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Trump's new 2024 campaign promises will be starting soon.

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u/letdogsvote Jan 29 '23

Remember when he said he'd release his tax returns after the audit was over, then it turned out there never was an audit and he fought like hell to keep from releasing the returns?


u/sunny5724 Jan 29 '23

So, was that lie # 30,367 or # 30,368 ?


u/TerryTC14 Jan 30 '23

Those poor fact checkers.

I'd be curious what his truth/lie ratio was.


u/TerryTC14 Jan 30 '23

Remember when Rudis office had an offical search warrant signed by a judge so police officials lawfully and with cause searched his office and collected evidence and immediately after his son announced the illegal (it wasnt) raid (legal search) by corrupt police (police who had sufficient evidence to get a search warrant) didn't take the Hunter Biden evidence in the office so don't worry they will realise it soon....any second now.....any minute now......any hour now.....any day now..... any month now......any year now.....


u/SterlingRP Jan 29 '23

A little injected bleach will clear this guys problems right up.


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u/Spitzspot Jan 29 '23

Promises made, promises kept. /s


u/adderall_squirts Jan 29 '23

His health plan is: Fuck Off


u/[deleted] Jan 29 '23

Does anyone remember Trump's 2016 campaign and how he held every position on everything ever?

He was pro-choice, then pro-life, he supported universal healthcare even calling his plan socialist, then he didn't, he was pro-gun control, then not, he had a big infrastructure plan, until he didn't, and so on and so on.

My god, it was insane.


u/japoliony Jan 30 '23

He did that purposely so he could “never be wrong.” If anyone was to bring up something he said, there is always a clip of him saying the opposite so he can say how much the media lies on him.


u/Kinda_Chunky Jan 29 '23

It'll be huge, beautiful and so much healthcare.


u/LegitimateBuilding6 Jan 29 '23

He has the plans. Trust me! They’re right there, on the shelf besides his infrastructure plans…



u/Dirtilie_Dirtle Jan 29 '23

They missed an opportunity with the announcement if he wins we get a nuclear domed force field.


u/Sayoria Jan 29 '23

- Hamburders in every hand

- Medicare cuts for the poor

- A pandemic for all

- The return of cigarettes as Tucker Carlson is hired into the Health and Human Service secretary position.


u/TonyWrocks Jan 30 '23

Trump will divide the Republican Party and will run as an independent when he loses the primary. You read it here first.


u/CarlSpencer Jan 30 '23

" Let’s give Donald Trump, who will be sworn in Friday as the 45th president of the United States, the benefit of the doubt.

Let’s take him at his word that he has a plan to provide “insurance for everybody” that is “much less expensive and much better,” as he said in an interview with the Washington Post.

How will he do it? Trump didn’t reveal any details, except to declare that Americans will be “beautifully covered.”

Los Angeles Times JAN. 20, 2017


u/questfire Jan 30 '23

Promises, promises...


u/Zardotab Jan 30 '23

I thought he gave up on healthcare after saying, "Who knew healthcare was so hard?"


u/Obvious_Chapter2082 Jan 29 '23

I see it’s 6 years later, and people are still pretending that the AHCA wasn’t introduced and passed by the house, but stopped in the senate


u/Spitzspot Jan 29 '23

"With the support of President Donald Trump, House Republicans introduced the AHCA in early 2017, and the bill passed the House in a close vote on May 4, 2017. All House Democrats, along with several members of the centrist Tuesday Group and some other House Republicans, voted against the AHCA. The bill would have repealed the individual mandate and the employer mandate, dramatically cut Medicaid spending and eligibility, eliminated tax credits for healthcare costs, abolished some taxes on high earners, and altered rules concerning pre-existing conditions and essential health benefits." - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/American_Health_Care_Act_of_2017


u/Innovative_Wombat Jan 30 '23

you mean the bill that tried to exterminate Americans with pre-existing condition discrimination, triple costs for women, death panels via lifetime medical caps, and comically underfunded high risk pools?


u/Moosetappropriate Jan 30 '23

Been waiting since 2014 and most of them died of COVID.


u/Shaman7102 Jan 30 '23

But it's infrastructure week 🤪


u/GuaranteeCreative954 Jan 30 '23

We’re also still waiting on his infrastructure plan. Thanks Joe!!!