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Our humorous retro FPS Fashion Police Squad is out now on PS5 with a Metacritic score of 77! News & Announcements

Hey peeps, Pat from Mopeful Games here! Wanted to let you know that our fab retro shooter came out on PS5 this Thursday. The game made by 3 people is a humorous retro FPS where you use attire enhancing weaponry to turn fashion criminals into fabulous fashionistas! It’s got juicy gunplay, terrible puns and fun movement mechanics.

Check out a quick gameplay compilation here!

One thing that surprised us is that the game got a Metacritic score on PS5 of 77 with 5 reviews right off the bat, so that was cool. Check out some reviews and pick it up if it feels like something you’re into!

Fashion Police Squad on Metacritic (PS5)

FPS on the Playstation Store


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u/IC_Wiener Feb 05 '23

TY! Now I just hope it is up to your standard..


u/MassoFog Feb 05 '23

I will give you props just for adding gyro, not many devs do it and i love you for it

The game seems super fun and funky from what i see, the only issue i can tell you right away is that gyro aiming, although It feels smooth with small movements, seems to drift a bit with larger ones. Is It maybe because of gyro being set to roll instead of yaw? I think thats fine, but there should be an option to swap gyro to yaw since many people prefer that

All in all i am definitely going to keep playing, thank you for this fun game!


u/IC_Wiener Feb 05 '23

I see, it could be the case. We'll have a look into it and see if we can fix it with a patch.

Thanks for the support & feedback!


u/thegreatuke Feb 05 '23

Mind sharing what engine you used to build this and how big the team is? Love the aesthetic can’t wait to try it out!


u/IC_Wiener Feb 06 '23

This was made in Unity with a team of 3 and some freelancers for music etc.


u/thegreatuke Feb 06 '23

Awesome! Thank you for letting me know - I find it so inspirational to see how awesome/unique some of these projects can be with small teams nowadays. Will definitely be checking this out!