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Startup Life Cycle Stages (Max Marmer life cycle model for startups as used by Startup Genome and Kauffman Foundation)


  • Researching the market, the competitors, and the potential users
  • Designing the first iteration of the user experience
  • Working towards problem/solution fit (Market Validation)
  • Building MVP


  • Achieved problem/solution fit (Market Validation)
  • MVP launched
  • Conducting Product Validation
  • Revising/refining user experience based on results of Product Validation tests
  • Refining Product through new Versions (Ver.1+)
  • Working towards product/market fit


  • Achieved product/market fit
  • Preparing to begin the scaling process
  • Optimizing the user experience to handle aggressive user growth at scale
  • Optimizing the performance of the product to handle aggressive user growth at scale
  • Optimizing the operational workflows and systems in preparation for scaling
  • Conducting validation tests of scaling strategies


  • Achieved validation of scaling strategies
  • Achieved an acceptable level of optimization of the operational systems
  • Actively pushing forward with aggressive growth
  • Conducting validation tests to achieve a repeatable sales process at scale

Profit Maximization

  • Successfully scaled the business and can now be considered an established company
  • Expanding production and operations to increase revenue
  • Optimizing systems to maximize profits


  • Has achieved near-peak profits
  • Has achieved near-peak optimization of systems
  • Actively seeking to reinvent the company and core products to stay innovative
  • Actively seeking to acquire other companies and technologies to expand market share and relevancy
  • Actively exploring horizontal and vertical expansion to increase prevent the decline of the company

If you are running a traditional business that is not designed to scale rapidly, feel free to reference a traditional business life cycle model and share what traditional business life cycle stage you are at.

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Office Hours 📖 How to start a startup panel discussion! 7pm CST Monday


Live in the r/startups discord!

Ask our panel about how to ideate, how they determine if an idea is worth it or not, what the first steps are, what lean means in terms of planning, how to approach fundraising, and anything else!

Monday at 8pm EST, 7pm CST, 5pm PST, 1am UTC.

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How Do I Do This 🥺 Prospect feedback questions for landing page?


I’m in the process of creating a landing page for a unique productivity app I'm validating. I want to include a small feedback form for people to provide some useful info to help me develop and market the app better. What 3 questions would you suggest asking potential users, to provide the most actionable feedback?

Currently I have the following. Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated! ;

  1. What task will this app be most useful to you for? (shopping, packing lists, etc)
  2. What features, not already included would you find useful if added to this app?
  3. What would you be willing to pay per month for this app so we can keep development going in future?

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General Startup Discussion when was the moment you realized you had to make your first customer hire?


Customer success/support/manager - I know most founders do this themselves until the volume is usually too much to manage, but it's hard to decide to pay an entire other salary just to stop dealing with emails!

Wondering how you guys approached this! Thanks in advance!

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How Do I Do This 🥺 Market research, how is it done if you creating something new?


Not all WWE watchers have a WWE figurine likewise not all Ironman movie watchers have a 1:1 replica of Ironman in their own house. I was wondering how do they do the market research for this, like maybe you can assume that a few people would be willing to buy this certain WWE figurine or this Ironman 1:1 statue but assuming you have a quota to break even how do they know they'd reach it?

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How Do I Do This 🥺 another startup offered to get my startup sales/contracts in exchange for 15% equity


My startup designs EV chargers. We are still presales but first product almost ready. We approached a funded startup in home energy space to explore a potential tech partnership (integrating our product with their software). They were not too keen on the tech partnership but offered to win us contracts/sales (which we will need) but in exchange for 15% equity.

They said we could agree figures and the equity would be issued based on their performance/targets. They would be selling to sector/companies that we will be targeting anyway.

I see this as a huge red flag for several reasons but my cofounder wants to explore it. My co-founder said if we can make €1mil in sales from this it would be worth it. I can see where he's coming from but I really don't like it. They would only be acting as a reseller, not doing any development or out product or integrating with their product/service.

How can I explain that this is a poor idea? Or am I wrong?

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Resource Request 🙏 Examples of companies that survived despite being in a small market or are undifferentiated?


Hey folks,

I keep thinking of tech things that I feel like should exist, but I convince myself that they are differentiated enough or are in a large enough market...

I'm wondering if any one has examples of tech companies that survived despite being in small markets or are seemingly undifferentiated from their competition. I'd like to study them :) .

