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Megathread Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners (1) - Upgrade Path


There seems to be a lot of confusion regarding the upgrade path from the PS4 version of S&S to the PS5 version.

If you own the standard version of S&S for PS4, whether from PS+ or not, you need to get the PS4 version of the Tourist Upgrade. This appears to be for digital owners only.

If you're on the App:

  1. Search for the game
  2. Select the PS4 version
  3. Go to Add-Ons
  4. Should see the Tourist Edition Upgrade (make sure it's definitely the PS4 version)
  5. Once you have that, find the PS5 version and it should be free. (note: it's a separate product, not linked to the PS4 version like many games are).

If you're on the PS5:

  1. Go to the Playstation Store
  2. Search for the game using the 'Search' option
  3. Select the PS4 version of the game
  4. Select the 3 dots and select View Product (assuming you own the digital version)
  5. Go down to Add-Ons
  6. Should see the Tourist Edition Upgrade (make sure it's definitely the PS4 version)
  7. Once you have that, find the PS5 version and it should be free. (note: it's a separate product, not linked to the PS4 version like many games are).

Note: After step 2, you can also go down to Add-Ons in the search and look for it there. Personally I'd go to the games store page first though.

Do not get the PS5 version of the Tourist Edition Upgrade. That is only for people who have the standard PS5 version and want to upgrade. It's not for people wanting the free upgrade from the PS4 version, so this won't work.

Edit: It seems as though disc owners have no upgrade path.

Edit: Formatting

As per megathread rules, any other posts about this will be removed.

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Opinion Hands down the best VR Game ever made thus far imo. 100% a must play for any VR enthusiast or gamer in general.

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Trailers & Videos Interaction packed Gameplay Teaser of Into The Darkness VR is here! And the devs are too! Ask us anything

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Fluff MFW: Reading a post about someone receiving their 4th PSVR2 replacement in the 4 weeks since release and saying Sony logistics are bad.

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Fluff Pavlov VR lobbies:

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My Setup A week ago I was one of the guys saying I'm fine with just the Dualsense and motion controls... Well... Turns out a wheel is indeed super awesome

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Discussion How Many of You Took to VR with No Issue?


I had never tried VR until getting the PSVR1. I put off buying it for so long as I feared it would just be another gimmick that ends up sitting in my closet after playing it for a weekend. Boy was I wrong!

That being said. I took to it immediately. Full locomotion, playing RE7, and any other game for hours on end, not once feeling even a little queasy. I showed it to my brother, who hadn't even played a video game in close to 15 years, and he loved it and took to it immediately as well. He went and bought a PS4 and a headset right after, his first console in over 20 years. I've tried multiple times to get my girlfriend to check it out, and she is sick in about 5 min, and that sucks. Judging by a lot of posts here, it would seem that having no issues with motion sickness at all since the beginning is a pretty rare thing. Anyone else just never bothered by the motion in any game since the start?

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Trailers & Videos Another Fisherman's Tale - Gameplay Trailer | PS5 & PS VR2 Games


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Fluff Lens wipes safe for PSVR2? Or just microfibre cloth?

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PSA C-Smash VR Demo is live now!


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Fluff Actual picture of me after completing Call of The Mountain

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Opinion PSVR2 And glasses - warning


So I screwed up the right lens of my PSVR2. I hadn’t realized that my glasses was rubbing on the lens until next use. Glasses are scratched and RH lens is scratched. Not directly in line with my pupil but close enough to ruin the experience. I’ve ordered a new PSVR2 that should arrive tomorrow. Don’t be me guys 🙁

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Opinion Synth Riders is Amazing - Have Played 8 Hours in Two Sessions

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Speculation Looks like Sony is preparing to launch PSVR2 at other retailers soon (Listed on Amazon UK)


The PSVR2 Horizon Bundle is currently listed on Amazon.co.uk


Seems like it's still a placeholder, as it's listed as out of stock and at £745, but this is the closest confirmation I've seen of PSVR2 launching at other retailers.

Also a bit weird that the store page says you get a discount on Game Pass for purchasing a PSVR2.

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Discussion The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners – Chapter 1


Yet to play chapter 2 so can't comment on that. This will certainly be an unpopular opinion but I've found part 1 rather tedious and just plain frustrating. Am I alone? Visually it's crisp, has a fantastic gritty art style, and you can tell it's built from the ground up for VR which is refreshing, but the constant crafting, repetitive loot, barely any time to even fully explore at times because of the bells, a stamina bar that makes me feel like a chain smoker, weapons breaking and near repetitive quests are just too much for me to complete the game. Killing the zombies in such a brutal way is definitely fun for a while and the story has plenty of merit but there's just too many elements that frustrate me and they can't outweigh the bad. The thing is I do genuinely love survival games, but to a point where I can still have plenty of fun in between which this game just hasn't offered me at all.

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Review C-Smash is Legit Fun


The demo is out and it is a blast. I spent over an hour practicing without realizing just how time went by.

It looks great, stunning visuals, and it is elegantly simple.

It's a shame that I couldn't connect to another player online but I am hoping that's either because nobody knew about the game or that it's just because it's a demo.

9/10 for sheer entertainment.

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Discussion Got a response from Walking Dead Twitter about Saints & Sinners ch1 physical disc being able to get the PS5 upgrade.

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Fluff A little nod to Switchback.


