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It's the only reason he "cares" about them AT ALL


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u/druule10 Mar 24 '23

Trump says: They are beautiful people, full of morals and love.

Trump thinks: Grab em by the wallet


u/jrsinhbca Mar 24 '23

You should give them credit for sincerity, they put their money where their mouth is.

Unfortunately, they were conned and will never want to admit it. Worse yet, some idolize him. So they will keep funding the "Keep Trump Outta Jail" PAC.


u/oneplusetoipi Mar 24 '23

Some deify him


u/datfingtrump Mar 24 '23

The truthiness is out there


u/ViciousKnids Mar 24 '23

I remember that Persona 5 dungeon!


u/TrumpIsATurdHead Mar 24 '23 edited Mar 24 '23

"Cares"... The Corrupt and Run Especially Stupid fund.


u/jimhabfan Mar 24 '23

Every time I see a MAGA crowd I think, “what diversity! There’s entitled white men AND entitled white women.”


u/Brian_E1971 Mar 24 '23

He grifted almost 2 million dollars just last weekend based on the arrest allegations. Now imagine if the Obama's or the Biden's did this just once, just one time. The current Congress would go ape shit with investigations.


u/[deleted] Mar 24 '23

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