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Discussion Sony should display available FPS options on the game page in PS Store


Game's framerate is a crucial information and for many players it's imperative to know how the game will run on their console before they purchase it. Sony should provide this information just as they inform about the download size, online play requirement etc.

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Discussion I really dislike it when a game's menu is navigated with a slow cursor controlled by the thumbstick. I wish developers would stop doing this.


I was playing No Man's Sky in between VR sessions and I was highly irritated by this style of menu. I'm aware it's just a port from the PS4 version but I frankly can't wait for this to go away. I resent Destiny for making it popular. It is inferior to the normal way of navigating menus. It's sluggish and doesn't respect the player's time. It's not accessible either: It's harder for disabled people to use this kind of menu.

There's usually also a large overlap with this kind of menu and having to hold the face buttons to do anything. You can't just press X to equip something, you have to hold it. This, again, is both slow and inaccessible to disabled people.

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Discussion What games did you not enjoy, but everyone else seems to love


For me, its gotta be

Horizon series, I just think generally the game is very average and the main character has no spark to her. Remember these are my opinions no need to get upset.

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Discussion Does anyone else find themselves waiting for discounts more often this generation then previous generations due to rising game costs?


I personally find myself waiting for discounts alot more now that game prices are so high, because i don't wanna make a mistake in purchasing a game that ends up not feeling like i got my money's worth for it. I was just wondering if anyone else finds themselves doing this more often this gen?

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Discussion Venom Voice actor Tony Todd on Spider-Man 2: Looks like September! Massive publicity coming in august. Commercials start dropping in august so I’m told. Hold on to your … and hold breath! Gonna be necessary


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Discussion The Quarry is on PlayStation Plus, and I was genuinely surprised at how much fun, how well written and how engrossing it was


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Discussion Diablo 4 Runs Great on PS5


The game looks amazing on PS5. First time I've played a diablo game on console. With a controller, the movement with the analog stick is fantastic. Its almost like a twin stick style game. It has a solid frame rate. My buddies on PC are having nothing but issues with the beta. I'm just over here in smooth city playing it on the big screen. Resolution is great too, but I'm not sure what it's capped at. I highly recommend trying the open beta next weekend if you get a chance.

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Discussion Jason Schreier says the core game for Suicide Squad is not changing


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Discussion What has been your favourite game moment so far on ps5?


Including ps5 exclusives and third party titles, what game sequence or moment has been the one you enjoyed the most ?

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Discussion Hogwarts Legacy: a completionist's nightmare?


Getting close to finishing off everything in HL and the tedium is almost unbearable.

Landing on my 500th Merlin Trial and hearing, "Can it be? A merlin trial?" makes me want to throw things at my console. I enter a cave and think: "Will I be making the left turn or the right turn first this time?" with only minor differences in most treasure vaults. (Btw what's up with finding a modern school uniform as the treasure reward in a tomb that's supposedly been sealed for a thousand years?!)

Don't get me wrong. I've had a lot of fun with the game, but I can't help feeling like the story was either too short or more diversity should've gone into the tedious puzzles and caves, etc.

Anyone else?

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Discussion What upcoming game are you MOST excited for?


Could be this year, could be next year, could even be an unspecified release (GTA 6?)

Personally, it’s insomniac’s Wolverine. I’m praying they make it rates R and tie it into Spider-Man 2.

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Discussion Finishing games on Easy difficulty


Sad to say that I can no longer finish a game that’s not on easy mode.

Ever since I hit 30 (currently 33 yrs old) Challenge feels exhausting to me now. With 1-2 hours of free time to play daily, I just want to finish a game and move on to the next.

Open world exploration and side quests (unless needed to unlock something for Main quest) seems like a burden.

I don’t know if it’s because I’m getting old or the lack of free time + responsibilities.

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Discussion Happy 1 year anniversary to ELDEN RING, released on this day last year


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Discussion Just finished Detroit Become Human


One of the best games I've ever played. I have low patience with video games and this was a great one. Why aren't they making more games similar to this type of style?

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Discussion Does anyone else plan to replay Jedi Fallen Order to get ready for Jedi Survivor?


I'm currently playing the Dead Space remake and then I'll jump into Steelrising but after that it's Star Wars time!

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Discussion What’s top 3 on your wishlist right now?


For me: - Resident Evil 4 - Dead Space Remake - Crisis Core: Reunion

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Discussion Happy Anniversary, Resident Evil! Known as "Biohazard" in Japan, the first game released 27 years ago on PlayStation.


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Discussion Just finished TLOU Part 1 for the first time ever


My god what a game. The graphics of this game are probably the best I have ever played, certain scenery looked photo realistic. The face captures for the games are amazing. The feel of the guns and the haptic feedback are just total game changers and I wish more games would adapt this. The story is beautiful, yet scary and realistic and I can’t wait to play part 2.

Something I’m wondering is, should I wait for a PS5 version of part 2 to come out or is that never coming?

Before the PS5, I was an Xbox One guy and never gave PlayStation games a thought. My brother had a PS4 and I was bored one day and tried God of War and Spider-Man and those two games immediately became some of my all time favorites. Little did I know I would also fall in love with Ghost of Tsushima, Days Gone, and now TLOU. I’m very happy with my PS5 purchase after two years later and looking forward to even more great games PlayStation produces.

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Discussion Who is your most trusted reviewer?


Pretty much title. Who or what site do you trust the most?

Say this site gives a game good reviews but all others are bad but you still give the game a try. Who is it for you?

EDIT: Seems like the most popular answers are gameranx, SkillUp, DigitalFoundry, ACG, and good ol’ fashioned gut feelings.

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Discussion Hogwarts Legacy Breaks Twitch Record With Over 1.3 Million Viewers


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Discussion Final Fantasy XVI: there will be a leader board that you can compete with players around the world, allowing for endless gameplay.


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Discussion Anyone planning on playing Battlefield 2042 next month turn Cross Play off.


It will ask you when first starting game.

This is a public service announcement. Turn Cross Play off next month when Battlefield 2042 launches free on PS Plus.

Many people will thank you as the fluctuating of new players will help finding servers without the PC Sweats so console players can play in peace

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Discussion Does anybody else hate playing games with headphones?


Or am I just weird? I pretty much have never enjoyed using headphones for games (even multiplayer games) and if I need them for some reason I usually end up just putting them around my neck instead of over my ears. I guess I just hate the feeling or something. Is anybody else the same way?

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Discussion Games that need the Dead Space Remake treatment?


My personal suggestion is Batman: Arkham Asylum. It’s from a similar timeframe as Dead Space and has so much room for QOL improvements to bring the game forward into the new generation.

It’s a shame we got that lacklustre Return To Arkham collection.

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Discussion Tweet from Stephanie Reddick regarding the passing of Lance Reddick