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Burn baby burn

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u/NotmyRealNameJohn Jan 30 '23

Kids have never ever ever been curious about forbidden knowledge. . . . . . . . . . . . . .

"Mama why did you make Mrs Bella take away all the books? We don't have story time any more in class."

"Because she was trying to turn you into a boy"

"Mama, I think there something wrong with you"


u/BoomChaka67 Jan 29 '23

Berlin, 1932


u/CocoaCali Jan 30 '23

May 6th 1933.


u/BreezyWrigley Jan 30 '23

Parents, however, have been surprised to find their schools’ bookshelves empty during the review process.

Really? when you elect fucking fascist shitbags and constantly bitch about books in schools and how this, that, and the other should all be banned... voting in the insane ultra-rightwing nutters who shout the loudest to do these sorts of things... and now you're shocked to find that the books are being removed?

“It actually blew my mind that we were living in a world where we were removing books from classrooms,” parent Brian Covey said.

What the fuck did they expect?


u/LividPeon Jan 30 '23

What the fuck did they expect? For their actions to have no consequences for them


u/bigkissesnhugs 12d ago

There’s someone out there just waiting to see a book they don’t approve of and then they’ll sue. Parenting is more important than ever!


u/heelspider Jan 30 '23

This is the Republican frontrunner. It's unreal.


u/ZLUCremisi I ☑oted 2020 Jan 30 '23

Remove books or jail.

No more AP African American History (its an elective class not forced)

Trying to change a college to be more republican religious and conservative


u/heelspider Jan 30 '23

It's shocking to me because conservatives during the cold war loved democracy. I would have never guessed it was just a temporary thing.


u/IDoCodingStuffs Jan 30 '23

Only because it was so easy to suppress the others from actually having a voice. And when some among their own tried to challenge it, they could just declare them communists like they declare people "radical leftists" today for even representing the others on entertainment media


u/NotYetiFamous Jan 30 '23

Eh.. They didn't really love democracy back then even. They were pretty quick to crack down on people's civil liberties in the name of outing communists.


u/TornadoesArentReal Jan 30 '23

I think the frontrunner is still the insurrectionist last I saw


u/NotYetiFamous Jan 30 '23

You have no idea how little that narrowed it down..


u/KnotSupposed2BeHere Jan 30 '23

Under His eye, y’all


u/BreezyWrigley Jan 30 '23

Fascist States of the Confederacy


u/swazal Jan 30 '23

Stupid people vote.


u/FluffyBunnyFlipFlops Jan 30 '23

"The computer screen says to prove I'm not a robot, so I cut myself." 😂


u/plankmeister Jan 30 '23

And over here in Denmark, it's totally normal for kindergartens to have a copy of this famous Danish book "How to have a child."



u/position88 Jan 30 '23

I remember really liking that drawing for some reason, that I didn't understand.


u/Moosetappropriate Jan 30 '23

Florida gone full idiocracy.


u/TerryTC14 Jan 30 '23

I'm waiting for the day they outlaw different opinions on the book and characters.

I'll give you an example, after reading the Millennium Series (Girl with Dragon Tattoo) I think the many character was a strong cool female. My girlfriend read it and thought the same character was an idiot and terrible character. After hearing her arguement I realised she was right.


u/Long-Dead-Stars Jan 30 '23

It’s time.


u/Batholomy Jan 30 '23

Why are parent not fucking outraged about this? Where are the protests? The media reports seems to have parents saying: "boy, was I surprised!!".


u/Parkyguy Jan 30 '23

Uneducated people lean Right. Gotta protect the base from the evils of education, science, fact, and critical thinking skills.


u/kalasea2001 Jan 30 '23

The law says that all books, specifically in elementary school libraries, must be looked over by a certified media specialist who has undergone state training on the new policy.

If this isn't exactly like the old (and still current, still evil ) Soviet Union's Ministry of Culture I don't know what is. Also proving the point that the horrible things we saw the U.S.S.R. do had nothing to do with communism; it was just about shitty people in charge doing power grabs, which can happen in any economic system.


u/Takeonlyone Jan 30 '23

This will not look good on a resume….


u/A_Wild_VelociFaptor Jan 30 '23

There's some pretty fucked up shit in the bible. However the people calling for books to be burned have either never read the bible or loosely interpret it.


u/FelipeNA Jan 30 '23

That mouth could whisper anything in my ear and I'd get the same reaction.