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Definitely not a cult

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u/argomux Mar 24 '23

you forgot the previous 8 years of "lock him up" when they were wearing tricorn hats, with tea bags attached, instead of red hats...


u/Thats_someBS Mar 24 '23

electing a black president was the last straw for the hardcore republican.


u/underpants-gnome Mar 24 '23

All that hate was ever simmering, just under the surface. Fearmongering in the wake of 9/11 attacks made things worse. But wew lad! Electing a black guy really brought everything the right stands for to a rolling boil. It's been non-stop idiocy from them since 2008.


u/InsertCoinForCredit Mar 24 '23

Well, everyone knows that a black man being smarter and more successful than a white man is against the natural order!

(/s for the terminally dense)


u/CarlSpencer Mar 24 '23

And even worse for them was a black man (a college professor) impregnating a white woman.


u/StallionCannon Greg Abbott is a little piss baby Mar 24 '23

Or when they lynched an effigy of Obama and pretended it was patriotism.


u/PMUrAnus Mar 24 '23

Every. Accusation. Is. A. Confession. And. A. Projection.


u/archetyping101 Mar 24 '23

I genuinely don't understand what they see in him. Of all the Republicans to follow, I can understand Mitt Romney, McCain, even Bush...but Trump? Really?


u/TechyDad Mar 24 '23

Look at the political cartoons and memes from the right. Trump is shown as an extremely fit and muscular man with a square jaw and great hair. They also ascribe to Trump whatever positions they want to believe he's in favor of no matter what the reality is.

They don't follow the real Trump. They follow some made up version that Trump has encouraged them to believe that he is.


u/QuirkyCorvid Mar 24 '23

It’s like evangelical Christians and the Bible. They’ve never actually read the Bible and cherry pick a few key verses and make up other things not even in the Bible as their core beliefs. With Trump they pick out a few statements he’s made that they like and the fictional tough guy self created about him and latch on to that.


u/InsertCoinForCredit Mar 24 '23 edited Mar 24 '23

Trump lets them be the racist assholes that they really really REALLY want to be, deep down inside. He acts like a total jerk without any consequences, and they admire that; the more Trump is idolized and accepted, the more they are emboldened to act like him.


u/WeCanDoThisCNJ Mar 24 '23

Meanwhile the media, including the New York Times, is going after Alvin Bragg and his pursuit of Trump. The entire system is fucked


u/Silent-Ad1264 Mar 24 '23

Really? Do you have an article to share?


u/CarlSpencer Mar 24 '23

I haven't read that anywhere. link?


u/WeCanDoThisCNJ Mar 24 '23

Their piece on Bragg and Soros, especially their Facebook posting of it, positions Bragg as closely connected to Soros when, in fact, you have to dig into the article to see the two have never met and Soros has never donated directly to him. Yesterday was a story where they took great pains to find sources who would say that his pursuit of the former president was a bad idea without giving equal space to credible sources that think it’s necessary for a functioning republic to continue. You can go to NYTimes.com to read for yourself


u/On_The_Contrary_24 Mar 24 '23

How does this perfectly encapsulate their expression.


u/Schulz70j Mar 24 '23

Like it!


u/Komotz Mar 24 '23

I'm more angered, sad, old feeling at the amount of years between 2016 and now.... Where did the time go?


u/statsgrad Mar 25 '23

Omg when you lost the years out like that it really gave me an existential crisis. Has it really been that long?