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help! we're adopting a kitty and can't decide. Bruce, the black long hair, or Diana the striped short hair? Cat Picture




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u/OriginalFuckGirl 7d ago

😂😂 I can’t with how cute this is


u/abraxas1 7d ago

that is a lot of soft.

glad they're together.

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u/Errantry-And-Irony 7d ago

Downton Abbey?


u/friedtree 7d ago

Downton Tabby

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u/JMH-66 7d ago

Would hope so.( But, British, so ...)

They're gorgeous 😻😻

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It’s obvious that “both” is the only answer.


u/SweetBabyJamessss 7d ago


Both is exactly what my family did. It’s actually insane how similar OP’s kittens are to our Gypsy and Indigo!


u/Runamokamok 7d ago


Yes, please get both! This is Minka (brown) and her shadow, Dorothea (black)!!


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u/the_stitch_saved_9 7d ago

Peak cat behavior 😹


u/MoreCamThanRon 7d ago

I know! Beef is such a little poser so I think she got fed up of her sister hogging all the attention 😅

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u/[deleted] 7d ago

[removed] — view removed comment


u/Runamokamok 7d ago

They are foster fails because I was afraid of them being separated. So bonded from early days. Found them a day apart in the woods behind our house.


u/MoreCamThanRon 7d ago

Honestly having two siblings is so glorious. The vets kept warning us that they may eventually grow apart when they get older but ours are still inseparable.

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u/MrsSprinkles 7d ago


u/CrookedButBeautiful 7d ago

I thought it said Bing & Bong and was about to laugh so damn hard. 💀


u/cocoaphillia 7d ago

Those would be the best twin names, omg

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u/jaspsev 7d ago

Indeed, double the cuteness but almost the same cost and effort.

Plus, from what i read they have better temperament and less destructive.


u/Ti-Killa 7d ago

Destruction and things like biting can be symptoms of boredom and or feeling alone. Cats are actually very social :)

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Never have just one cat. That’s a terrible thing to do.


u/kzp17 7d ago

Unless you adopt them when they're older and they just want to be left tf alone 😂


u/grendus 7d ago

Friend of mine went to a shelter and asked for a cat that hated other cats. They were thrilled, apparently cat-aggressive cats were very hard to get rid of, doubly so if they're already adults. But she wanted a cat that wouldn't be lonely while she was at work and just wanted a "roommate".


u/Caesar_Passing 7d ago

As someone working at a no-kill shelter, I would love if more people wanted that. We have cats that would very much prefer to be an only pet all the time. I also need someone to take a frightening devil beast cat, and keep it far away from children.


u/gay_dissaster 7d ago


(Edit: can’t type so misspelled evil lol)


u/PeggyOlsonsPizzaHaus 6d ago

We took a 7yo devil beast who hated cats and children and loved the shit out of him. He was a great cat and a total mush in his old age, even though we had to drug the shit out of him for every vet visit 😅

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u/SirKomlinIV 7d ago

While it may be generally true, there are still a good amount of cats that are happier being the only one, if you spend enough time in shelters you will see this.

My cat took 2 years to accept my ex's cat enough to sit on the same couch or bed at the same time (the other cat was a ragdoll that wanted to be besties, it was 100% my cat). When my ex and I split, he was noticeably happier being the only cat.

I won't adopt another cat until he passes away because I know he is happier this way... but when that happens, I do plan to adopt a bonded pair because I want more than one cat.


u/hxlvxtica 7d ago edited 7d ago

Please don't mislead. Some cats need to be alone. Most cats are better off with one or more friends, but some cats don't go together with others. So it's not alwahs a terrible thing.

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u/Darmacco 7d ago

Mates for life


u/Kohlmanation 7d ago

They are just farming for karma points. What decent cat owner separates bonded siblings?


u/Willendorf77 7d ago

I deeply regret not getting my cat's sibling too from their rescue litter. Have a tiny apartment and thought I didn't have enough space to give comfy home to two. It's my first cat, didn't know / appreciate how social some cats are, and my cat clearly would love a sparring partner.


u/Ti-Killa 7d ago

As long as you have at least 2 rooms, it's fine. One room could be hard but could work. Small spaces aren't a problem for two cats if there are enough cat trees, caves, tunnels, etc. Young cats up to year two will play and run a lot... A LOT... Soo more space is indeed easier and in theory better but more space with less cat furniture can actually be worse than less space but more cat furniture.

