Welcome to r/PlayStation!

r/PlayStation is your community-run home for all things PlayStation on Reddit! Console/game discussions, news, support, trophy/media sharing and more! This Subreddit Overview is an index of the rules and all content and features in our community.

Please note that this subreddit does not have an official Sony / SIE / PlayStation employee presence. The subreddit consists of other community members just like yourself.


Keep it civil and treat others with respect whether they are a community member or not.

Personal attacks, harassment, abuse, hate speech, insults, threats, unsolicited messages of a personal nature, and trolling are all prohibited.

=== 2. STAY ON-TOPIC ===
Conversation must primarily focus on PlayStation games, hardware, services or culture. Discussion of other brands or products is allowed only if the central aim is to compare or connect back to PlayStation.

On-topic PlayStation posts that touch on political themes in passing are allowed, but any conversation which seeks to engage in further political debate or provide extensive political opinion outside of the related topic will be removed.

Appendix A1 further details submissions that deal with political topics.

=== 3. NO SPOILERS ===
Do not post unmarked spoilers or put any spoilers in a post title.

  • Use the post spoiler tag if your post contains spoilers.
  • Use spoiler formatting in text bodies when making comments in any post that does not have the spoiler tag active, or if your spoiler falls outside of the expected topic of conversation.

=== 4. NO PIRACY ===
Do not create posts or comments seeking to actively engage in piracy, hacking, jailbreaking, gamesharing, account sharing, or distribution of game images with other community members.

Solicitation or seeking transactions of any products, services, contests, requests, accounts, or websites is not allowed.

  • Sharing PlayStation themed original content (images, art, videos) is allowed, but posts strictly asking for visits, follows, subs, etc. is not allowed. (Attribution to an original creator is OK.)
  • PSN code giveaways are allowed as long as the code is posted directly in the subreddit and is offered unconditionally.
  • Petitions are allowed as long as they are on-topic.

Sharing your own branded / channel-based multimedia content is allowed only if you have a post submission history where no more than 50% of your last 10 posts (across all subreddits) are also similar self-promotion. A submission history of at least 10 posts is also required.

Sharing your non-branded / personal multimedia content (ex. screenshots, trophies, gameplay clips, photos of your gear/setup) does not fall under this rule and is allowed as long as they are on-topic.

Do not post claiming to be an employee of Sony or Sony Interactive Entertainment. If you wish to engage with this subreddit in an official manner on behalf of your company, please contact the Mod Team via Modmail.

Please check for any active Megathreads that have been made a sticky prior to posting. Any post that is created outside of an active Megathread is subject to removal.

We have a weekly "Recommendation Central" Megathread. All posts pertaining to recommendations for games or hardware must be posted there.

Additional Rules Information

  • In addition to the subreddit rules listed above, posts and comments must also adhere to Reddit's site-wide Content Policy.
  • We have a post and comment karma threshold required to make posts and comments.
    • New posts require an account Post Karma of 1 or higher.
    • New comments require an account Comment Karkma of -10 or higher.
    • If you do not meet one of these karma thresholds, please participate on other subreddits to increase the karma amounts. We use these threshold to help combat accounts made with intention to spam, troll, harass, or abuse other users.
  • Posts that seem to be part of a larger spam effort (post history indicating account is primarily used to spam or mass promote), may be removed as Spam.
  • Post, comment, and content moderation is completely up to moderator discretion.


The heartbeat of the subreddit, the Posts area allows you to create posts and comment on existing posts in the community. When interacting with the community we ask that you follow the subreddit's rules (outlined above) as well as Reddit's site-wide Content Policy. Content that violates these rules is subject to moderator removal, and possibly a ban.

Posts need to be designated a Post Flair (detailed below) and you can select from a handful of User Flairs to choose how to represent yourself!

Post Flair

All New Post submissions require a Post Flair to be set. The following Post Flairs can be applied by community members:

  • [News] - News articles, blog posts, and updates.
  • [Discussion] - Opinions and thought-pieces.
  • [Support] - Asking questions on or seeking help with hardware or software issues.
  • [Image] - In-game screenshots, trophy images, or other PlayStation-related images.
  • [Video] - In-game video clips or other PlayStation-related videos.
  • [Fan Made] - Fan made art, crafts, original content, etc.
  • [Meme] - PlayStation-related memes.
  • [Meta] - Discussions or feedback pertaining to the subreddit itself.

Mods may place a Warning Post Flair on some posts, per their discretion:

  • [Rumor] - Applied when all or a significant amount of post content is a rumor: not yet confirmed by Sony or verified to be true by reputable media outlets.
  • [Misleading / Needs Context] - Applied when a post or post title is misleading, or when additional context may be necessary.
  • [False Info] - Applied when all or a significant amount of post content is false or contains inaccurate information.

Some other mod-only Post Flairs:

  • [Megathread] - Consolidated discussion on popular or timely topics.
  • [Mod Post] - Announcements and information pertaining to the subreddit itself.
  • [Official] - Verified official content from PlayStation / Sony Interactive Entertainment. This does not necessarily mean the post was created by a PlayStation / SIE employee, but rather it has been verified by mods as official information.

User Flair

User Flair can be set to give your profile a bit of personality! To edit your user flair:

  • Go to the subreddit homepage.
  • Click [COMMUNITY OPTIONS] on the bottom of the About Community panel on the right of the page.
  • Click the pencil icon next to [USER FLAIR PREVIEW]
  • Select a User Flair from the list. Flairs with a pencil icon can be edited to specific values, such as editing how many platinum trophies you have for the "# of Platinums" flair.
  • Click [APPLY]

Official Links

The Official Links drop-down menu takes you to various official PlayStation sites and services. Links can also be bookmarked with this page.

Support Guides

The Support Guides drop-down menu contains a selection of community-made support guides created for the subreddit.

These can be great resources for some of the most commonly asked questions, so check these out first before you ask a question. You may find that the answer you need is within one of these guides!


A1 - A Note on Political Topics

There are some posts which have come up in the past (and will undoubtedly come up in the future) which simultaneously have a PlayStation / Sony / gaming connection, yet also tempt further in-depth political conversation.

The differentiator of if a post or comment will be removed or not (per the Off-Topic rule) is if and when the central focus shifts to the political topic at hand as opposed to PlayStation related topic. Comments may also be locked for posts in which in-depth political conversation is the only reasonable follow-up to posts

Here are some example scenarios:

  • A post is created which points out Sony has made a political statement. - This post will be allowed to remain posted (as the post itself focuses on Sony). There is a chance commenting will eventually be locked if the conversation that follows is inherently political debate beyond that point.
  • A post is created which indicates a player likes or does not like a political statement made in a game. - This post will be allowed to remain posted (as the opinion itself focuses on a developer decision). There is a chance commenting will eventually be locked if the conversation that follows is inherently political debate beyond that point.
  • A post is created which uses a political figure to create a PlayStation related meme. - This post will be allowed to remain posted (as the meme focuses on PlayStation) as long as no other subreddit rules are violated. There is a chance commenting will eventually be locked if the conversation that follows is inherently political debate beyond that point.
  • A comment is made to follow-up on a post (like one of the above) and starts addressing the merits of a particular political topic. - This post is subject to removal because it has started political debate and discussion.

Note that this will always come down to moderator discretion, but hopefully these examples demonstrate how political-cetric content will typically be moderated. While posts that seem to encourage further political debate may be hard to resist, there are better places for those discussions such as other subreddits and platforms.