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Please make it so Old Reddit is a permanent option.

It is very annoying that the website keeps trying to ram the updated version time and time again when all I want is to keep the original layout.


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u/[deleted] Feb 11 '22

Go into your user settings and click the "opt out" button. It's permanent until you click that thing in the upper left which I do about once a month. Then you have to go back to your user settings again.

That said, if reddit every permanently gets rid of it, they'll lose anyone with a bad internet connection. New reddit uses a lot more bandwidth and demands a far better connection.

Source: I have crap internet.


u/HighOnGoofballs Feb 11 '22

It’s permanent until it isn’t


u/chefr89 Feb 11 '22

also mine "conveniently" reverts back all the time


u/NoahtheRed Feb 12 '22

Yup. I'll remain opted out for a couple weeks/months, then get opted back in randomly for no visible reason. It's very annoying.


u/WokeTurbulence Feb 16 '22

Look Reddit, I'd have NO issue with this happening.. If New Reddit just worked.. New reddit is one of the most buggiest pieces of crap I've used.. Old reddit works.. It just does..

But as a moderator of several large subreddits, moderation is completely broken for new reddit... Their new "chat" is even a hit or miss. Modmail would frequently "lose connection" and restablish connect.. So a lot of the time we don't even get the messages until hours later when New reddit decided to work and show them all. Also don't get me started on how the style, rules and descriptions for subreddits are DIFFERENT on each style. Come on reddit.. You can do better than this. It's like they're purposefully trying to split up the community with a style. It's not even a new style, it's a new WEBSITE.. Most things made on new reddit wont show up on old reddit and vice versa.


u/TheSOB88 Feb 12 '22

mine doesn't. i dunno what i did


u/Concic_Lipid Feb 12 '22

I feel like there is a tamper monkey script to add old. To the beginning of all Reddit urls if not there should be


u/new_pribor Mar 01 '22

I enabled this settings once, and it never reset


u/QX403 Feb 11 '22

It’s not permanent, I have to hit it again probably at least once a month since it resets itself, most likely after an update or something.


u/takatori Feb 12 '22

Use the “old” sub domain: https://old.reddit.com


u/ShadeofIcarus Feb 12 '22


u/Golinth Feb 12 '22

Using RES I’ve never had issues with it reverting before, unless I get logged out for some reason


u/10BillionDreams Feb 12 '22

Sounds like an issue with your browser. I've had it enabled for as long as it's been an option, and haven't ever hard to fiddle with settings.


u/QX403 Feb 16 '22

It’s not that big of a deal, it’s not the browser since the settings should be saved to your account, if somebody clears their website data and cache you’ll have to sign back in again but all that info is saved on their servers and doesn’t have anything to do client side usually.


u/norway_is_awesome Feb 11 '22

I guess your mileage may vary, because I've only had that happen once right after new reddit became a thing. Do you also use RES?


u/Oooch Feb 12 '22

Mine has NEVER done that and I use reddit A LOT


u/_Control- Feb 11 '22

For me, it switches back to new every time they change the cookie settings and ask me to confirm them. That happens at least once a week, sometimes a lot more often. so annoying. New reddit is utter garbage


u/norway_is_awesome Feb 11 '22

Weird, because it's only happened once for me right after new reddit was introduced.


u/Dobypeti Feb 12 '22

It's stupid that/if it's not set on the account level instead of with cookies, but I guess it makes sense in the "force you until you give up" way


u/jso__ Feb 12 '22

A cookie is a lot easier than a database to add and maintain


u/Dobypeti Feb 12 '22

Yeah but it would be just one more thing with the rest of your user settings that are already not cookie-based, and it's not like Reddit wouldn't have the capacity for it (at least now), they made posts no longer get archived by default not long ago


u/Pamasich Feb 12 '22

every time they change the cookie settings and ask me to confirm them. That happens at least once a week

Uh, are you clearing your cookies regularly? Because that sounds like something is deleting or corrupting your consent cookie every week.


u/dust4ngel Feb 11 '22

oh man, so nice to default to OG reddit - thank you!


u/SypaMayho Feb 13 '22

Exactly, that's why i switched. New Reddit crashes on Pale Moon, alot.


u/ConBrio93 Feb 11 '22

Mine reverts seemingly once every few weeks.