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Welcome to r/beta!


Welcome to r/beta! This subreddit will serve as a central place for us (the admins) to let you know what features are in beta testing, and for you (the beta testers) to send us feedback on beta features.

This is a bit of a long post, but have no fear, most of this information is also on the sidebar and the wiki.

How to participate as a beta tester

  • If you're logged in to your reddit account, you can opt-in as a beta tester in your preferences, under "beta options". This will automatically subscribe you to /r/beta, so that you'll receive the latest information about new beta features.
  • If you're logged out, you can visit beta.reddit.com to see beta features. Note: you may end up back on www.reddit.com if you click on a link to reddit from somewhere else, like email or Twitter.

If you're logged in while in beta mode, you'll see a flask icon next to your username to indicate that you're beta testing.

What is in beta

We keep an updated list of features that are current in beta on this wiki page.

Giving feedback on beta features

Please read u/allthefoxes excellent guide to providing great beta tester feedback.

For a faster response, please tag your feedback post as a [Bug] or [Feedback], and indicate what feature you're responding to. For example:

  • [Bug] Read next - preview image is broken in r/thebutton
  • [Feedback] Read next - make the border darker

To save you some typing, we've created a couple of button shortcuts in the sidebar. We (the /r/beta mods) may add flair to your post with its status, so you'll know if a fix is in the works.

If you have questions or thoughts on the beta program, please leave them below. If you have feedback on any features in beta, you can submit a bug or feedback using the sidebar buttons!

Thanks for helping us make Reddit better!

r/beta 13h ago

[Feedback] Scam accounts / spam bots are able to game system, can now ban anyone who points out they are scamming.


Hey folks, had an account there that was online for over a month, had a decent bit of karma on it. Saw an obvious bot account droplinking those terrible cat brushes, so I warned people that OP was a scammer and they should stay away.

Low and behold a day later I can't use my account at all, and every single comment I've ever made has been removed and silenced. I'm not banned outright, but going to reveddit shows I'm definitely shadowbanned.

I'm familiar with the scammer and know for sure they have multiple accounts, but I didn't think they would be capable of banning literally anyone that points them out.

Why is the site set up so that people who aren't admins can game the system like this, but anyone who wants the admins help for helping clean up the website has to wait a week for "we don't see a problem here" style messages.

r/beta 19h ago

[Feedback]These "mod team" accounts on some subs are used often by moderators that have been banned for abusive behaviour.


r/beta 1d ago

"Old" chat not working.


I noticed that chat changed recently. It's like there's two versions of chat combined to one stream.

Now chat won't load with any of the people that I chat with on the old system. I get an error with loading information

r/beta 3d ago

Let me block subreddits


Since Reddit is fucking over 3rd party apps which allows this feature, can we please get this in the app and web version?

Yes I know old. still has this but 3rd party apps had it on a 1 click basis.

r/beta 4d ago

Getting tired of the endless porn followers


This isn't a setting I should have to hunt down and change. I shouldn't be getting a handful of followers advertising porn every time I comment in a popular subreddit. Accounts with zero activity, brand new accounts, whos sole purpose is very clearly to advertise porn.

and in the off chance that the spam filter actually catches one, i shouldn't still be pushed the notification.

I know this likely isn't the right place, but whatever, I wanted to vent about this. I have no problem with reddit having parts that are 18+, put I prefer to find it while looking for it, not have it pushed to me in a notification by default.

r/beta 5d ago All-Seeing Upvote



Please for the love of God don't. Your app is pure garbage if y'all do this you will just force people to not use Reddit.

Stop being greedy @$$'s

r/beta 4d ago

Who thought it was a good idea to turn on default notifications of new posts in communities?


I deleted the app from my phone because of it.

r/beta 5d ago

"Don't miss out on.." popup persists even when notifications turned off


How do I turn off this popup in the official app? It keeps popping up every time I open a subreddit. I've manually turned off all the "community alerts" to "off" and it keeps asking me to basically turn them back on. It's driving me absolutely crazy. Even turned off notifications all together and it still persists with annoying me over it.

Since Apollo's going to die and the official reddit app is all that's gonna be left, I at least hope this annoying popup can somehow be disabled.

r/beta 4d ago

Only fans bot


Thay have gotten smarter, now they send PM requests.

r/beta 4d ago

Using Pixel 7 in India.

Thumbnail self.GooglePixel

r/beta 6d ago

a new bot swarm?


i'm unable to post a screenshot, but i've recently been receiving a bunch of followers that are just OnlyFans bots, and i'm just wondering if anyone else is having the same problem.

r/beta 7d ago

I heard there's a new reddit layout. How do I switch to it? I want to try it out


Edit - Stop asking me why I want to try it. I just want to see how it looks and feels. That's all. I never said I liked it.


