r/WhitePeopleTwitter Oct 07 '22


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u/Markamanic Oct 07 '22

Dank Brandon


u/MrMastodon Oct 07 '22

Something something Blunter Bidens laptop


u/oscar-the-bud Oct 07 '22

Stick that in your pipe and smoke it!


u/Right_Diamond_8715 Oct 07 '22

Smoke that in your pipe and stick it.


u/LunaAndromeda Oct 07 '22

Now if they would just federally legalize it, we'd really be getting somewhere.


u/BrianNowhere Oct 07 '22

If you go out and vote for Democrats next month that might actually happen.


u/LunaAndromeda Oct 07 '22

Been doing that for years, and my state is one of the legal ones, but I'm still not convinced the support is there. As in, you hear a lot about them doing it, but this is the first news that makes me actually hopeful.


u/Coleslawholywar Oct 07 '22

It’s almost like there IS a difference between a moderate Democrat and Republicans. Bernie or nothing supporters this is for you.


u/BrianNowhere Oct 07 '22

I hope someone is out there working on a killer new hybrid strain named Dank Brandon.


u/bignick222 Oct 07 '22

This man just made Hugh investments in weed stores


u/Mjr_N0ppY Oct 07 '22

Where is the comma?!


u/Theratsmacker2 Oct 07 '22

Let it grow, let it grow


u/Smyttysmyth Oct 07 '22

Let's grow, Brandon


u/[deleted] Oct 07 '22



u/Allmightydohllah Oct 07 '22

You know what you do then? VOTE THOSE FUCKERS OUT! Every dipshit Republican who makes it harder to live should be put on blast and voted out.


u/PolyZex Oct 07 '22

You can still vote them out AND be self aware of what's happening around you. Subservience is not a requirement for voting blue... it's a requirement for voting red.

You can't beat them by becoming them. ALWAYS maintain a healthy skepticism of the actions the government takes.


u/Allmightydohllah Oct 07 '22

I'm not going to let the Republicans shitty actions influence my voting choice to vote a Democrat who has good policies. Maybe if the Republicans want to actually get votes based on policy they should start trying to actually make voting for them appealing.


u/PolyZex Oct 07 '22

I said Biden did something ENTIRELY for political reasons- that doesn't have a god damn thing to do with voting for republicans. Why would you even start going off about all that shit? It had nothing to do with my comment at all. Then you just doubled down on it again.

Politicians play games of politics. ALL politicians. It's literally named after their career path. Being aware that this is what's happening is in NO way an endorsement of republicans. It's simply being self aware.


u/PolyZex Oct 07 '22

You know what I'm going to do for you, I'm going to delete the comment. It seems to have you upset and it's pretty pointless anyway. Those who understand will notice themselves and those who don't respond poorly.

I'll pull it down for you. Everything is going to be okay.