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Parents why does this bother you so much?


Why do parents seem so upset or baffled when they hear someone has no intention of ever having children?

Genuinely curious 🤔

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what a celebrity no one expected to be a total asshole?


Think of a celebrity that you thought was the kindest person on the planet and then found out he was kind of a piece of shit...

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🔒 Asked & Answered What can a woman do to make herself automatically more attractive to you?


What are those little things that women do that make her more attractive to you?

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Do men like to cuddle?


I am so confused- long story

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If Russia uses nukes, do you want your nation to get involved in the war?


Include your nation and why or why not.

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Would you give up smartphones for the betterment of society?


If someone started a smartphone exodus, and in exchange, you received a phone that could only make calls, would you join the world in returning to pre-smartphone days?

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Why do people hate positivity so much?


I'm not even talking about toxic positivity, I'm just talking about positivity in general. It's like people want to be miserable, and the moment they see somebody trying to be positive in any way, they feel the need to just tear them down for it. You could say something like "the weather is so nice today", and somebody will still have something negative to say.

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As you age do you become attracted to the same age group or are you still attracted to the same age group you use to be?


Example: is a 60yr old attracted to another 60yr old or are they still attracted to 18yr+?

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Why is weight as a dating preference seen as offensive?


like if i dont want to date a guy that has completely let himself go, people call me a bigot. or vise versa with a woman.

Why? Is that not a valid preference in looking for a partner?

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I'm a 25 year old who looks like a 17 year old, am i normal?


And because of looking like a 17 year old, girls my age don't even look at me or consider me as a potential prospect for dating it's like I'm automatically rejected in their head, and i have been approached by few 16 year old girls to date them which i had to politely reject bcs of obvious reasons, but this issue is taking a toll on my mental health

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Is Mark Cuban building his reputation to run for president sometime in the future or is he just a good guy?


Also if he is just reputation building how do we stop him or atleast get some benefit out of it?

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Would it be weird to send a letter to my ex from high school to apologize?


Hey everyone, simple question with a long story made short: back in high school i was a dickhole to my ex at the end of our relationship and it's sat heavily with me for around 10 years. I was considering writing a letter to them as an apology for being a dickhole when i was 17 years old. I don't expect a response and I don't seek some kind of friendship, i simply just want to extend my heart one last time in an apology because I think they deserve it especially after all this time.

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People of reddit any tricks to lose weight without being extreme ?



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Shazam with Sinbad. Did it exist in your childhood?


Don't search anything about it in your first comment, just answer the question first.

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what is an acceptable amount of times to change your underwear in a week?


stupid question but i’m just getting out of a really bad depression and i’ve forgotten how to take care of myself in a few different ways.

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Would you like to speak with me in my podcast?


I've always been interested to hear how was it to grow in a different places around the world and hear the ppl stories about it, so I've decided to open a podcast just to do that! So if you're interested ping me ;)

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Why most couple have a small age gap ?


I’ve noticed the man is usually older of 3 years of his girlfriend/wife. Is there a psychological reason for that or it’s just a coincidence?

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Do you send your partner to the couch when they are sick? For how long and how sick?


I am currently quite sick, full on night sweats, waking up every 20 minutes, need to blow my nose, literally shaking the bed with my shivers.

My girlfriend sleeps like a rock, it's insane what she can sleep through, but when she was sick a couple weeks ago for 2 weeks straight she only went to the couch twice by choice.

Now I am wondering, to what degree of sickness does one partner leave the bed?

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Why do I sleep so inconsistently?


I go to bed at around the same time every night and some nights I’ll sleep 7 hours and others I’ll sleep 12.

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How should I cope with the fact that I have no power to change my situation or my destiny?



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Should the world do what china did and put a cap on how many children you have to fight overpopulation?


That means if you get pregnant after you already have two kids you have to abort it.

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have they defrosted Michael Bublé yet?


just wondering if they took him out of the freezer yet or if its too soon to defrost him

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What are some good anime series?


Adult ones that have good stories.

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What is the meaning of life for you?


Do you think we're here for a purpose?, Tell your vision about the meaning of life, and how you got there.

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How do you overcome Procrastination?


How do you overcome procrastination, specially when you feel anxious and think that every thing is out of your control?