r/PS5 Oct 06 '22

Review: No More Heroes III (PS5) - A Suda51 Sequel Full of Surprises Articles & Blogs



u/RRoDXD Oct 07 '22

Not going to buy it until NMH 1+2 gets released on PS5 :<


u/sennoken Oct 09 '22

Doesn't Nintendo have full rights over the first two titles?


u/RRoDXD Oct 09 '22

I don't think so? It's on Steam but who knows really...


u/DivinoLife Oct 06 '22

The combat and jokes were good, but the open world was clearly not needed. If you play it on pc look for a mod that skips the open world interactions.


u/captaindunbar Oct 06 '22

I thought they were fine. They were relatively minor (as in, I spent more time doing other things than being in the open world). Pretty unnecessary, but I wouldn't take them out unless for some reason you hated them that much (they really aren't that bad at all, I appreciated the change in pace the open world allows personally).


u/DivinoLife Oct 06 '22

I played all no more heroes and i think 2 had a better system of making money for the fights. The mini games were actually fun and interesting. They should have been more creative.