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u/FandomMenace Greg Abbott is a little piss baby Mar 23 '23

Can't tell if is false accusation against Joe Biden, or if is poorly chosen usage of Oxford comma.


u/blackbelt352 Mar 24 '23

Poorly chosen Oxford comma.


u/Noisy_Toy Mar 24 '23

This is why we give a fuck about an Oxford comma.


u/[deleted] Mar 24 '23



u/Noisy_Toy Mar 24 '23

You know who else will? The strippers, Marx and Engel.


u/Gooleshka Mar 24 '23

I will die on this, hill.



I will die on this hill, this field or this mountain

I will die on this hill, this field, or this mountain.


u/SpaceForceAwakens Mar 24 '23

That makes so much more sense. I was hella confused.


u/DeleteConservatism Mar 24 '23

Anyone who says the Oxford comma isn't necessary is objectively wrong.


u/FandomMenace Greg Abbott is a little piss baby Mar 24 '23

This sort of proves it, doesn't it?


u/VantasnerDanger Mar 24 '23

Poorly chosen omission of the OC, yeah


u/monkeybrains12 Mar 24 '23

Not even a misuse. They just didn't use it at all. Blasphemy.


u/MFAWG Mar 24 '23

I’m old enough to remember Sinead O’Connor on SNL and I sometimes wonder how many of the people that said absolutely terrible and vile things about her at the time have apologized to her once it became clear what was going on.

Then I listen to my devoutly Catholic BiL still claim that the whole thing is mostly ‘media frenzy’ and I wonder how the fuck they live with themselves.


u/redrumWinsNational Mar 24 '23

It’s easy when you’re in denial


u/MFAWG Mar 24 '23

The thing is: it’s not just the Catholic Church: the Mormons basically took over the Boy Scouts in parts of the western United States and guess what?

Same fucking thing: it all gets swept under the rug and kept ‘in house’.

And lest you think I’m demonizing religion it turns out that there is a lot of this going on in all manner of athletics.


u/redrumWinsNational Mar 24 '23

You are not wrong


u/cturtl808 Mar 24 '23

If you have an opportunity, watch the biopic on her. Cannot recommend it enough.


u/Sabz5150 Mar 24 '23

my devoutly Catholic BiL

Ask him what Pope Nicolas II said about it in 1060.


u/Mental_Medium3988 Mar 23 '23

Maybe I missed something but biden doesn't have anything to do with the attacks on the lgbtq+ community.


u/BurkeWood Mar 23 '23

Exhibit 453 in my ongoing Case for the Oxford Comma.


u/TheBlackCat13 Mar 24 '23

Your list only has 453 examples?


u/BurkeWood Mar 24 '23

Sorry, I just started it this morning…


u/MySockHurts Mar 24 '23

Where is "We invited the strippers, JFK and Stalin" on your list


u/Disorderjunkie Mar 24 '23

For clarity, the post should have been “Joe Biden, the liberals, and the gays…”


u/VulpesCryptae Mar 23 '23

It's saying Biden and Liberals and Gays are doing it.


u/Adreme Mar 24 '23

This is why we need the Oxford Comma.


u/N0N0TA1 Mar 23 '23

This is why oxford comma.


u/[deleted] Mar 24 '23

Oxford Comma exists for these exact situations.


u/Megmca Mar 23 '23

Not just the Catholic Church.

Religion is the last refuge of monsters.


u/subject_deleted Mar 24 '23

To get good people to good things and bad people to do bad things is no difficult task. But if you want good people to do bad things, that requires religion.


u/rebel_rouser67 Mar 24 '23

Religion always attract's wolf in sheep's clothing.


u/draypresct Mar 24 '23

It's not religion. It's any situation that gives predators access to kids. We simply didn't know how extensive the problem was a few decades ago.

