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u/sunnydaysahead2022 Oct 07 '22

Why would anyone vote Republican?

The Dems want birth control access and legal weed.

I can’t wait to vote blue in November.


u/Coleslawholywar Oct 07 '22

Because of the fear spin. Democrats are baby killers that are letting violent criminals out of prison. Then they will find the one example in 10,000 where a person released will have committed a crime.


u/bloodyell76 Oct 07 '22

I always wonder about the argument that “at least the GOP does something”. Breaking stuff is doing something. I’d rather nothing than breaking stuff.


u/verasev Oct 07 '22

The GOP obstructs the Democrats from doing anything as a matter of policy so...


u/Khaldara Oct 07 '22

“Government doesn’t work, elect me so I can be a massive self-enriching douche canoe and adhere to the self-fulfilling prophecy”

  • The entire GOP platform


u/Beauvoir_R Oct 07 '22

The GOP has built a platform on doing nothing unless you consider obstruction something.

The only real difference between the two parties is that democrats have to make some progress to maintain votes. So they try to do as little as possible while still being able to get re-elected. At the same time, Republicans get votes for keeping things the same or backpedaling to the stone age.

Either way, if you see something wrong with the way things are right now, I can promise you that doing nothing fixes nothing.


u/LetMeSleepNoEleven Oct 07 '22

It’s a nice theory but it doesn’t hold up. Many Democrats are trying very hard to do much.


u/AcetrainerLoki Oct 07 '22

But that would take foreverrrrrrr

We could have abject fascism right now! /s


u/GarvinSteve Oct 07 '22

But BoTh SiDeZ.

Brought to you by shitheads who will vote for Herschel Walker and that TV Nutter in Arizona.


u/TavisNamara Oct 07 '22

Brought to you by shitheads who will vote for Herschel Walker and that TV Nutter in Arizona Russia.


u/Recent-Potential-340 Oct 07 '22

True, when you have time for incremental change, we don't always do


u/seanisdown Oct 07 '22

Show up for the primaries and the change can be faster than incremental.


u/Totally-Tanked Oct 07 '22

Aggregation of Marginal Gains. I’m trying to live 1% better every day.


u/ohjoyousones Oct 07 '22

And on que, this time of the night Russian paid trolls chime in saying shit about American politics.


u/Parking_Sky9709 Oct 07 '22

How about abject improvement?


u/Treacle123 Oct 07 '22

Not when you have an orange messiah!


u/cristiander Oct 07 '22

Anything is better than fascism

But good luck solving climate change and the cost of living crisis and homelessness and school shootings and healthcare and education and etc, just with incremental changes

You can work for decades to make things better, all it takes is one Reagan and everything is destroyed


u/TinyAbel Oct 07 '22

I have to admit i thought this was a healthy tip on how to achieve your goals and wondered where and why fascism was in the big picture.


u/ohjoyousones Oct 07 '22

All this talk about Democrats don't do shit and incremental change is bad is bull shit.

Republicans have openly proceeded to roll back any meaningful legislation EACH AND EVERY TIME they have gained control.

Yet, idiots still blame the Democrats for not doing enough. You want things to change faster? Then F*ING VOTE out the obstructionists.

Get out of your apathy and get involved. This " I will stay home until what I want happens, or the candidate I want wins" is total crap.

You can't wish for things to change. You fight for what you want and VOTE IN THE PEOPLE WHO WILL MAKE IT HAPPEN.

Grow up, get involved. Believe that you can make it better. Use your voice. Don't sit on the sidelines and complain about the lessor of 2 evils, VOTE them out of office. Next time show up for primaries and have better choices.


u/Gunpowder77 Oct 07 '22

Yeah, but that doesn’t mean I can’t wish for a party full of bernies (and maybe beyond?)


u/Cid_Darkwing Oct 07 '22

Oh I know exactly who needs to hear it but they’re still too pure to associate with tHe LeSsEr Of TwO eViLs


u/FIicker7 Oct 07 '22

40 years of

...one step forward, two steps back...


u/Prestigious_Nebula_5 Oct 07 '22

And sex is better then cigarettes, but that didn't stop my sister from being born.


u/PuppiPappi Oct 07 '22

Cigarette in mouth, she came out with it already lit. Honestly the doctor even said she looked badass.


u/MarkyGrouchoKarl Oct 07 '22 edited Oct 07 '22

This is true.

It is also true that the police shooting you in the leg is better than the police shooting you in the heart, but what would be even better would be not being shot at all.

There are more than two ways of thinking about the world. There are more than two solutions to the problems we face.

Incrementalism is better than Fascism, but Incrementalism opens the door to Fascism. People need help now. Not 10 years from now. People need justice now. Not 10 years from now. We need drastic action on climate change now. Not 20 years from now.

When people need things, pretending you will start to care eventually just makes people angry and they turn to blaming people who can't defend themselves. Doing violence to a stranger who can't fight back is something, even if it's evil, even if it's pointless, even if it fails to actually make your life better, it's something. A prank plane ride to to Martha's Vineyard is a test run. Boxcars & death camps are next.

It's becoming impossible for a huge portion of our society to exist because of the demands of Capitalism. Incrementalism makes these people feel abandoned and they will choose boxcars and death camps if you don't do anything real for them in the now.