EDIT: Added more specificity around types of companies: tech specifically.

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General Startup Discussion So many startups overlook the power of email marketing, any site generating decent traffic should have a well-optimised email strategy.


Having spent 5+ years in the digital marketing space I’ve noticed that Email marketing is something that often gets pushed aside or half-assed by brand owners and marketers. It’s not as sexy and trendy as platforms like Facebook and Tiktok and people are always chasing the latest fad.

Email marketing should be making up 20% of your monthly revenue at a minimum, and many brands should be aiming to get this number above 30%. This is particularly true for brands in the eCommerce space, I understand that in certain industries it’s just not possible to generate a massive amount of revenue from emails.

Email marketing can be broken down into 3 core pillars:

  1. Lead Capture
  2. Automated Flows
  3. Manual Campaigns

If you can optimise these 3 pillars I guarantee that you’ll see a massive increase in your email marketing revenue.

Now, before you even worry about these 3 things you first need to ensure you have the basics covered:

  1. You actually have a constant flow of web traffic, you can’t capture emails if no one is visiting your site
  2. You’re always cleaning your list. If your bounce rate gets too high or you’re sending to users that are sending your email to junk or spam, you’re going to ruin your deliverability and that’s not easy to come back from
  3. You’re segmenting your list and ensuring that you’re sending the right emails to the right people. Someone who hasn’t interacted with your brand in 60 days shouldn’t be receiving the same email as someone who purchased a product yesterday

Once you’ve got the basics covered, then you can get to optimising your email strategy.

1. Lead capture form

Your email marketing strategy falls apart without a well-optimised lead capture form. Lead capture forms are the forms and pop-ups you see on websites asking for your email, generally in exchange for some form of value.

I know a lot of people are not a fan of pop-ups and think that they’re spammy and irritating. To be frank, it doesn’t matter what you think, they work. These forms can have a conversion rate anywhere from 1% to 15%. Think about it, if you have 1000 people visit your store, that’s 10 to 150 potential customers that have given you their email and shown an interest in your brand/purchase intent.

As mentioned above, I know that some people hate the idea of lead capture forms. I agree that if not done properly they’re just super spammy and have a negative impact. There are two ways that you can mitigate this outcome

  1. Ensure that you have the right triggers set up for your form. It shouldn’t pop up as soon as a user lands on your page. Generally, the best parameters are:
  • User has spent 8s on-site or scrolled 60%
  • And is showing exit intent

By setting up these two parameters you’re ensuring that your pop-up isn’t overly aggressive and only appears when the user has had the chance to become accustomed to your brand and pre-qualify themselves.

  1. The second way to ensure that your pop-up isn’t too spammy is to offer value in exchange for an email. I see so many pop-ups that appear as soon as I land on a site asking me to give my email to receive newsletters and updates from the brand. Why would I care about the newsletters of a brand I don’t even know and haven’t even been given a chance to learn about?

Now there are some brands that are just so interesting that people will give their email just to be a part of it, these brands are quite rare.

One of the best ways to offer value is to give a discount code for customers to get a % or $ off their first order. This is a great offer because it not only provides an immediate and tangible benefit for your potential customers, it also prequalifies all those who give their email as they're showing strong purchase intent.

However, I know that not all brands are interested in giving away discounts and this is completely understandable. There are 100s of ways that you can provide value to your audience. Just think about the kind of people that are on your site. What do they desire? What troubles them? Figure out a simple solution you can offer for one of their problems.

For example, a skincare brand can offer a guide to the perfect 5-step skincare routine that guarantees clearer skin within just 7 days.

A clothing brand can offer ‘The 7 biggest fashion trends of 2023’.

Be creative and provide genuine value.

They’re the two variables that you need to optimise to create an effective lead capture form. It’s important to always be analysing and optimising these forms to get your conversion rate as high as possible. You can also split-test different offers to find what works best.

2. Automated Flows

When it comes to actual emails, they can be broken down into two types. Automated flows and manual campaigns. You should aim for 50/50 revenue to be generated from each.

The best part of automated flows is that once they’re set up, they’re constantly running in the background and generating revenue on autopilot. Great brands will always be analysing and optimising their flows to improve results. But the truth is, even if you set up ‘good enough’ flows and leave them to run, you can still generate consistent revenue.

