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WWE 2K23: here is the list of characters confirmed so far Articles & Blogs


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u/sdavidplissken Feb 05 '23

Shaun Micheals...


u/CascadeJ1980 Feb 06 '23

Old Hickenbottom!


u/The_Fassbender Feb 06 '23

I remember Smackdown Vs Raw 2008 on the PS3 where you could add custom entrance music to any character (including your created one). Wish there was some way for that to be implemented on these new titles.


u/Deputy_Beagle76 Feb 07 '23

What I don’t understand is the fact that Fire Pro Wrestling World had this feature on PS4 and the WWE games can’t somehow


u/ImAnOldChunkOfCoal Feb 07 '23

They can. In fact you used to be able to do this in the older games. But because these games are yearly installments with little to no change gameplay wise year to year, part of the selling point for them is new content.

Theme music falls into that. Updated themes for existing stars with new mo-capped entrance animations. New themes for the new talent. They allow you to upload your own themes and with some being very adept at community creations - why bother get the next installment with all the bells and whistles, when you can just do it all yourself?

TL,DR: Money grabbing reasons.


u/York9TFC Feb 05 '23

Go to Smackdown Hotel for an updated list on everything. They do really good work there and stay on top of it daily.


u/DeathProofNinjaZ Feb 06 '23

Bray Wyatt?


u/rommie30 Feb 06 '23

Fucking better be


u/hokagenaruto Feb 07 '23

game looks great and the updated new wrestler models look fantastic. rhea ripley and cody rhodes look great


u/AltsOnDeckLol Feb 06 '23

hey look its the same characters they been pushing for 30 years because the new wwe stars are weak as fuck

also fun fact: i've been told on several occasions by random ppl that I look like the black Stone Cold Steve Austin lol


u/dimiteddy Feb 06 '23

My sis wants Stephanie Mcmahon