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Welcome to r/beta!


Welcome to r/beta! This subreddit will serve as a central place for us (the admins) to let you know what features are in beta testing, and for you (the beta testers) to send us feedback on beta features.

This is a bit of a long post, but have no fear, most of this information is also on the sidebar and the wiki.

How to participate as a beta tester

  • If you're logged in to your reddit account, you can opt-in as a beta tester in your preferences, under "beta options". This will automatically subscribe you to /r/beta, so that you'll receive the latest information about new beta features.
  • If you're logged out, you can visit beta.reddit.com to see beta features. Note: you may end up back on www.reddit.com if you click on a link to reddit from somewhere else, like email or Twitter.

If you're logged in while in beta mode, you'll see a flask icon next to your username to indicate that you're beta testing.

What is in beta

We keep an updated list of features that are current in beta on this wiki page.

Giving feedback on beta features

Please read u/allthefoxes excellent guide to providing great beta tester feedback.

For a faster response, please tag your feedback post as a [Bug] or [Feedback], and indicate what feature you're responding to. For example:

  • [Bug] Read next - preview image is broken in r/thebutton
  • [Feedback] Read next - make the border darker

To save you some typing, we've created a couple of button shortcuts in the sidebar. We (the /r/beta mods) may add flair to your post with its status, so you'll know if a fix is in the works.

If you have questions or thoughts on the beta program, please leave them below. If you have feedback on any features in beta, you can submit a bug or feedback using the sidebar buttons!

Thanks for helping us make Reddit better!

r/beta 8h ago

Why is Reddit for iPhone so crazy slow typing and scrolling to the point of almost complete unusability?!


No problems typing or scrolling on any other social media app!

r/beta 2d ago

Some suggestions for the Reddit Talks project

  1. This first one is an absolute NEED. Mods need to be able to see who does what in the talks. We have already had problems with people placing blame on mods and hosts for booting people, muting people, and moving people to audience. Since no one can see who ended what, it just leaves salt in the air and character is called into question. It's been terrible.
  2. A white board where you can upload a photo and drawl on it, bonus points for ability to upload multiple photos for a slide based presentation
  3. A feature that allows people to pass the "speaking staff". i.e. people can pass it around and only the holder of the "speaking staff" has the ability to talk over mic, muting anyone who doesn't have it. Bonus points if moderators and hosts can set a time limit for speaking with on screen warnings to participants when their time is almost up.
  4. A live poll feature where all participants can vote and live results are posted on screen - multiple use. Bonus points if mods and hosts can set time limit for vote submissions - extra bonus points if mods and hosts can choose whether voting is anonymous or not.
  5. A raise the hand to speak function and the ability for mods and hosts to see in which order someone raised their hand, the ability to clean backlog of raised hands when subject changes.

r/beta 2d ago

Suggestion for a repost control mechanism


Yes, i know people have been saying that since the beggining of reddit but mods and reddit admins are rejecting this idea even though its hurting the reddit community as a whole. Anyways i think there should be a bot or a function that checks if anyone has ever posted the same image/text/content and if it had been posted and if it had been posted the bot should warn the op for a maximum of 3 times and after 3 times it should ban the op for a certain amount of time(Or other forms of penalty like reducing ops karma), from the other users perspective it should either say this is a repost or a possible repost. You may ask yeah but there are some "old but gold" kind of memes/content what if people forget them? In that case there should be another option like op would have to admit that its a repost and reposting op would have to SPECIFICALLY give credit to the original op like it should be explicitly seen and %85/%90/%? amount of upvotes should be given to original op and the rest should be given to the reposting op, now before i finish i want to add that i know this is a little bit utopic and there are waaay too many problems before this thing such as a really fucked up video player, network failures, etc... and i know this requires some infrastructure, thats why its called a suggestion not an order. Thank you for reading,

please suggest and share(i dont even want any karma you can literally downvote me until i die but please just share) this with other mods and admins love y'all

r/beta 5d ago

'Automatic' option for Day/Night mode?


My operating system and browser provide control over which theme I would prefer. Please offer and "automatic" option to the web client so that I don't have to keep manually switching. People who prefer only one theme already presumably have chosen it in their operating system as well.

r/beta 5d ago

Turn down the targeted subreddit advertising


Like I got to a different sub for less than 2 seconds because I was redirected there from a cross-post and now my notifications are full of updates from that subreddit. I know I can turn off updates from certain subreddits but I don't wanna have to do that for every sub that I go into.

r/beta 6d ago

Award idea


“I’m high”

r/beta 6d ago

Backing up takes me back to home page of sub


I lose all my scrolling to click a post. Also reddit opens threads I left several clicks ago. Super annoying

r/beta 6d ago

Markdown mode: Switching tabs back to an open post's comments where an in-progress comment is being drafted causes the editor to exit the editable text-area


Switching Chrome tabs back to an open post's comments where an in-progress comment is being drafted causes the editor to exit the editable text-area.