Now there are so many flows that can be set up. Some brands have 10+ running consistently. I suggest starting with the core 4 and building from there. Each flow should have 4 to 8 emails in each. The core 4 are:

  • Welcome Series
  • Abandoned Cart
  • Browse Abandonment
  • Customer Thank You/Post Purchase

Just by implementing these 4 flows, you can add an extra 10% to 20% to your revenue.

I could make a separate detailed post about every flow but I will just briefly summarise each flow to give you a basic understanding.

Welcome Series

Trigger: Subscribed to email list

Filter: Placed order and bounced email 0 times since starting flow (important you don’t keep sending to addresses that are bouncing as this will ruin your deliverability).

Emails: 4-8

Objective: Start by providing the piece of value you promised in exchange for the user's email. The first email should be conversion optimised with only the intention to make a sale. As the flow goes on your emails should be rapport, social proof, authority, and highlight the benefits and features of your brand and product.

Abandoned Cart

Trigger: Added to cart

Filter: Placed order 0 times since starting flow

Emails: 3-4

Objective: The first email should just be a friendly reminder that the user has not completed checkout. As the flow goes on, incentivise the purchase, build rapport, establish social proof and create urgency.

Browse Abandonment

Trigger: Viewed product

Filter: Placed order 0 times since starting flow. Added to cart 0 times since starting flow. Started checkout 0 times since starting flow.

Emails: 1

Objective: Keep this one simple. Include a hot product to incentivise the purchase or show off all your best sellers to assist with making a decision.

Customer Thank-you

Trigger: Placed order

Filter: Placed order 0 times since starting flow.

Emails: 4-8

Objective: There are a few objectives with this post-purchase flow. Firstly, to thank the customer for buying. Your first email should be a simple thank you without any bells or whistles. The second objective is to mitigate buyer's remorse by creating excitement around the product and showing off other satisfied customers. The final objective of this flow is to up-sell, down-sell, and cross-sell.

These are just 4 of many flows you can set up. It doesn’t hurt to have more as long as they’re all high-quality and well-optimised. Here are a few more super-profitable flows:

  • Site abandonment
  • Customer win-back flow
  • Abandoned checkout
  • Cross-sell flow

3. Manual Campaigns

I don’t want to spend too much time on this one as this post is already a mammoth and manual campaigns are the most common and self-explanatory kinds of emails.

Manual campaigns are essentially just emails you manually send to your list. The frequency of which you send these emails will depend on many factors but I suggest starting with 1/week as a bare minimum anywhere up to 1/day. Essentially just send more and more until you notice a decline in performance.

Now if you’re sending 1/day you’re not sending them to the same people every time. This is why it’s important to segment your list so that you’re sending different emails to different people.

Now your manual campaigns should include both promotional emails and value-based emails. Remember, you don’t want to go for a hard sell with every email, you’re trying to establish a relationship with your audience.

Here are a few manual campaigns that work really well:

  1. Customer Spotlight
  2. Product of the Month
  3. Back in Stock
  4. Blog Post
  5. Did you know
  6. Message from the founder
  7. UGC
  8. Customer Check-in

There you have it, the 3 core pillars of email marketing. If you’re not doing any email marketing whatsoever yet you have good traffic on your website then this post should really excite you. I mean, it should really really excite you. Just by setting up these core flows and sending out some manual campaigns you can add anywhere from 10% to 40% to your monthly revenue.

If you do a little bit of email marketing but not everything in this post, this post should excite you also because you can still drastically increase your revenue just by implementing a few more things.

If you’re already doing everything in this post, just keep testing and optimising. Ensure that you’re providing as much value at every possible turn and that you have your brand voice/identity down pat.

If you’re also an email marketer, leave some more tips/insights down below! Email marketing is such a powerful tool and I think it’s absolutely important for every brand owner to understand it.

I hope you all found value here, let me know if you have any questions!

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How Do I Do This 🥺 How to approach about partnership?


I want to approach someone to be my MSO/partner, and this person has expressed high regard for my startup previously. I just don’t know how to go about it; better yet, I’m intimidated and nervous about doing it successfully. They would be the perfect partner and I don’t want to mess it up. How do I go about asking? What should I have prepared in advance?


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How Do I Do This 🥺 Business name is trademarked/copyright?