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u/Renzieface 7d ago

Both! A bonded pair is a goshdarn delight


u/Renzieface 7d ago edited 7d ago


Like, I get it... you commit to just one and thats all you plan for, but ever since I got my first pair of littermates, I know I'll never end up getting just one bb at a time again. A built-in playmate, source of comfort, and all-around buddy is such a gift to give your new friend(s). It's honestly not much more expensive, and everyone's happy.


u/Synchros139 7d ago


I A. Didn't know we could post images now in comments and B. We got our first bonded pair last new years, would definitely get bonded pairs in the future as well


u/Striife- 7d ago


Just wanna share my own pair of sisters. Getting both was one of the greatest choices I’ve ever made.

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u/AlllCatsAreGoodCats 7d ago


I have a brown (Ziggy) tabby and an orange (Monkey) dummy, too!! Got them just over a year apart, and, while Monkey is an insecure turd who spends most of his time harassing Ziggy, they truly adore each other and Monkey has helped Ziggy come out of his shell so much! He used to be a nervous and frightened little kitty who never meowed unless in pain or having a bad dream, and since getting Monkey, he is so much braver, significantly less skittish, way more affectionate with strangers, and meows regularly - which is adorable, because he squeaks and chirps.

Anyway. I just love them so much, and they could never be separated; I don't know how Monkey would feel about it, but Ziggy would be devastated without Monkey around. Bonded pairs are 112% worth it. Also, watching them chase and attack each other and run into things is hilarious.

Sorry if your orange one isn't a dummy, by the way, but you should check out r/oneorangebraincell because it is a hoot.


u/YupIzzMee 7d ago

I 😻 that smudge of dirt on the nose! And they're so cute!

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u/briarraindancer 7d ago edited 6d ago

I am also owned by a bonded pair of voids. Best decision I’ve ever made.

Artemis on the left, and Apollo the pirate on the right.


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u/-Starya- 7d ago

I’ve heard the same from everyone I know who has adopted a bonded litter pair, and I’ve since decided that any future kitty fur babies I adopt will come in twos.

My girl is too old now and doesn’t get along with other cats, but I regret not socializing her when she was young so that she wouldn’t be alone all day while I’m at work.


u/notfamous808 7d ago

She may not be too old! My cat was 4 when I moved out of my ex’s house with him and my dog. I left his cat there, which was for the best because she was aggressive toward anyone but him, including my cat and dog (who had both lived with her their entire lives). A friend went out of town and I babysat her kitten for her and just a few days into the visit, my cat was playing with her. I decided then that my cat needed a feline friend, and began my hunt for the perfect kitty for him. A few months later I ended up with a kitten of my own (flash flood, he came up in my moms ditch and my niece saved him - love a good ditch kitty lol), and it took about a month for him to get my other cat and dog to snuggle with him and accept his love. Honestly I’m so grateful for it every day because my older cat and dog didn’t really have a relationship, and they do now because of that great little ditch kitty. Or it is totally possible that she just doesn’t vibe with other animals like my first cat. Obviously you would know her best lol. Im just saying you never know what could happen! She could end up being really great with a kitten!

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u/rumbellina 7d ago

We had a senior lady, about 14, when I brought home my kitten set. She definitely was displeased in the beginning but once she established herself as the matriarch, she developed a grudging acceptance that bordered on fondness for them over time.

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u/PhoenixStorm1015 7d ago

If I may add, the maintenance isn’t that high either. Feed at the same times. Same food. Our babies are bonded and they could not give two shits. Same water, same litter, I have to stop them from eating each others’ food, and of course watching them play is the most adorable.

If my two cents is worth anything, OP, adopt them both. Aside from vet obvs, the expense and maintenance increase is negligible in my experience, but the value added out of having two happy, healthy babies to keep eachother company AND be extra adorable more than outweighs it. Keep the siblings and reap the rewards of double the cuddles, double the cute, and double the nonsense.


u/jgeez 7d ago Wholesome Vibing

You got it. lol yes we're going to adopt both


u/PhoenixStorm1015 7d ago

That’s amazing to here! I wish you all long, happy, healthy lives together!!! Don’t forget their daily dose of love and scritches.


u/rumbellina 7d ago

THIS was the update I hoped for! Congratulations!! In a very short time you will wonder why you even considered adopting just one! I promise it’ll be one of the best decisions you’ve ever made!😻

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u/Maximum-Mixture6158 7d ago

I second this. I'll never get another dog on its own either. It's just so wonderful when they've got someone their own type and size to socialize with when their humans are out


u/NYtoCA 7d ago

It’s important to note that littermate syndrome is a concern when adopting 2 puppies together and thus is sometimes recommended against.

