r/PS5 Oct 06 '22

Serious Sam Siberian Mayhem | Available Now on PS5 and XB S/X Trailers & Videos


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u/LueyTheWrench Oct 06 '22

£16. Apparently it’s a “standalone expansion” so I imagine it’ll be short, but I’m super tempted.


u/captaindunbar Oct 06 '22

It's really good, done by a different team I believe (modders I think? someone correct me) than the main Serious Sam developers. And it's much better than the recent Serious Sam. In fact, I have to say it's my favorite Serious Sam game in the franchise.

The recent ones felt really dated despite being 'new' at their respective times. And the old ones were a bit novel at the time but nonetheless still inferior to other boomer shooters, then and now.


u/mittromniknight Oct 07 '22

It's brilliant fun.

Much better than SS4.