I have a potential new startup, and came up with a beautiful name for it, which perfectly describes the vision.

(In case it matters, the name is not some made up word, it's just 2 words in plain English, for example "Cool Name")

Unfortunately, after googling it, seems like there's a musical band (US) with the same name.

I am not particularly worried about confusion, the band isn't very popular (think ~15K Twitter followers), and it obviously has absolutely nothing to do with the industry. I'm also not worried about SEO, domains, etc.

However, I am a bit concerned with getting a trademark lawsuit sometime in the future if the business succeeds. Or being forced to rename.

Is there a way to check this in advance? Note that it's a band, so copyright laws might be relevant here as well, I'm not sure.


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How Do I Do This 🥺 Help understanding Customer Lifetime Value (?)


I'm trying to come up with a formula explaining why some of these business models (Netflix, Airbnb, Zillow) make sense for contributors while others don't, eg: if you have a low value product that has to be individually listed anew each time and/or has a short shelf life and/or low transaction count.

Hoping to talk this through with y'all bc Idk if my math is right.

The variables I have are:

  • # of potential contributors, eg: for Netflix, this would be studios, and distribution companies. For Airbnb, these would be people who list the houses +rooms.
  • Lifespan of a contributor
  • # of listings the contributor will offer in their lifespan
  • the lifespan of the listings - an Airbnb could last the whole lifespan, while a movie, or a house for sale would last, aka "be listed", for shorter - like 3 to 6 months.
  • Repeatability, as a %. How easily you can re-list the same listing. Airbnbs, Movies = 100%.
  • $ amount per listing
  • # of transactions per listing

Do you see where I'm going with this? If I'm understanding this correctly, by multiplying all of this together, I'd have the total potential market for the contributor-side of a two-sided market. Feels iffy to me though.

If we look at Airbnb as an example (I pulled these #s from my ass for the sake of argument):

Let's say they have potentially 70M US-based "contributors" (people who could list their property).

Those contributors would keep the listing for 5 yrs on average, and list 1.3 properties, on average over their lifespan. Each listing "lasts" 80% of the year, and can be listed repeatedly with no extra work (don't have to create a new listing with new images each time).

Finally they list for an average of $150/night (for this example) and can have (365 x the 80%) transactions per year.

So one contributor will list 1.3 properties at $150 per transaction, 292 nights per year, for 5 years for a potential of $56,940 per contributor over their lifespan and they only list the property once. I know I'm skipping carrying costs but I want to get this gross amount first.

If there are 70M potential contributors in the US, that's 70M * 56,940 = $3.99T, no?

What do you think? I know I must've screwed something up or am accounting for something wrong, but I don't see it yet.

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General Startup Discussion Maintaining a good culture through the high-growth period


How do you stop the burnout of your employees and 'souring' of the fun environment during high-growth?

Looking for others takes who have been through this period with other companies. Did you experience it? How did you turn it around?

Working at a startup (only product manager)

26 employees (experiencing high MoM growth for the past 6 months)

Noticed a lot of the 'enjoyment' is lost, and everyone just seems miserable

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How Do I Do This 🥺 How would I fund my project ? Angels ? VC ?


I’m not sure if this question is for the forum or for the neighboring https://www.reddit.com/r/Entrepreneurs/ subreddit.

I have an idea for a product that I believe is currently missing in the market.

The product is a hardware device ( think of an enhanced tablet ), equipped with some extra sensors and controls. This product is a b2b2c, and my startup would be paid in a SaaS model.

Making this product would require to develop hardware + software. I have experience doing both, but this project is far too big for me to take on my own. I estimate that it would require a team of 5-6 individuals over the course of two years.

With the product ready, the returns looks very promising - the hardware cost pay for itself within 20 months, allowing steady and secure growth. Selling the product would also be a no-brainer, since it would generate more income compared to existing solutions.

My estimated budget for developing this in a team setting is 4-6M$. This is not in the angel's territory, and I don't know if a VC would want to touch a company that has just a slide deck + founder.

If I were to attempt to raise capital from angles, there is no chance that I’ll end up with a working product ( i.e. there is no way to reach an MVP in $1M )

And here is the chicken and egg trilemma:

  1. I cannot make any revenue because I don’t have a product
  2. I don’t have a product because I don’t have money
  3. No VC would invest money since I don’t have product and revenue stream

FWIW, I live in the US.