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u/turtles_nstuff 7d ago

My cats are brother and sister and we found them both, since they are strays. They literally barely hang out with each other and will ignore each other, but if they don't see one another for more than a few hours they get very anxious.


u/PJKPJT7915 7d ago

That's how my kitties are. They sleep near each other, they have different schedules, but they miss each other when the other naps too long.

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u/BlueMaboo 7d ago


I didn't plan on one cat, nevermind two, and then they said no one wanted this brother and sister... cats happened and it's the best thing I've done in a long time.


u/RCMedic7-TKD 7d ago


Always keep bonded pairs!!! These are brother & sister. They help each other adjust and find comfort in their new home 🏡. They play with each other and keep themselves entertained.

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u/Lilybit09 7d ago



u/Stuburrn American Shorthair 7d ago edited 7d ago

Both. They need each other and you need both of them - to live a fulfilling life.

You won’t regret adopting them both. You’ll get double the love; double the laughs, and they’ll have their sibling best friend.


u/reddogleader 7d ago

This is the way... 3 cat dad here.


u/AndreaE4 7d ago

I accidentally became a 4 cat mom, while looking for a mate for a single kitten that was found abandoned it turned out the one I picked had a brother that was maybe bonded (they are for sure) and then a week later someone found another unrelated kitten and thought I was still looking.

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u/DontBelieveTheTrollz 7d ago

Yeah for sure dont tear this two apart...

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u/jgeez 7d ago Silver Gold Helpful Wholesome All-Seeing Upvote Starry Heartwarming Wholesome Seal of Approval Love


Both was in fact the only answer! 🤩


u/mariposa_hermosa 7d ago



u/jenniferocious 7d ago

Our youngest cats are brothers. We were only looking to adopt one, but when we met them any time they were separated (like if my husband was holding one, and I was holding the other), they would cry and cry until they were together again. Soooo we called our landlord and they told us we could have an extra if we didn’t blab it around to our neighbors. We’ll never adopt a single kitten again, having a pair was a blast and it put less pressure on our grownup cats to constantly entertain them. When they were little they liked to play a game where one would be upstairs and the other would be downstairs and they would call to each other like they were playing Marco Polo. They’re just the best. 💕


u/mariposa_hermosa 7d ago

It’s funny because I have two human sons that are 14 months apart and that is what led me to getting two kitties at once. They always have someone to play with 🫶🏻

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u/Sincamour 7d ago

Omg yessss!!! I’m so happy for them and you! This has made my night 😁


u/pleb4000 7d ago

YAY!!! This belongs on r/bestofredditorupdates Edit: typo


u/SnooKiwis5910 7d ago

You made the best decision. Congratulations on your new friends!


u/PipBucket 7d ago

Congratulations! Add this update to your original post so it doesn't get lost. And the update will make a whole lot of people happy!!


u/obliviousbird 7d ago



u/DarkLamb-Kiyo 7d ago

Congrats! You’re the best!!

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u/xXESOTERICXx 7d ago

Both. It's the only possible solution.


u/Draykana 7d ago

Both. Is this even a question, lol

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u/PJKPJT7915 7d ago


u/benzopinacol 7d ago

Theyre gorgeous’


u/imaginaryblues 7d ago

Omg I love these two.


u/Mr_Goldoffical 7d ago

Siblings can be super cute but also a bit of a hand full mine are always trying to be mean to each other

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u/smokingina 7d ago Helpful

Look up single kitten syndrome. I’ve had single kittens but they were already alone. We can’t separate them! Both! 🤞🏼


u/expertdogsnuggler 7d ago

Life is always easier with two kittens!


u/dman4fun2020 7d ago

Always better in pairs. You will have 2² happiness with 2.


u/MansonVixen 7d ago

Both, obviously. However, if you absolutely can only take home one then black cats statistically have a harder time getting adopted, so I would choose Bruce. But again, both.


u/lvlonikaa11 7d ago

I also say both! You’d think it would be twice the work but it’s not. Especially if you’re busy or work a lot they keep each other company and adds to much needed playtime. Mine were brothers and I didn’t realize until after I picked them out at the shelter ♥️


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u/crazierthanallofyou 7d ago

Please take both. 😻😻


u/BettyBlue2026 7d ago

The answer is both!


u/Phatbass58 7d ago

One more vote for both.


u/igo_allem 7d ago

Also one more vote for both.


u/EpicBelugaGirl2 7d ago

I'm always partial to voids, but we all know the correct answer is both!


u/pocket-sauce 7d ago

Porque no los dos?

