Subreddit Rules

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  1. Posts must be about U.S. Politics.

    In other terms, if it's not on topic, it's going to be removed like voter registrations in Georgia.

    We don't care if posts are conservative or liberal, but they need to be political.

  2. Try to be funny.

    If you need to explain your joke to us in modmail, it's not funny. Make sure your title is a punchline or something relevant, and make sure your post is funny.

    If it is intentionally designed to piss people off, it is not humor.

    We seriously get to judge whether it's funny or not so please send your complaints here.

  3. Be civil.

    The fact that we have to explicitly state that racism, personal attacks, and threats of violence are all uncivil terrifies the mod team.

    If you're a jerk, you'll be shown the door.

  4. Images only.

    Linking to news articles, websites or other subreddits is prohibited. Please use Reddit's image host or imgur if you can.

    Any meta posts should be posted on our special complaint forum. Don't post them here.

  5. Avoid reposts.

    Use Karmadecay and check /new and the front page before you post. If we recognize your post from yesterday prepare to die.

  6. Do not brigade.

    Coming to this community en masse specifically to harass our users, or setting up a post or thread here referring to another subreddit or thread causes a lot of problems for everyone. If it happens, we will spank you, and the admins will spank us, creating a spank train that nobody wants to be part of.

    6b. No "Meta" Posts.

    Meta posts about this subreddit, or posts referencing any other subreddit are not allowed due to sitewide rules and brigading problems. This includes links to, or screen-shots of any other subreddit and or any other sub's comment section.

  7. Follow Reddit's global rules. Submissions failing to follow Reddit's content policy will be removed. Basically, if you are trying to sell your T-Shirts or flip flops or sexbot site, or if you're a terrorist, you're gonna be booted.