My question is where do I take this next ?

An honest answer could be : "not a viable project". But I'd hope for more.

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General Startup Discussion Company raised $MM without any IP / software / patents / team


I have been reading this forum ( silently mostly ) for the past month or so. In particular, I thought that I have understood the why and how of VC.

Then, I ran into several investments that I could not understand. Due to the rules of this forum, I'm unable to provide any link / specific details, but the tdlr is:

  1. company has 2 employees
  2. both employees have worked in the field before ( crypto ), but no PHDs or anything of that sort.
  3. no source code ( yet )
  4. no patent
  5. no clear vision of how the product makes money
  6. again, no revenue stream of any sort.. and no planned one either.

I won't specify the dollar amount that the company raised, but I'll say it was in the range of $5-10M.

Comparing this to tradition VC investment, I can't see how this would qualify; usually a VC in the seed stage requires:

  1. a working solution
  2. active revenue stream
  3. vision and traction for growth
  4. team

I'd appreciate your thoughts.

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Blog / Video Post 👉 My framework to use your What and Why to set a strategy and stop wasting your startups time


If you ever find that you:

  • Jump from one product idea to another,
  • Struggle with what to do next from a multitude of options,
  • Set a strategy and then find yourself doing nothing towards it 6-months later,
  • Find it difficult to explain why you shipped your latest features.

Then this is for you.

Do you know your Why?

The great quote below is from Simon Sinek’s book “Start with Why”. (If you haven’t read it I highly recommend it)

Very few people or companies can clearly articulate WHY they do WHAT they do.

As product people we often have more ideas to solve customer pain than we have time and resources. That’s why knowing your Why and What is critical.

Knowing these lets you form a vision and strategy for your product. And particularly your strategy will be a life saver when you need to:

  • Tell a stakeholder no to a “must have” feature
  • When you need to get buy-in
  • And most importantly, to keep yourself focused

There are a lot of startups deviating from their strategy with AI right now. Many of them wouldn’t be if they had a product strategy.

All too often SaaS founders chase new features without setting a strategy.

Set your strategy, avoid unnecessary deviations ↩️

When you set a strategy you’re saying what’s most important to your startup for the foreseeable future.

Is it to

  • Address performance, because it’s impacting churn?
  • Expand into a specific new market, to increase your total addressable market?
  • Expand the jobs your platform addresses, because your customers are using other tools to complete the job you serve?
  • Decrease customer time to value, to increase your activation rate?

I don’t know. But when you look at your startup’s metrics it’ll be clear.

If you don’t set a strategy you’ll end up with unfocused work, decreased return on your efforts, and squandering precious time your startup may not have.

Make it Actionable and Measurable

Notice anything about the list above?

Everything in the list is both actionable and measurable.

  • Ap performance is easily measurable, and so is churn
  • A market can be defined, and new customers can be segmented by market
  • Via customer interviews you can asses how often they need an outside tool to complete their tasks
  • You can measure how long onboarding takes, and you can calculate customer activation

Since most startups lack runway (be it financial, time, or energy) you want to be sure you’re placing each bet right.

So set your strategy and make it actionable and measurable.

Pro tip - Assign feedback and features to a strategy

I like to attach strategy to customer feedback. This way when I’m a few months from having set my strategy I won’t forget it. Because it’s a specific and consistent step in my feedback process.


Let’s say one of my strategies is to ”Decrease time to Ah-ha!” And as I’m reviewing my support tickets I come across this:

Support ticket: I can't figure out how to do [critical step in onboarding].

I'll tag that with my “Ah-ha!” Strategy tag. Then later, I can look at all tags to help figure out how to address my strategy.

Being able to sort and filter your feedback and ideas by strategy is a powerful tool to keep you focused.

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How Do I Do This 🥺 What should I be doing in those 30 minute intro calls with VC?


My cofounders and I are first timers and we are just starting the fundraising journey. I’ve had a few early stage VCs reach out through different networks and set up 30 minute intro calls. Generally, they tell me a little about the fund, what stage they invest, etc. then they ask me to talk a little about our startup. I haven’t been treating these as pitch meetings and have been very informal about explain who we are and our idea, but now I’m not sure if I’m taking the wrong approach. They never ask to see a deck, which is why I was more casual.

