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The Foxification of Evangelism

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u/AutoModerator Jan 29 '23

Friendly reminder that trying to fight someone online is about as effective as throwing a bagel at a bulldozer. A lot of what we talk about gets people pretty emotional, but be mad at policies, not other users.

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u/HauDyr Jan 29 '23

And the libs were surely owned, and they gave thanks with thoughts and prayers...


u/Zardotab Jan 30 '23

At Colossass 666:00


u/0fruitjack0 Jan 30 '23

"why is the church dying?" - that douche and others seriously questioning why


u/GuaranteeCreative954 Jan 30 '23

Churches seriously should be required to pay taxes just like every other business because that’s what they’ve become


u/CarlSpencer Jan 30 '23

Notice that NONE of these Evangelicals ever seem to quote Jesus saying, "As you do unto the least of my brothers, so you do unto me."