks I've received trying to open up the shop or upgrade benches is upsetting. I get it it's more realistic but I know if I was playing the hardest difficulty for that trophy and I got killed when I was trying to upgrade, I be pisseddd. It doesn't help that the animations to get into the bench or the shop take forever, even when you're leaving them. They should made it so that you can snap off of them if you hear an enemy coming up on you


u/Cosmic_Entities Feb 06 '23

Funny you mention this because I have never had anything attack me while in store or on a bench. I thought it would add to the fear level if that happened but just thought they didn't put that in as it would be a pain in the ass as you mentioned. Are you not clearing rooms or something? Sometimes I wait like ten seconds JUST in case something does come lurking but nothing ever has...


u/Psychological-Boot26 Feb 06 '23

Yeah now I just wait a couple seconds before jumping on a bench or shop. I've actually been chopped in the back using both an upgrade bench and the store and both times I've mashed the exit button to whip around and kill whatever it was. Must be my experience with the ai director.


u/bigm1ke Feb 06 '23

Happened one time so far for me near chapter 10.


u/ADeadlyFerret Feb 06 '23

Had it happened to me. I made a beeline for the shop. The second I entered the menu I heard something spawn. But I had like 4 or 5 schematics I had to click through to get out of the shop. Ended up getting slashed.


u/Jnubis Feb 05 '23

Why are you reading this? Go back up click the link that you so desired to read.