Really curious to hear from investors/experienced founders here, what is the purpose of these calls and should I be doing a more formal pitch? Thanks!

r/startups 2d ago

General Startup Discussion Is same product, different business model & target audience copying?


I had an idea for a business and did some research, couldnt find anyone doing the same. Only after about a week of intense googling did I find a competitor (who have done pretty well so, serving 25+k customers)

My idea is pretty much identical. Our products would look the same. However, their business model is subscription based whereas mine wouldn't be, their target market is quite a bit different and they do not offer choice to their customers.

Is it ok to pursue this idea or will it just look like a copy?

Any and all thoughts would be appreciated!

r/startups 2d ago

Hey, what's wrong?


This is /r/startups emotional support thread. There will be no problem-solving here, no judgement, no networking, no advice. We're here to be heard, be understood, and be told that it'll be okay, that whatever happens, we care. Still, be tactful and classy in how you vent your feelings and share your frustrations. Act in a mature manner. This is meant to be a safe place to support emotional and physical health and there is a zero tolerance policy in effect. Be kind. Please report any conduct that is in violation of that key tenet.

Howdy there. Did you have a rough week? It's certainly been a rough year. Did you get in an argument? Have a problem? Tell me about it. What's wrong?

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How Do I Do This 🥺 How to advertise a discussion site like Reddit?


I'm wondering how I'm going to do this. I don't think PPC adverts will be cost-effective enough. I need ways of getting users at a low cost per user. And it could be difficult getting a large enough critical mass of users to make the site worthwhile to use for them. How would you suggest it be done? And how could I incentivize users to join a new discussion site and contribute?

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How Do I Do This 🥺 About to break it off with a Co-Founder who is also a good friend, any advice?


I've already made the decision that he needs to leave for the company to continue. We're starting to make decent money, and I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, but he's just dead-weight burning up runway. We have been friends for a long time, and I don't think he wants to leave so this is going to be a very hard conversation.

Any stories/advice to help? I'm absolutely dreading this.

Edit: It went ok!

r/startups 2d ago

Friday Feedback Thread 📝 Feedback Fridays - A Friendly Feedback Exchange For Ideas and Products (surveys/polls are welcome)


Welcome to this week’s Feedback Thread!

Please use this thread appropriately to gather feedback:

  • Feel free to request general feedback or specific feedback in a certain area like user experience, usability, design, landing page(s), or code review
  • You may share surveys
  • You may make an additional request for beta testers
  • Promo codes and affiliates links are ONLY allowed if they are for your product in an effort to incentivize people to give you feedback
  • Please refrain from just posting a link
  • Give OTHERS FEEDBACK and ASK THEM TO RETURN THE FAVOR if you are seeking feedback
  • You must use the template below--this context will improve the quality of feedback you receive

Template to Follow for Seeking Feedback:

  • Company Name:
  • URL:
  • Purpose of Startup and Product:
  • Technologies Used:
  • Feedback Requested:
  • Seeking Beta-Testers: [yes/no] (this is optional)
  • Additional Comments:

This thread is NOT for:

  • General promotion--YOU MUST use the template and be seeking feedback
  • What all the other recurring threads are for
  • Being a jerk

Community Reminders

  • Be kind
  • Be constructive if you share feedback/criticism
  • Follow all of our rules
  • You can share your opinion on how the Mods are doing, here: https://forms.gle/qwFa1yBJsgwbCtEi6
  • You can join our Discord for more ways to engage with Moderators, Mentors, and our community (including dedicated channels for the many needs you may have): /r/startups discord
  • You can view all of our recurring themed threads by using our Menu at the top of the sub.

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How Do I Do This 🥺 Beta Testers


I have developed an app, and looking for beta testers. I've posted on LinkedIn, and related beta testing reddit communities, but not getting much traction. Any ideas or suggestions on how to get more beta testers? Preferably without having to pay, but I am willing to provide a reward (IF they give me feedback, and not only positive ones). But, I am open to suggestions?

r/startups 3d ago

General Startup Discussion What are the odds my startup options will make me rich(er)?


Hey all

I work at a red-hot startup. We're growing at about 10-15% month over month.

I'm one of the first 50 or so employees, and I've been given 75k in shares over 4 years. Assuming I make it to 4 years to fully vest, what are the odds these stocks will add actual money to my pocket?

