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$1.5M in 3 days is proof that lying pays.

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u/AudibleNod Mar 23 '23

"I'm the victim."

-Donald John Trump


u/AwesomeBrainPowers I ☑oted 2049 Mar 23 '23

—Wayne Gretzky


u/dajuggernaut Mar 24 '23

Wait his middle name is John? I alway thought it was Jagoff


u/storm_the_castle Mar 23 '23

The grift that keeps on grifting


u/olddawg43 Mar 23 '23

WC Fields famously, said, “it’s morally wrong to let suckers keep their money“. Trump has famously demonstrated that you can keep this running, and they never figure it out.


u/akaZilong Mar 23 '23

Wrong meme, he won’t shut up


u/dlowmack1 Mar 23 '23

Help Me defend President trump, Send $500. to help me fight for our most patriotic President EVER./s


u/Shirlenator Mar 23 '23

Sad thing is all of the idiots that donated to him will see the fact that he didn't get arrested yet and think it wasn't a total waste of their money.


u/swipichone Mar 23 '23

I just hope they don’t say they need help with their rent or other bills


u/Steelrules75 Mar 23 '23

They are now crying that they can’t afford milk, eggs, cigars… on their disability checks due to “Biden’s inflation”


u/dlowmack1 Mar 24 '23

Wow, Biden controls both gas and inflation? Dark Branden strikes again!


u/JoeyJoeJoeSenior Mar 23 '23

That's actually a very pathetic tiny amount considering that he probably blasted 50 million people with emails and texts begging for the money.


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u/districtcourt Mar 23 '23

The right wants to be victimized so bad


u/Minotard Mar 23 '23

“Checkmate” by Lamb of God validated again.


u/Wwize Mar 23 '23

On the other hand, Trump did not spend a single cent to help his supporters who were prosecuted for Jan. 6. Trump does not give a flying fuck about his own supporters. He just uses them to gain wealth and power, and once he has it, he throws them under the bus, and the morons come back for more abuse.


u/Bodach42 Mar 23 '23

How can they think he's a successful businessman and still needs their money it's an oxymoron.


u/BabyFartzMcGeezak Mar 23 '23

I too am a billionaire who needs all of you to donate money to me in order to legally defend myself from pornstars and people who want me to tell the truth.

If they can force me to tell the truth on my tax forms, or about lying about my campaign funds...if they can come after me for inciting insurrection and trying to overturn free and fair elections in a democracy...what's to stop them from coming after you?!?!

I'll tell you what...me...I will stop them...with your money I can definitely stop them. So yeah...send me more of your money...all of you.


u/fairlyoblivious Mar 23 '23

Lets be honest, the libs all over the internet were EXACTLY as fooled as the righties, you all literally listened to the man that told over 17,000 lies while in office and then thousands more lies after.


u/Silent-Ad1264 Mar 23 '23

Libs don't support Trump lmao


u/fairlyoblivious Mar 23 '23

ever said they did, but the person who came out and said Trump would be arrested.. WAS TRUMP. And all of you fell for it.


u/h3re4thegangb4ng Mar 23 '23

Except one side will go on living their life and the other is out $1.5m of their minimum wage earnings. We are not the same.


u/anon_sir Mar 23 '23

I haven’t seen a single person that actually believed he was going to be arrested.


u/MyTornArsehole Mar 23 '23

Found one 😭😭😭


u/fairlyoblivious Mar 23 '23

You found the leftist that isn't fond of how many stupid libs fell all over themselves to crow about IT'S FINALLY HABBENING when the worst abject con man liar in the entire known universe was the only one who announced the impending arrest.

The fact that you think YOU have some sort of gotcha here is just emblematic of my point.


u/NitWhittler Mar 23 '23

Trump's army of lawyers are getting all of the money. Melania must be pissed.


u/Snakeprincess69 Mar 23 '23

Did people actually send him $? I was joking about doing so. ROFL legend!


u/OneEyedJackofHearts Mar 23 '23

They are the real sheeple!


u/DeleteConservatism Mar 24 '23

There is no group in history that has managed to achieve the level of pure stupidity the Conservatives has reached.


u/InsaneRicey Mar 24 '23

He can buy a fortnights worth of porn stars.