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u/Fickle-Cauliflower73 7d ago

Definitely both!


u/Old_Cat_9534 7d ago

B O T H !!!!


u/HeavyCranberry1185 7d ago



u/HeavyCranberry1185 7d ago

I adopted bonded brothers, and unfortunately one didn’t survive long. We got another kitten a couple months later, but they never really bonded.

Please, please consider getting both. It is not that much more work with two, and you get twice the love.


u/dazed_andamuzed 7d ago

If both are financially feasible for you, I cannot recommend a bonded pair enough. This is Toast and Waffle and they love each other so dang much. It's so sweet. I don't know how they would have managed if separated.



u/ejhillio 7d ago


BOTH! I also have a gray tabby and a void (sisters & littermates) Adopting both was the best decision ever!! :)


u/Beginning_Question77 7d ago

I'll take them both! Just what we've been looking for. 😻


u/arnmadter 7d ago

Hopping on that both train


u/rowwbotic010 7d ago

Both. Siblings are bonded and stay with each other for life in the wild.


u/Josiepaws105 7d ago

Both! You won’t be sorry. They will play and wrestle and then cuddle together for nap time. It will not get old!


u/PJKPJT7915 7d ago


2 kitties are definitely better than one. It's better for them.


u/BlackJack____ 7d ago

I think a decision by the feline high council has been reached,

A unanimous decision, both 😺😺


u/nothisispatrick8659 7d ago

Both! Here’s my girl and boy - brother and sister. Only intended to get one but we couldn’t leave one behind. Best decision we’ve made, they are such a bonded pair.



u/imaginaryblues 7d ago

Both! Kitties really thrive with a companion! I adopted my cat Rudy (left) back in January and he didn’t get along super well with my other cats. They just didn’t want to play with him. Then back in early October we took in this 10-week-old foster kitten and they just hit it off right away. They sleep together, play together, eat together, everything. We just finalized her adoption today because, really, how could you separate those two?



u/ditzy091313 7d ago







u/jgeez 7d ago Wholesome

That's the business. Adopting both.


u/ditzy091313 7d ago

Aw that's is wonderful!!!! I am so happy for you and them.

I wish you years of fun, laughs, cuddles and purrs :)

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u/Flashy-Cattle-8086 7d ago

Both. They will be happy to hsve each other.


u/The_specialist_angle 7d ago

You're cute. We were always going to say "both". You had to know that!


u/politicalbibliophile 7d ago


Both! Look how happy mine are together! They look just like those two

Getting both of them is better than one imo. They keep each other entertained and I find it actually requires less maintenance!


u/Impressive-Penalty97 7d ago

both. cinch.


u/Skye_1444 7d ago

Hear me out -

First Bruce

Then Diana


u/intheshadows8990 Maine Coon 7d ago


Best response

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u/chillyfeets 7d ago

Both. Please don’t seperate a bonded pair.


u/cragged888 7d ago

Both of course 💙💙🐾🐾


u/KatagatCunt 7d ago


As someone with a striped short hair and a long black hair, both. Definitely both. Freya (striped) and Skugge (black) both agree.


u/Zeal391 7d ago

Both. I could never have 1 cat. There’s nothing like have 2 gremlins running around


u/InfiniteScritches 7d ago

Both!! To split them apart at this age robs them of an incredible opportunity that they can never get back. They’ll be happier, you’ll be happier, everyone wins.


u/Recent_Ad6285 7d ago

Both! 2 kitties are more fun


u/Kern4lMustard 7d ago

2 there shall be


u/The_dizzy_blonde 7d ago

Our German shepherd pup found 2 kittens at our front door, we already had 2 grown older ragdoll cats but we ended up keeping both. They’re so much fun to watch. The ragdolls aren’t bonded like the two siblings are.


u/romashka_koshka Tortoiseshell 7d ago

joining the both chain, these two look like peas in a happy little pod <3


u/Melsmush 7d ago



u/Podoviridae 7d ago

Yup. Agree with the rest. As someone who recently rescued a single kitten from an alley, he definitely needs a friend and I'm now looking at shelter kittens


u/liaa-cchan 7d ago

Both, they better stick together.