The salary happens to be great too, so there's really no trade-off. I work lots of hours, but not crazily so.

Is it possible to tell how this will work out at this point? Let's assume we continue to grow well over the next 4 years. Far from a guarantee, but let's go with that assumption.

r/startups 3d ago

General Startup Discussion How many of you *actually* raised after incorporating WHILE working as an FTE?


Hi All,

Looking for some advice after a ton of research/conversations not making it clear to me. I am getting close to the point of incorporation (software company) but still trying to make sure to time the jump correctly and frankly, I need the income from work for a few more months. However, I did already get an offer from an angel and want to consider that - if I don't incorporate soon and give equity, I may lose getting this offer to paper.

I am working as an FTE and looking to incorporate soon. My lawyers have made it quite clear that incorporating while working FTE can create trouble when trying to raise down the line (IP ownership).

However, I see many posts here about founders who have started their company while working FT. Is this truly okay?

Are there any issues with starting a company FIRST, then getting a full-time job after?
What is your view (and vantage point - founder, lawyer, VC?)

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General Startup Discussion How to price a web development project?


My business partner and I are in search of a web developer to build the second iteration of our website. The beta is pretty basic and did what we needed it to do (index/search query focused) but the second build will incorporate user profiles, community, user and community data consolidation/inferences. The below bullet points sum up our needs:

  • Ability to interface with analytics database to drive custom results for different users
  • Desktop and mobile responsive, easy to convert into native mobile web app
  • User registration and data capture
  • Community driven forum
  • Feedback submission interface
  • Analytics on website engagement

Curious if anyone out there has a rough idea what we should target for price. We have capital at our disposal but want to make sure we're paying for quality. Any input is appreciated. Thanks in advance

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How Do I Do This 🥺 UX question "My recommendation" or "Our recommendation" when bot or web app suggesting stuff


i'm building a funnel and at the end of it surfacing recommendations, this used to be a chat bot so it was using "I/me/my" a lot, now this funnel is moving to a web app where the user answers some questions then gets recommendations. Should I continue using "I/me/my" or change it to "us/our"?

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How Do I Do This 🥺 Co-founder just acts as a good employee, but takes no initiative for further development


A classic story: best friends become co-founders

A year and a half ago, one of my best friends came to me, an IT developer, with a crazy idea. Since there was no financial risk involved, I jumped on the bandwagon and now we have a profitable company with one employee.

I was completely new to his industry so during our startup I did all the tech-related stuff and he did everything sales. He's that guy who lives on a cloud, has crazy ideas and an ideological view of the world. I'm the practical guy who gets things done and is always looking for the most efficient way to work.

He has little familiarity with technology and this quickly ensured that in a mostly digitally-run company, a lot of tasks came to me: marketing website, social media posts, developing our platform, drawing out operational flows.... But I can't blame him: technology doesn't interest him much more than sending an email or whatsapp message.

Along the way, it turns out that I'm a better sales person than him, so over time most sales came to me. I'm also more analytical and anticipatory so accounting, finance and the strategic part also became mostly my part.

We've been in the situation for six months now where he mainly performs operational tasks that I have fully conceived and developed. He hardly takes any initiative to further develop our company. He is less communicative than I am, which causes me to still not know what he wants to achieve with our company. When I ask him about it, he himself indicates that he is someone who has no definite idea about this and needs someone like me to take the lead. As a friend, I don't have a problem with this, but as a co-partner with 50-50 equity, it's sour that I'm taking the lead in pretty much everything and he's laid-back just doing some administrative work and has some low-effort salestalks.

I have expressed my concern and frustration about this several times and how I feel to get sucked out. I have two young children and a very busy family-life whilst he's still on his own. It would great if he could take some of my tasks away. But even if he tries, they always end up back to me because he lacks (technological) insights to ge things done.

When having this chat with him, he always confirms my concerns and recognizes that he falls short in these matters and will grow in this. I notice that I make him insecure and stress him with these kind of conversations, which is not my intention. I just want to know where I am up against.

But I know by now that I will change little about this guy on the cloud. I am confident in our business and its potential but I realize more and more that he cannot or will not be an essential part of the growth process ahead, if we want to grow.

I have no desire to have this difficult conversation with him again because I know he will once again prove me right, I will make him feel inferior, but the conversation will ultimately change nothing.

I am distraught.