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Law and order

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u/c2srq Oct 06 '22

Applause all around.


u/Mythical_Atlacatl Oct 07 '22

If there are 100 spaces in prison and there ere 90 trump terrorist and 90 marijuana smokers

There should be 90 trump terrorists in jail and 10 empty cells


u/[deleted] Oct 06 '22

Sounds good to me.


u/princessv19 Oct 07 '22

Hahahaha about time


u/FLTDI Oct 07 '22

Lock him up!


u/FlipAround42 Oct 07 '22

Kudos! This is good!


u/bignick222 Oct 07 '22

Don’t know about that we will definitely need more prison space for that crew.


u/Right_Stick8664 Oct 07 '22

Time for step 2 and 3. The FDA and the states.


u/Affectionate_Egg_203 Oct 07 '22

They're just clearing a whole wing for his son.


u/Justthisguy_yaknow Oct 07 '22

...but the strategy is ruined by the right yet again as the vacant space is filled with Trunt, his family, his supporters and the various rioters and insurrectionists. Biden will have to find another venue for his celebratory holiday resort. It's still needed as a prison for the time being.


u/Jurayvis Oct 07 '22

Sometimes you have two problems. But when you put them together... Problem Solved.


u/[deleted] Oct 06 '22

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u/Material-Jacket3939 Oct 07 '22

Here’s the thing, every liberal/dem I know has no problem with charging Hunter if there is strong evidence that he broke the law. No one should be above the law, including former presidents and their kin.


u/thatpotatogirl9 Oct 07 '22

Question. Does trolling on reddit make up for the lack of meaningful relationships in your life?


u/elissaAZ Oct 07 '22

As long as Don Jr. is his cellmate


u/Azair_Blaidd Oct 06 '22 edited Oct 07 '22

Sure, soon as they actually show that evidence, if it hasn't been tampered with beyond admissibility by them.


u/[deleted] Oct 06 '22

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u/oscar-the-bud Oct 07 '22

Orange will look like camouflage on Donald.


u/oscar-the-bud Oct 07 '22

Hey you forgot to puke out the word Hillary in your nonsensical comment.


u/thegodfatherderecho Oct 07 '22

lol!! Their evidence is in the basement of that pizza shop in Indiana that doesn’t have a basement


u/wanker_vision269er Oct 07 '22

You're still a stupid fuck, no matter how many times you report me.


u/[deleted] Oct 07 '22

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u/JelloRevolutionary61 Oct 07 '22

This is not true, but maybe if you keep saying so it will.


u/[deleted] Oct 07 '22

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u/TheseBurgers-R-crazy Oct 07 '22

You don't need to be in prison to be a convicted felon with a drug charge. Furthermore, more is at stake here than incarceration when a felony is involved. Felony charges can follow you for life and effect your ability to get a job and vote. This article states it's going to save 6500 from a felon label, that's pretty damn good.


u/[deleted] Oct 07 '22

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u/TheseBurgers-R-crazy Oct 07 '22

The article you posted doesn't even state what your claiming. It says most of of those in federal prison will not be affected, not all. If this is a joke, it's a really bad one.