Then I have to go to my mouse and reselect the area. It's awful, haha.

In this specific report, I was in markdown mode. I tested this in Chrome and Safari - both suffer from the issue.

Why was I in markdown mode? Sometimes when I paste text from other pages the 'fancy pants' editor freaks out and I can't type anymore near the pasted text. That's also another issue that should be investigated.

I'm on mac. Thanks for listening!

r/beta 7d ago

Keyword block


Hey how about letting us block posts with key word? If I could type in that I would prefer to not see posts that include the words like "Musk, Elon, Trump, etc." my life would be filled with so much joy.

r/beta 7d ago

Notifications auto opening new tabs


I would love it if there was an option to turn off opening notification messages in a new tab. When my posts blow up on other subreddits, I would prefer not to have thirty seven tabs open by the time I'm done checking my notifications.

r/beta 9d ago

Every time I log in to reddit, I see the "Choose 3 interests" popup.


Is this expected behaviour?!

If I keep choosing three new interests every time I log in, surely that'll be a lot of interests, right? Why not just cut the middle man and automatically register every user to every possible interest that's available in the entire website, and get done with it?

r/beta 11d ago

Option to add flairs to post rarely available when using browser on mobile.


r/beta 13d ago

App: Sound from videos on the home feed continue to play after clicking on a post


r/beta 13d ago

I said I was boycotting “until the ‘show parent comment’ button comes back”.


It’s back now. Resubscribing as promised.

Before y’all say “just use old Reddit”: no.

r/beta 14d ago

New image preview menu isn't good


First of all, why is all the text and stuff covering the image? It's not like I don't know what post I'm looking at, this just feels redundant.

The elephant in the room, I suppose, is new scrolling mechanism.

Left and right used to change the images in the gallery, now it does nothing. Instead we get tiny buttons, which seems to allow to choose each image more precisely, but it's counterintuitive honestly.

And scrolling down shows you some other images unrelated to the current post.

Even though I am kind of disappointed in the update (maybe because I'm used to what was) I know there are people who aren't, I'd like to hear your feedback on this too.

r/beta 15d ago

I’m unsubscribing until the “show parent comments” button is back.


Anyone else down to do a little boycotting?

r/beta 15d ago

In the chats feature, all of a sudden my messages to people are coming back as unsent when exit of Reddit until the other person responds. Very annoying!


I’m on iPhone 8 if that helps$

r/beta 15d ago

Why would you move the search bar to the discover tab on mobile?


I never use the discover feature. For the love of god, don't mess with the search/sort UI. Don't fix what wasn't broken.

r/beta 19d ago

Allow invitations on desktop


I'm visually impaired, and mobile apps are not really accessible for me. As a result, I'm unable to invite anyone to join my communities. Would it be possible to provide this feature for desktop as well? I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you!

r/beta 21d ago

Modmail notification: red dot won't go away even though there are no new messages.


When I enter modmail I am greeted with "You have 0 messages in Notifications."

r/beta 23d ago

Recent Posts not showing up in overview


None of the recent posts I’ve made over the last couple of days are showing up in the overview, there’s 2 comments from two days ago and a single post from 8 days ago but everything else from the last day plus is missing.

Doesn’t matter how I sort, there’s still a lot of posts and comments missing.

EDIT: https://old.reddit.com/ works just fine. it's only on https://reddit.com/ that I am having this issue

r/beta 24d ago

that live chat


shit blasted music when I clicked the notification. Fix that shit. It's illegal in certain countries to play fucking audio on popups without notifying or having a way to mute.

r/beta 24d ago

Anyone else saw the follow the banana easter egg. Whats up with that?? Is it a Bug at this point or a Feature?? Where is the Banana?


r/beta 24d ago

What happened to bell icon


Why can’t I subscribe to posts in app anymore? It’s replaced with a filter icon.

r/beta 24d ago

Collapse subreddits


Is there a way to "collapse" subreddits so you aren't seeing 60 million posts from "X" sub? While you may be looking for A, B and Y subs it makes it hard to not just unsub from them and reload to make things more legible, either that or do a daily post summary where it provides links to all the new posts made in the sub's for the day.

r/beta 24d ago

Notifications are delayed when using browser on mobile.


I have to manually refresh every time I want to check notifs. Which is irritating because that often takes me back to the top of whatever page I'm on, leaving me to scroll all the way back to where I was in the subreddit.