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January Reddit Talk schedule - Wednesdays at 2 PM PST/5 PM EST - Join us for all-new Reddit Talk experiences!


Hello, everyone! We're back this January with another round of exciting talks!

First up this month is a discussion on AI art. We've touched on this issue before in Automation Week, but on January 4 we're going on a deep dive into how artificial intelligence is transforming the art world and what this means for artists going forward.

Later this month, we have two topics voted on by the community. Join us on January 11 for a discussion on how to deal with management and again on January 25 for a discussion on inflation, pay, and cost of living. Manager giving you trouble you need a little help with? Groceries and rent going up with no ceiling in sight? Come discuss these issues in a safe, supportive environment.

Finally, we have another of our famed Open Mic Nights on January 18 to give you a chance to tell your story or simply share your thoughts with the community. Whether you just got hired at a new job or you've read some interesting articles you'd like to share with us, there's always a place for you during Open Mic Night!

Please note that the 4 hour time limit is a guideline, not a hard rule. Weeks may run slightly longer or shorter depending on circumstances.


January 4 - Discussion Week: AI Art - 2 PM PST/5 PM EST to 6 PM PST/9 PM EST

January 11 - Discussion Week: How to Deal With Management - 2 PM PST/5 PM EST to 6 PM PST/9 PM EST

January 18 - Open Mic Night - 2 PM PST/5 PM EST to 6 PM PST/9 PM EST

January 25 - Inflation, Pay, and Cost of Living - 2 PM PST/5 PM EST to 6 PM PST/9 PM EST

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And this is why we have a teacher shortage! Way to go America 👏🏻👏🏻

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I asked my mother, who works in HR, for advice and she told me that employees shouldn't discuss wages.

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My friend got invited in for an interview after one over the phone. She was told she would get “$X” amount, when she was signing paper work to start, the rate was $3.15 lower then agreed. When she questioned it, the interviewer said “well you’re here now, may as well take it”. The rest is history

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What the hell even is a dream job?

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What is a polite and professional way to explain to my employer that since they've decided to cut our salary by 60%, that I'll only be completing 40% of all assigned tasks from now on?


My employers have decided that since we're transitioning into a new company, they deserve raises since they'll be doing twice the amount of work. I work for a pretty small non-profit, having said that ALL OF US have had to do twice the amount of work we signed on for. I'm only contracted to work 40 hours of work a week, but recently I've had to work 60 hours a week and have even been called in for work ON MY DAYS OFF. But in spite of all of that, my employer has announced that the rest of us will be losing vision and dental benefits and be required to pay for health insurance out of pocket. Oh, and because we need to save money for the new company, thw rest of us will be getting pay cuts.

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Letter posted at my girlfriends work regarding year end bonuses

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I'm pretty sure this is incredibly illegal

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We live in Wisconsin and my lover signed this for her new job yesterday. How can I fuck up HR's day? What about a possible lawsuit?

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Pay A Living Wage To Improve Self-Care.

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YES!!! Time going to and from work should be compensated too. What, you think I’m commuting daily for fun? I’m doing it for the job and as such should be compensated.

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Undercover boss finds out chef isn't being paid, then proceeds to not pay him

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I work 10 years as a chef and this is a first.

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Couple Will Live On Cruise Ship For The Rest Of Their Lives As It Is Cheaper Than Paying Their Mortgage

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A McDonald’s location has opened in White Settlement, TX, that is almost entirely automated. Since it opened in December 2022, public opinion is mixed. Many are excited but many others are concerned about the impact this could have on millions of service workers.

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Is America just a giant cult designed to keep us endlessly working to benefit a select few?


It just hit me like a bag a bricks that we are all some sort of cult designed to only benefit those on top. Let’s compare some key aspects of what a cult is:

Absolute authoritarianism without meaningful accountability. (A president can’t face any charges as it would undermine his godly figure in your eyes)

No tolerance for questions or critical inquiry. (When’s the last time your voice actually mattered)

No meaningful financial disclosure. (Black budgets and also lying to us in that this isn’t a recession)

Unreasonable fear of the outside world. (I wonder who’s funding all of these genius attackers)

Followers feel they can never be good enough. (When’s the last time you weren’t blamed by the media for everything.)

🤔 what do you guys think?

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My meme

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Oh gee what an unsolvable mystery

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My grandparents and many other older people say they go crazy and get bored now at times without working and having a routine…I would absolutely LOVE never working again. Who else?


As long as I have people to do things with, I should add. Don‘t want to be lonely.

I don’t get it. What about hobbies? Writing a book? Bird-watching? Joining a Meet-Up group? Tutoring people in skills you‘ve developed?

Was work one‘s sole purpose/interest in the past for many people, or something?

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At-will employment clause I keep seeing.

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My response to my boss asking me if I was putting in my two weeks after quitting. Just thought you all may get a kick out of it…

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How I quit my job at a gas station

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"My sweet glorious corporate executive 🥺 Please let me lick your boot. It looks quite dirty"

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is this allowed for a part time job to do? and what can they do if i don’t come in?

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I've had coworkers say they were "uncomfortable" working with me because of my face.


I have a facial deformity. Unfortunately, I’ve struggled my whole adult life with living wage employment. I've had hiring managers look at me in pure disgust before I even said a word. The job was purely data entry and I would not be interacting with customers. I knew I was not getting that position before I even opened my mouth.

Then it's the coworkers. I've overheard so much shit from coworkers because they think I can't hear them. I've had coworkers say they were "uncomfortable" working with me because of my face. My current coworkers constantly wish that when I get fired, someone prettier will take my place.

Yeah, I've tried the route of standing up for myself in the past. That was a degree and all my aspirations down the drain. I wouldn’t discourage others, but I don’t trust the system enough anymore. I live in a society that refuses to even recognize what is happening to me as an issue. A society that is convinced I’m making it all up because I want some big pay out.

All I really want is the same opportunities as anyone else. If “working” matters so much, why does my deformity matter more than the task at hand? In no way does it interfere with the work. Yet this is what I have faced my whole life.

It would also be great if we could move past telling people to "change their mentality." Can I pay rent with my new mentality? Will that hiring manager change their mind if I can manage Olympic levels of charm? What if I can’t vastly outcompete my peers? Society loves to showcase those who overcome it all. Yet what happens to those who can’t overcome discrimination?

I’m just tired.

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Fuck off and start paying them more, you greedy bastards

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If you’re making work problems my problems after my shift ends, I should get paid $5.00 per text

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