I still have the look which everyone's used to - https://prnt.sc/Ortq4h3YXSfw

r/beta 7d ago

Fake followers


I’ve recently been receiving follower notifications and as flattering as it is, they are all fake bots selling only fans promotions, has anyone else experienced this and is there a way to block it ?

r/beta 7d ago

[Beta Bug] Infinite scroll keeps repeating posts


When I scroll to the bottom of the first page of reddit and new posts load, there are almost always posts that I already scrolled by on the first page loaded on the second page.

This happens again and again and by page 3 or 4 ~75% of the posts I see I have already scrolled past

  • Night mode: false
  • RES Version: 5.22.17
  • Browser: Chrome
  • Browser Version: 113
  • Cookies Enabled: true
  • Reddit beta: true

r/beta 7d ago

Since the recent update, has anyone been getting follows from bot accounts?


Recently, I have had a total of eight nine (as of 29 May) bot accounts following me with usernames taken from Reddit's suggested username block, i e. "Anonymous-Cat-7345".

These accounts contain info about them being a sugar momma with a porn or OnlyFans link and having a a partial nude photo as a wall paper.

Usually, these accounts are deleted after three days, but what gives? I never had this happen before.

r/beta 8d ago

We should be able to report ads for being straight up scams.


Just got an ad for a very shady and obviously scam 'job listing' website that clearly just exists to farm people's data to add to spam lists. TIL there is no way to report ads for being blatant scams.

r/beta 9d ago

I should be able to join a sub, but hide it from my feed


Edit: I'm dumb you can mute a community

r/beta 10d ago

When I refresh my home page, it only loads new posts sice the last time it was refreshed. Refresh again and even those dissappear then I'm left with "Wow, such empty" as a homepage.


My wife and I both have our own accounts and they are set up nearly identical. Mine has no issues, hers will only load posts from the last time it was refreshed everything else disappears. Refresh again and only posts from the last few minutes show, refresh again... "wow, such empty" can't find any reason this would be happening. I'm a 10+ year reddit vet. Every setting seems to be the same on both accounts...

r/beta 10d ago

Costantly getting unsubbed from subreddits


It has happened 3 times today, I dont know if it is a visual bug or it's actually happening but it's annoying either way

r/beta 11d ago

Can't see previous comments


Whenever I click on anything directing me to a specific comment in the reddit app, i can't see any of the comments preceding it.

I got a reply, and when I opened it from my notifications within the app, i couldn't even see which comment of mine they were replying to.

I then looked through my comment history to find the comments I made in that thread to look through to find which one the reply was made to. And I couldn't see the comments that my comments were replies to.

This is new behavior, right?

r/beta 12d ago

Opt into beta tests toggle not getting saved


as the title said
I want to try new web design of reddit but apparently I can't :(
Can I opt into the beta test somehow?

r/beta 13d ago

How do I report a bullshit ad about depression supplements?


r/beta 12d ago

I’m visiting Mexico but do not speak Spanish


If there is some way to set your cookie to our country of origin instead of the country that we happen to be visiting. I visit Cancun regularly and I cannot stand getting ads for Mexico residents. I don’t mind getting ads for tourists in the country I visit just don’t serve me ads asking me to switch cell carriers or something else a national would do.

Thank you!

r/beta 14d ago

Chat notification won't go away


A sex bot tried to send me a chat, so I ignored it and blocked the account. Now the chat notification shows up every time I open the app. How do I get rid of this?

r/beta 17d ago

Going < Back goes back to home and refreshes


If I am reading a post, and it has a link to an original post, update, or just link to a post and then hit Back either at the top of the post or my return button on my Samsung Note the app takes me back home.

Home then refreshes and whatever thread was lost.

r/beta 18d ago

Community's near you (or thousands of miles away, reddit doesn't gives a shit)


Im very annoyed about the amount of new subreddits getting forced on to me.

I don't give a fuck about random meme subreddits from the towns in my country and i especially don't give a fuck about some random Turkish subreddits in Turkish with like 3k Usern. I some what get the towns around me, it could be interesting for me. But why on earth im getting subreddits in a different language in never used or searched for, why do i get over 10 of them (up to now) and why was one under them that i tried muting on 8 different occasions and it just flat out ignored mi ignore order?

Why do i get them and why do i get even more if i start muting all of them?

I get it if i open a thread for a game guide, or if i search fore something specific about something and find a reddit thread answering it.

Why is it so random and why is it like, "if you don't like this city subreddit, how about theses 5? don't like them? have another 20, with the next being even worse and smaller than before?"

Also, just on top of that, all the subreddits getting pushed on to me have nothing to do with the things/subreddits im interested in. So why?