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Dying Light franchise has sold more than 30 million copies combined Articles & Blogs


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u/TheKingofWakanda Feb 05 '23

Damn. Didn't think the series was that popular


u/[deleted] Feb 05 '23

The first game game got like 6 years of support - it’s insanely popular

With that said. 20-25 mil of this is def the first games sales


u/Stiggles4 Feb 05 '23

Oh yeah, it helped the complete edition for Game One went on sale for like $17 or something nuts when they announced a free upgrade for PS5


u/Recon_Night Feb 06 '23

I think it sold millions way before then...


u/Stiggles4 Feb 06 '23

I didn’t say that it didn’t, I simply said that it helped. So what are you trying to say?…


u/Goldeniccarus Feb 05 '23

Dying Light had a really good launch window. It came out in January 2015, and was really the only big launch of 2015 until Bloodborne came out in March (and since Bloodborne was PS4 exclusive, PC and Xbox wouldn't have a big 2015 release until The Witcher 3 and Metal Gear Solid 5 later that year). It was also one of the first PS4 generation games that really felt like it was taking advantage of the hardware, and it was a pretty good game on top of all that.

I think it also had a lot of social media success at first, because a lot of YouTubers covered it, since there weren't a lot of other games coming out at that time.

Then on top of that, it had that long term support, it's been on sale many times, and since it had positive press at release, and the continued support has led to continued positive discussions of it online, it encourages further sales.

And a lot of games end up selling a lot of copies over time by being available digitally.

Dying Light 2 has a worse launch window, with Horizon Forbidden West and Elden Ring coming out just a month after it, and it just isn't as good a game as the first one. Which is why I suspect you're right that Dying Light makes up the vast majority of those sales.


u/SeniorRicketts Feb 06 '23

Also, the game still looks amazing after 8 yrs

2015 was a good year

Dying light

Batman arkham knight

Mad max

Mortal kombat x

Metal gear solid V

Rise of the tomb raider

Looks like 2023 will be this gens 2015

Suicide squad kill the justice league

Final fantasy XVI


Resident evil 4

Jedi survivor


u/Jinchuriki71 Feb 06 '23

You forgot about Witchero Tres the ultimate game of all time how could you!!!!!!😡😡😡

Just kidding.


u/Recon_Night Feb 06 '23

He also forgot Fallout 4 but maybe that's for the best since it wasn't actually any good...


u/Recon_Night Feb 06 '23

Resident Evil 4 never released in 2015, lol.


u/FallenShadeslayer Feb 05 '23 edited Feb 08 '23

First game was something special, second game was the same until the second area. Then it massively fell off for me and became a slog that wasn’t even close to being fun. The second area took away the games greatest strength and just wanted you to float around everywhere. It’s so stupid.


u/buddachickentml Feb 05 '23

If you landed it the streets it was a PAIN to get back up to the roof tops!


u/FallenShadeslayer Feb 05 '23

Sure was. I stopped playing the game for like 7 months or so because of that area. Then went back and did a speed run of the last 4 missions. I hardcore regret getting the season pass. I don’t ever do that for games but seeing as how they supported the first game damn near a decade I thought it would be worth it…


u/buddachickentml Feb 06 '23

I played through it twice. It was fun. But yeah. Could have been more parkour and less gliding. And I thought there should be more decision based outcomes...considering they were advertising the hell out of it


u/FallenShadeslayer Feb 06 '23

I learned long ago not to believe a single developer when they tell us our choices matter. It’s always minor bullshit that doesn’t matter. Only game where it felt impactful was the Mass Effect Trilogy. And even then was fumbled at the end but it all still mattered.


u/KingoftheJabari Feb 08 '23

Agreed, it sad how this game just lost all interest to me.


u/FallenShadeslayer Feb 08 '23

It really is. I fell of really hard. I finally went back in December and just sped through the final 4 missions so I can say I beat it and I’ll never think about it again.


u/Perza Feb 05 '23

First one was one of the best games I've ever played, seriously. Such satisfying gameplay. The second one...meh. I hope dead island 2 brings back that zombie slaying joy I felt with dl1.


u/quasarius Feb 05 '23

Ngl, I feel Dead Island 2 will be the superior zombie-killing game. I felt the combat of DL1 quite repetitive and unsatisfactory. All weapons are pretty much the same, which for me ruined the whole magic of finding something cooler.


u/fireflyry Feb 06 '23

Fair comment.

I think where it excels is in the post-apocalyptic zombie fantasy, the aesthetic and sound design including the music, often neglected when talking games, is bang on.

