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Our humorous retro FPS Fashion Police Squad is out now on PS5 with a Metacritic score of 77! News & Announcements

Hey peeps, Pat from Mopeful Games here! Wanted to let you know that our fab retro shooter came out on PS5 this Thursday. The game made by 3 people is a humorous retro FPS where you use attire enhancing weaponry to turn fashion criminals into fabulous fashionistas! It’s got juicy gunplay, terrible puns and fun movement mechanics.

Check out a quick gameplay compilation here!

One thing that surprised us is that the game got a Metacritic score on PS5 of 77 with 5 reviews right off the bat, so that was cool. Check out some reviews and pick it up if it feels like something you’re into!

Fashion Police Squad on Metacritic (PS5)

FPS on the Playstation Store


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u/res30stupid Feb 06 '23

Shit, didn't know it was out. With Hogwarts Legacy and PowerWash Simulator, that's three big games I wanted in one month.

Just purchased it. Going to play a few missions in the morning. And BTW, having enemies only damaged by specific weapons is a great idea.


u/IC_Wiener Feb 06 '23

We're a big game now boys!

Thank you for the support. The mechanic is a fun little twist!