r/PoliticalHumor Mar 24 '23

I'm thinking of putting it on a t-shirt and telling Trumpers that Trump made it so they'd buy in bulk

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u/un_theist Mar 24 '23

Somebody needs to edit this onto that CPAC banner photo, changing “we are all domestic terrorists” to “we are all cousin-fucking terrorists”.

This would be funny.


u/lightsfurry Mar 24 '23

Pretty sure it will be on next year's banner.


u/Dcajunpimp I ☑oted 2024 Mar 24 '23

Most truthful thing out of FQX in years.


u/VanBeelergberg Mar 24 '23

I don't understand this post or the title. Can anyone explain?


u/daschande Mar 24 '23

As part of the Dominion voting machine company lawsuit against fox news, tucker carlson's text records were made public, where he calls his viewers "cousin-fucking terrorists".


u/Wimberley-Guy Mar 24 '23

That was actually one of Tucker's producers who made that comment


u/100percentish Mar 24 '23

I wanted to get "replace CRT with CFT" as a made up conservative slogan....didn't seem to catch on....yet.