(Edit: typo)


u/Campbell_Soup311 Oct 07 '22

This is true yes, but right now the only choice is incrementalism or fascism. There are people out there with the belief that incrementalism is always unacceptable who decide to do nothing (not vote) which is by default choosing fascism. We must vote to take power and give an opening for people who want change to happen to exert influence. If you want incrementalism to become real change, you can’t do that with the fascists in charge.


u/MarkyGrouchoKarl Oct 07 '22

You're not wrong. My issue is the Democrats seems to be delighted that the Republicans have all lost their minds. They don't have to do anything or have ideas. They just gesture to the Republicans and go, "Really? You gonna vote for that?" That's not enough.

Where I live, a large portion of my neighbors (who don't comprehend what Fascism actually is) believe We are the Fascists. They have been bamboozled into thinking (for example) that being asked to treat LGBTQ+ people with dignity & respect is exactly the same as being loaded at gunpoint onto a boxcar. When such people are so misguided, so "Cultified", I'm not sure reason is going to make any progress. We have to motivate people who don't already participate in Democracy to start participating. We do that not by continuing to pander to Baby Boomers, but by actually delivering better outcomes for ordinary people.

We need more choices. More political parties = greater variety of ideas. The Democratic Party has zero interest in changing the status quo and the status quo is what needs to change. We need to get money out of politics, ranked choice voting, election day needs to be a national holiday, voting needs to be easier not harder, there needs to be more accountability for people who lie for a living, we need better, more thorough Civics education of our citizens - logic, rhetoric, principles of Democracy.

The "Hey, man, what are you gonna do? Vote for Fascism?" argument offers endless cover for Democrats to not deliver Equity and Justice for ordinary people.


u/Campbell_Soup311 Oct 07 '22

Unfortunately the “what else are going to do” is all we currently have. There is no pathway to the necessary changes you outlined without first having Democrats in office. The Republicans would sooner see the world die before they do any of that and it’s actually impossible for a third party to properly win by design.

I also didn’t mean to suggest that voting is the only thing we can do though. There’s plenty people can do on the local level to help their community, though I’m not an organizer so I can’t fully comment on that.

Personally, I’m iffy about Republican voters. The politicians are for sure a lost cause because they do this for money. But the voters are often just indoctrinated with fear, likely for generations too. There are definitely some despicable people out there yes, but there are also people who can change. It’s good to try to bring those people in though not at the expense of morals.


u/[deleted] Oct 07 '22 edited Oct 16 '22



u/YourALooserTo Oct 07 '22

Because those are the two main options if you're a voter in the US...


u/confessionbearday Oct 07 '22

Ooh, I agree with the thought but that’s NOT what we’ve gotten.

The Overton window is mapped and the “incremental improvement” we’ve watched for 40 years is a slide to the right.

Selecting Democrats to crawl to the right or Republicans to sprint to the right, either one is a negative. Neither is an improvement.


u/YVRJon Oct 07 '22

It's just unfortunate when those are the only choices.


u/quietsauce Oct 07 '22

Yall got any of that improvement?


u/TavisNamara Oct 07 '22

Been in a coma since June, huh?


u/PuppiPappi Oct 07 '22

Infrastructure doesn't count then? Okay guess we will just have to do shit the republican way and.... checks list ..take away more of women's rights?


u/quietsauce Oct 07 '22

We haven't improved shite since the 80's. I was being facetious. This country is garbage.


u/seeker1055 Oct 07 '22

Gay marriage? Does that matter to you?


u/quietsauce Oct 07 '22

Good but they're trying to take it


u/seeker1055 Oct 07 '22

Yes, the conservatives of all countries will always try to ruin life for minorities. That’s why you vote in a way that keeps them out of power.


u/quietsauce Oct 07 '22

We should all be clamoring fighting crushing walls for human rights. It should have been beneath us.


u/quietsauce Oct 07 '22

Rather... the system is garbage, the country is just fucked.


u/NobilisUltima Oct 07 '22

Additionally! It is better to take a small step in the right direction than to do nothing or regress. Sadly this sometimes means voting strategically for a more moderate candidate with a decent chance of winning compared to a radical one with almost no chance. Big changes on big issues rarely happen all at once; more often they're caused by a gradual shift. And finally, the only way to get a candidate with your exact beliefs is for you yourself to run. Failing that, you may have to compromise on some things to advance others.


u/strgazr_63 Oct 07 '22

I remember Hilary saying "incremental changes" and being disheartened but looking back I guess it's better than nothing. Still not good enough but better than nothing considering this hot mess started with Reagan,


u/quietsauce Oct 07 '22

Let people be what they want to be. There's advange to that. You wan a conglomerate mate well fuk off.


u/Euporophage Oct 07 '22

Well unfortunately democracy's slow, incremental improvement is going to convince many of future generations that it failed to stop climate change; and in a very precarious world where threats of death are abound, those generations are going to be pushed into the necessity of strong communal collective action along with a feeling that authoritarian rule under those who make the right choices to protect them and keep them alive is better than squabbling masses arguing without the actions needed for their survival.

Middle class people who see themselves slipping down the ladder may seek fascism in the short term to protect their property and to keep the suffering poor and waves of refugees at bay, but if the poor push for fascism that is only out of their ignorance and lack of education that they would currently choose it over a system that would actually benefit them.