Combine that with co-op and a friend to jam with and it’s really quite a unique experience and while the combat is a bit meh, it’s more than serviceable imho, but I agree it’s not a highlight.


u/aExpat3 Feb 05 '23

Playing back through DL1 on my Steam Deck. Originally beat it back on Xbox 1 at launch. There is a ton of new content I've never even touched.


u/AbyssalNazgul Feb 05 '23

It’s an amazing zombie game series


u/Jinchuriki71 Feb 06 '23

The best one out there in current gen and last gen and has some of the best parkour in any first person game ever imo.


u/DigitalDash18 Feb 05 '23

Loved both games tbh, the technical issues for the second game didn’t really bother me as much as other people. but they have an addicting formula in this series and I applaud them for it


u/ichigo2k9 Feb 05 '23

Yep, playing now for the anniversary event of DL2 and watching heads fly off or seeing zombies get bifurcated is strangely pleasing.


u/Representative-Yam65 Feb 05 '23

I just starting playing Dying Light 1 today and it's great. Don't want to put it down.


u/EldenSoulsBorneKiro Feb 05 '23

Love the first game. The second one got fucked by pure melee without guns.


u/Jinchuriki71 Feb 06 '23

I liked the pure melee without guns gameplay honestly but even than you had bow and arrow which shot pretty quick. I didn't like how the first one basically turned into another shooter game after enemies started using firearms and suicide bomber zombies(especially in the following dlc they just teleported in your path on the road) all the time.


u/Legio-V-Alaudae Feb 05 '23

The following dlc introducing the zombie killing dune buggy is so much fun. I never realized how much I wanted to live in zombie infested world driving a dune buggy with antizombie mods until the game let me.

In fact, I just finished elden ring might start a new play through now.


u/MisterNiceGuy0001 Feb 07 '23

I forgot why I put the DL1 DLC down but now I'm going to queue it up to download


u/Rogue_Leader_X Feb 05 '23

Most of that ours probably the first game. They were selling that one for years.


u/javiergame4 Feb 06 '23

I really enjoyed the second one even though people are hating on it. The story sucked but gameplay and graphics were amazing.


u/SirCheunger Feb 05 '23

I loved the first game and out countless hours on Steam back in the day. I want to go back and get the platinum for it soon. I have yet to play the second one, but it’s on my list. It’s pretty nice the devs supported the first game for so long and hopefully that happens with the second game too.


u/raphanum Feb 06 '23

I’m guessing many of those are double or triple dippers due to different platforms and the complete edition


u/sillieidiot Feb 05 '23

The first one was the shit. The second one was whatevers. I mostly play co-op and the technical issues involving co-op eventually made me drop the game.


u/nodakgirl93 Feb 05 '23

The first dying light was such a great game. And the dlcs. They should have built on that for the sequel.


u/SiriuslyLupin Feb 05 '23

I loved the first. I played 1 hour of the second and hated it. i had some weird light glitch where if the sun was out the whole screen was like 10x glare/bright. also i did not like the auto run


u/horsewitnoname Feb 05 '23

Probably in the minority that thought the second game was better than the first in almost every way. Great series though, glad it’s been profitable for them so we keep getting them!


u/AnonymoustacheD Feb 05 '23

What’s the best way to appreciate it? I loved the first one but mainly for coop with friends and the race to the drops. Night day seemed really balanced with one major encounter each night


u/horsewitnoname Feb 05 '23

I played the entire thing coop. We just had a blast exploring everything and treating it more like a sandbox than an RPG. Some of the locations that were only accessible at night were also mega creepy and overall it just felt more immersive to me than the first one.

But the first one with all the DLC is a blast. I’m looking forward to all the DLC for the sequel to see where they take it.


u/Jinchuriki71 Feb 06 '23

Yeah it does feel better in almost every way but I like that it was different than the first one so I can appreciate both for what they do instead of feel like one was a straight upgrade over the other.


u/ericypoo Feb 06 '23

The second one is so lame and bad.


u/ChrizTaylor Feb 07 '23

29 million came from DL1.


u/FunkinDonutzz Feb 05 '23

How. Generic premise, generic open world, generic game.

No accounting for taste, I guess.


u/Silvershanks Feb 05 '23

Sometimes you just want to run & jump around and kill zombies, relax. They are not deep games, everyone knows this. Not every game has to be life-changing to be enjoyable.


u/FunkinDonutzz Feb 05 '23

True. I found it to be so utterly po-faced and mechanically clunky that I couldn't even get into that aspect of it.


u/Ultimafatum Feb 05 '23

How dare people enjoy things that you don't, amiright?


u/FunkinDonutzz Feb 05 '23

Never said that, did I?


u/Joudeh_1996 Feb 05 '23

Didn't like the series


u/[deleted] Feb 05 '23

Haven’t even played it


u/AchievementJoe Feb 06 '23

Still pissed I couldn’t get a cool courier outfit for doing their jobs.