u/justinea8046 7d ago

Kittens are better in pairs!!


u/mitzy02 7d ago

I'm glad everyone agrees on both. It has been decided. (You knew what would happen when you posted here)


u/Original_Fun_4400 7d ago

Both both both both both Both both both both both Both both both both both Both both both both both Both both both both both Both both both both both


u/jgeez 7d ago

My wife bonded with Diana and I bonded with Bruce. Conundrum!


u/crazycatlady331 7d ago

They're a bonded pair. Take both.


u/MistaMischief 7d ago

You could actually cause alot of emotional distress if you separate them and they’re a bonded pair. If your family can handle both, it really should be both.


u/DigitalBath713 7d ago

Pleeease do both. They are clearly friends and bonded. You’ll be grateful you did in time. It’s not a huge leap in funds etc. Plus, you’ll get many important internet points!


u/boxing_coffee 7d ago

There is only one right answer here, and you know what you have to do. Luckily there are plenty of holiday sales in pet supplies so it should not cost much to get two of everything.


u/xenya 7d ago

The only answer is both.


u/SKFury_1771 Norwegian Forest Cat 7d ago

Both. My parents grabbed one out of a bonded pair when I was a kid and the first month was heartbreaking with him looking for his brother. I’m still convinced my buddy died after five years because he missed his brother.

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u/hoffenstein909 7d ago

Yup, both. I adopted a bonded pair, dad - 3, and daughter 6 months. That was 6 yrs ago. Still a beautiful relationship that I can't imagine breaking up.


u/Fishtoots 7d ago

Pairs should be standard


u/VeryConfusedPenguins 7d ago

OP, you came to the wrong subreddit if you were looking for any answer other than both.


u/jgeez 7d ago

Lol no joke.

We were pretty convinced it didn't make sense to adopt both. I'm glad I asked here because as someone said, we'd feel regretful thinking about the one we didn't adopt if it was only one.


u/chouettelle 7d ago

Plus, kittens do better in pairs! They will be very happy together - and so will you!


u/helgatheviking21 7d ago

I went for one, ended up with this brother and sister. Never regretted it for a second.


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u/callmemaybe88 7d ago

Only children make choices, adults' gonna take both!


u/raerawrr 7d ago

Both :p


u/Kittyko25 American Shorthair 7d ago

batman and wonder woman need to stay together ฅ(^◕ᴥ◕^)ฅ ♥ ฅ(^◕ᴥ◕^)ฅ


u/PresentationLimp890 7d ago

I adopted a kitten, and new a year later felt he needed a friend, and got another kitten. Seven years later they still keep each other company.


u/Schehezerade 7d ago

Porque no los dos?

But for reals, two kittens are better than one! They learn social cues so much better that way.


u/Claymon3011 7d ago

Please please please get both. Do not separate them. Yes they will still both live a happy life on their own but having two cats is amazing. Especially if they’re siblings. They play with each other all day and groom eachother. Watching them lick each others heads is so cute and it’s nice for them when you’re not home to have eachother. If my cats get scared of a loud noise, they hide together. Please don’t separate them


u/gingers_napped 7d ago

Both! We have a similar pair! They weren’t littermates but we adopted them at the same time.



u/Bacio83 7d ago



u/somebrains 7d ago

Both, they’ll interact together and it’ll be a better cat owning experience


u/Mundane-College-3144 Maine Coon 7d ago

Bruce Almighty and Princess Diana!!!


u/bigcatbetty 7d ago

Both, how could you leave one?


u/thykarmabenill 7d ago

Jumping on the "both" bandwagon. I rescued a kitten off the street recently and I wish I had another one to play with him so he doesn't pester my older cats constantly!


u/Pepe_Crimge 7d ago


You'll witness something magical between them.. an unconditional love bond. 💕

I didn't realize how much i needed a second cat, untill i got one.


u/gangstaflorist 7d ago


both is the only right answer! Adopted these siblings two years ago after initially getting just one. Learned real fast that it’s way better for them this way! Plus, double the cuteness.


u/notyourcinderella 7d ago


Both is the correct answer. These babies weren't littermates but bonded within 2 days of meeting.


u/Infidel2017 7d ago


Both! Siblings are the best, two strays we found in our backyard when they were barely 5 weeks old. Max and Ruby.