A few nights ago I really wanted to play PSVR2 (still new and shiny) but I was really tired, and wasn't feeling super great (I almost said Super Hot, heh). I didn't have the energy or mind to play RE8, GT7, Horizon, etc. Even S&S, which was new. But I still wanted to play PSVR2.

So I caved in and pulled the trigger on Switchback. I ended up playing it for a solid 1-2 hours. The subsequent night I was in a similar situation and played it again for another 1-2 hours.

Game has tons of shortcomings. Blurry graphics, bad animations, lame attack patterns, lame boss mechanics, some boring areas, etc.... but ya know what? It was fun and it kept me playing. I wouldn't recommend it for $40, but if you want to chill out and lean back and rife a horror coaster and shoot some zombies, and pretend it is a PSVR1 game, it's kinda fun.

I do hope they update it, though, the game and the fans deserve better.

EDIT: I will say something seems definitely wrong. Even the menu text in the beginning of the game, such as warning/info screens, etc, those are blurry as well.

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Trailers & Videos Take your arachnophobia to new heights in Kill it With Fire VR, coming to PSVR 1/2 later in 2023!


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PSA PSA regarding Bionik Mantis headphones for PSVR2


So Bionik makes a headset for the PSVR and the PSVR2. They both attach to the headband clip. You can search Amazon for them and they’ll pop up.

Anywho, I waited to order the PSVR2 version thinking it would be better/different. Short answer is that it’s not. It’s $60, and the PSVR version can be had for $40 or $45 on Amazon.

The PSVR2 version sounds no different. The cord is not shorter, nor have they made any different effort to integrate it better with the PSVR2 headband/audio jack location. The new ear cups they give you are silly and bad.

I think they sound ok. Certainly worse than the included earbuds. But it is nice that you can share them amongst friends. That’s primarily what I will use them for. I’m probably going to use earbuds or just buy the pulse3d headset.

TL;DR Save your money and buy the PSVR version and skip the PSVR2 version.

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Fluff What we want vs the inevitable

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Opinion As a PCVR player, I'm so glad this sub exists!


I had a PSVR for two years before jumping ship and switching to PCVR in 2020.
I absolutely loved the experience and finished a giant amount of games on that low tech setup.

PCVR had a dry spell and due to the influx of 10 year olds with quest headsets, all related subs are absolute garbage (vrgaming / oculus....) that do not discuss any games and just ask the most basic technical questions over and over.

Since the launch of PSVR2, high quality VR is being actively discussed again and people seem to rediscover its potential.

So for now, I'm hanging out here to discuss Saints and Sinners 2 with you - as this seems to be the only place on Reddit where a VR sub is actually about the games.

Thanks for listening to my TED talk.

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Opinion Saints and Sinners Resolution - Blown Away


This to me is the first game I have tried that seems to take full advantage of the PS VR2’s full resolution. At 90hz to boot, it’s just crystal clear, and the art direction is gorgeous.

I love RE8 and GT7. They will likely remain in the top 5 in the system’s lifetime. However, after playing S&S chapter 1, it seems obvious now that they are not running at the full panel native resolution. Or there is simply a lot of anti-aliasing? I know some of this is the blur added by reprojection, but standing still the clarity is still not even close.

I bought a PS VR1 a month prior to the 2, and have been enjoying it while also playing the 2. After trying S&S last night, I don’t think I can go back. It’s the first game that’s made me want to throw in the trash.

Like, just wow! And I’ve heard S&S chp 2 is even better…

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Discussion Solution to eye strain and headaches


Do you get eye strain after 30 to 60 minutes playing psvr2? Did you try every IPD and brightness setting, repositioning constantly into the sweet spot with no improvement? Does the pain move from the eyes to the front of your head giving you pretty bad headaches if you don’t stop immediately playing when the eye strain comes? Then this may help you.

I’ve had terrible eye strain since the launch day, couldn’t figure out what exactly caused it until today: I played for 3 hours straight without any problem, just like I used to with any headset I owned before the psvr2. The issue comes from the angle between the lenses and your eyes, the light doesn’t enter your eyes the way it should and creates eye strain. In my case the solution was wearing a thick beanie (folded double where the halo would rest on your head) under the HMD and moving the lenses close to my eyes. Probably this was caused by the fact that I have kind of a small head, making the halo design of psvr2 (unlike psvr1’s that never gave me any issues) not ideal in order to maintain the correct angle between the lenses and my eyes.

Let me know if you had this issues in the past and if this solved them, I’d suggest trying wearing a sweat band or something thicker if it doesn’t help at the start, unfortunately it seems like the halo design doesn’t accommodate everyone’s head shape so try to find the right angle for you and it should fix the eye strain completely.

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Question Twice in 2 days I’ve moved my thumb to try and make myself move IRL.


It saddens me that it doesn’t actually work but twice in 2 days I’ve tried to move IRL using my thumb. Both times after spending a bit of time doing something at the kitchen counter. Has any else done this? 🤔

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Opinion Don't blink Switchback. What a fail


It's funny how much they marketed that part of the game, considering how badly it was implemented. First of all, the game didn't detect half of my blinks. Don't think it was the headset's fault because it worked flawlessly in Before Your Eyes. After a very long time of not blinking and being bored as hell because nothing was happening and I was wondering if the game would even let me progress if I don't blink, I started blinking just to move on, which is the opposite of what developers intended. It was a good idea poorly realized and it didn't help that the mannequins don't look very scary or threatening either.