Secular schools had the same problem - both the predation and the cover-up: "the AAUW report that nearly 9.6 percent of students are targets of educator sexual misconduct sometime during their school career....When the Seattle Times asked the Bellevue School District for information about teachers and coaches accused of sexual misconduct, school officials and the state’s most powerful union teamed up behind the scenes to try to hide the files. Bellevue school officials even let teachers purge their own records at union-organized “file parties” to prevent disclosure" https://www2.ed.gov/rschstat/research/pubs/misconductreview/report.pdf


u/delrayvol1 Mar 24 '23

Nail on the head.

Attempted molestation in fifth grade by an after school activities director, I fought back and got out! Richardson, TX.

Pervert named Fletcher, I’m talking decades ago. I told my mother, who never took my word over anything the school had to say, but she knew I was telling the truth. She and a couple of other ladies confronted the school, and their response was to move him to another school.

Child molesters figure out a way to have proximity to children.

Believe it or not, I’m pretty sure the guy that replaced him was the same way. Thankfully, summer ended and I never saw him again. Who knows how many more people these guys molested?


u/Snakestream Mar 24 '23

"If those kids could read, they'd be very upset with you!"

Also, Oxford comma.


u/skuzzkitty Mar 24 '23

Public service announcement: stop specifying catholic, since nearly every major denomination in the United States has been caught doing the same things.


u/Jvshelby Mar 24 '23

A Republican is more likely to be a pedophile.


u/i_r_eat Mar 24 '23

Without the Oxford comma, I thought this was addressed to President Biden.


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u/Curious80123 Mar 24 '23

Haha, nailed it. Sure someone had said that


u/Rakonat Mar 24 '23

And the Southern Baptist Church and Latter Day Saints... And probably quite a few others.


u/HuntingGreyFace Mar 24 '23

the conservative wing of Christianity.


u/SmashBonecrusher Mar 23 '23

OR the party formerly known as the Republicans...


u/Pimpylongstocking Mar 23 '23 edited Mar 23 '23

Is this a letter to Joe Biden?

Edit: Your commas are off


u/nzstrawman Mar 24 '23

I think they are thinking of most churches


u/kushhaze420 Mar 24 '23

And Catholics are pedophile enablers


u/Dazzling-Section-297 Mar 24 '23

Joe grabbing young girls, bill getting a blow job at the oval office. JICYMI


u/B12zturtelz Mar 24 '23

This is the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen


u/keg98 Mar 24 '23

omg this is amazingly correct.


u/bobdig986 Mar 24 '23

Well said!


u/Crackerpuppy Mar 24 '23

No, not really. Having an Oxford comma placed where it should be would make it well said.


u/quillmartin88 Mar 24 '23

One quibble: the Catholic Church pedophile ring isn't exactly undercover, it's just that Catholics tend to lose their minds when you mention it, especially of they dragged you to services and you suggested that Father Touchy McFeely gave you some bad vibes.


u/The-Hank-Scorpio Mar 24 '23



u/Ganzeeto Mar 24 '23

Don't forget the rest of the gross Christians and Muslims.


u/ImprovementBasic9323 Mar 24 '23

All christian churches are the same. Groomers and pedos.


u/RDPCG Mar 24 '23

Let's not discriminate, pastors are doing this too.


u/[deleted] Mar 24 '23

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All churches,


u/3rainey Mar 24 '23

You had me at “church”.


u/RollingRiverWizard Mar 24 '23

Or the Southern Baptists. Or the Mormons. Or a lot of other goddem churches, yeah?


u/arnhdgs Mar 24 '23

Joe Biden is Catholic.


u/SoIJustBuyANewOne Mar 24 '23

The Oxford comma is important!!!

Without it, this statement looks like someone is addressing Joe Biden, not including him in a list. With the Oxford comma before the and, this clearly becomes a list.


u/TheRobinators Mar 24 '23

It's not just the Catholic Church. It's church. I'm willing to bet it's much worse in local Protestant congregations, top to bottom.


u/Zadacat Mar 24 '23

Yeah that or just politicians or the “elite” in general


u/CodDear8923 Mar 24 '23

Isn’t Biden catholic?


u/Electronic-Mark Mar 24 '23

Don’t let the Souther Baptist off the hook they did it too. Oh and residential schools.