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u/stumpdawg Mar 23 '23

Oh, but you see they deserve that! See the difference?

Yeah, neither do I.


u/PuzzledRaise1401 Mar 23 '23

Ok, I will explain it. See, your parents gave you the farm. And when they died, Trump fixed it so if it’s big enough you won’t be taxed on it. I mean that makes you feel better, right? You’re so, so welcome. /s


u/cmd_iii Mar 23 '23

Notice they never talk about getting rid of corporate welfare....


u/overit_fornow Mar 23 '23

Farmer welfare is corporate welfare.


u/Paddy9228 Mar 23 '23

You know he lies and says he’s on disability.


u/SGTRocked Mar 23 '23

Your fine,…..your a white farmer.


u/subject_deleted Mar 24 '23

I argued with someone recently who stated categorically that farm subsidies are NOT welfare..

Free money from the government, though... What else would you call it?


u/war_ofthe_roses Greg Abbott is a little piss baby Mar 24 '23

It sure as HELL isn't capitalism


u/bwhodgson Mar 24 '23

People train runs outta Stubbville


u/8-bit-Felix Mar 24 '23

It don't stop lessen you're a hog or cattle.


u/grad1939 Mar 24 '23

Aren't red states the biggest welfare queens?


u/sunny5724 Mar 23 '23

I'm gonna get down voted for pointing out that without those subsidizes, there would be years you'd have $10 a gallon milk, $5 bread, $15 hamburger, and $12 bacon. But yeah, corporate farming does know how to milk that tit to excess.


u/Accurate_Zombie_121 Mar 23 '23

You are correct that feeding 330 million Americans is cheap because of subsidies. But the Ag dept manipulates numbers to set the game rules.


u/Curious80123 Mar 23 '23

Gov money goes mostly to bigger operations, small farmer only gets a little


u/Accurate_Zombie_121 Mar 23 '23

Everyone gets something. So why vote Republican?


u/Hog_jr Mar 23 '23

Because I like feeling superior to other ethnic races


u/PuzzledRaise1401 Mar 23 '23

I won’t downvote you, but I will give you a pamphlet. https://www.thoughtco.com/us-farm-subsidies-3325162


u/waymonster Mar 23 '23

I’m all for helping American Farmers. We need them. Subsidize all day as long as my family gets fed. Thanks