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Introducing these two together. Kitten lived here first. Adult is new. Is this a good level of play? Advice

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u/TheAgeofKite Dec 01 '22

Well, one thing is certain, they do not fear or hate each other.


u/InShambles234 Dec 01 '22

I require far more amazing video of these two. You know...to check.


u/[deleted] Dec 01 '22



u/Primary_Ebb_7107 Dec 01 '22

for research, and homework


u/Elgar76 Dec 01 '22

For fun and frivolity. They’re perfect together.


u/beezkneezsneez Dec 01 '22

Happy cake day!!


u/Sigrah117 Dec 01 '22

For the archives.


u/FreeSecret6 Dec 01 '22

Happy cake day


u/CatFaerie CatMom! Dec 01 '22

This is a really good start. They should be fine together.


u/----Zenith---- Dec 01 '22

Big kitty seemed calm as fuck. Just making sure little kitty knows he’s little and not to mess with them lol.


u/Educational-Ruin9992 Dec 01 '22

Ears forward, tail up…they are going to be fine together.


u/GoFast_EatAss Dec 01 '22

Took the words right off of my fingers. Always check their body language if you’re questioning whether or not you can eventually leave them alone.


u/LimitlessMegan Dec 01 '22

Yup. That’s actually a SUPER calm and excellent first meeting.


u/SpikeyRacer Dec 01 '22

Seems fine to me. My friend brought her kitten over to my house and my 7 year old cat couldn’t care less but the kitten was pissed, constantly hissing and posturing, they never got along. So what I’m saying is it looks like those two are probably going to be okay


u/KittieSlave Dec 01 '22

My gf brought her 7 year old girl cat over for the first time to see my two 1 year old boy cats. One boy hissed once, and then 3 hours later they were taking turns trying to bang her, and now she belongs to one of the boys....the other...just looks at them longingly.


u/LunaGreen-177 Dec 01 '22

Time to get another girl kitten!


u/guerisimo Dec 01 '22

This is good. They could play much rougher and it would still be fine. You will know it’s not fine if you hear screaming


u/bugaboo_92 Dec 01 '22

Almost seems like the perfect balance! Kitten is still learning how to cat, and older new cat knows how to but wants to respect other kitten as they came first! Looks like best friends in the making to me!


u/Dizzy-Tour-3791 Dec 01 '22

The older cat almost seems amused. They have a great beginning! Looks like great potential for a long friendship 😀 wishing you success!


u/aprole Dec 01 '22

Give them a while to set their boundaries.


u/Dubbien Dec 01 '22

This is just an excuse to post your cats, not an actual concern if this playfulness is ok 😅 I just lost my cat so I would love two babies like this.


u/Dizzy-Tour-3791 Dec 01 '22

Im sorry you lost your baby. Things get better. Believe in the future. Have a good day!


u/Head-Panic4823 Dec 01 '22

Orange cats are crazy fun! The other cat looks cool and calm like he could care less. Looks like a good time.


u/Kear_Bear_3747 Dec 01 '22

That’s super chill actually


u/VideoUnlucky3117 Dec 01 '22

Expect the older cat to eventually start disciplining the younger one and teaching them cat etiquette. They might even play fight. So long as claws, biting and terrible screaming isn't happening, its all good


u/Vixenmeja Dec 01 '22

Very good meet. They'll be great friends in no time. And we'll need follow ups.


u/twistwastaken Dec 01 '22

I learned on this reddit that if you have to ask if they are fighting or playing... They arent fighting


u/Thoth-long-bill Dec 01 '22

Need to see more film by far.


u/Rais93 Dec 01 '22

i see a very successful introduction.

Congrats, more mayhem will ensue


u/hatlad43 Dec 01 '22

Kitten has that /oneorangebraincell energy, the elderly seems OK with it but still want to know more


u/BosDiertje Dec 01 '22

Must have more video evidence to study the case.


u/Accomplished-Yam6553 Dec 01 '22

That's play, kitten turned her back to the adult which is a very good indicator of trust. And adult isn't very aggressive either. Seems like you actually did a great job of introducing them. It's been said a million times and I'll be a million and 1 but if it's not play you'll know


u/AnotherWarGamer Dec 01 '22

First cats kinda pissed, like watch what I'm going to do to you. Second cats like chill dude, I'm bigger and stronger than you. First cats like I need to go lay down and think about this.

Should work out with time.


u/Juniper_briar-18 Dec 01 '22

They love eachother ❤️❤️❤️


u/Mister-Curio Dec 01 '22

i love cats xd


u/NoSleepCrew Dec 01 '22

If fur isn’t flying, it’s all good.


u/harumamburoo Dec 01 '22

Not bad at all. Could be much worse


u/_Azu__ Dec 01 '22

yeah they seem like they might get along


u/WhoThenDevised Dec 01 '22

Looks good. No fur flying is a good sign.


u/SunstormGT Dec 01 '22

Looks good, no negative body language.


u/peroxidase2 Dec 01 '22

Looks to be two good cats. Good for you.


u/TinnieTa21 Dec 01 '22

The adult cat is gorgeous and looks super chill.


u/GFVeggie Dec 01 '22

Very cute. Love the brave little kitten. She seems sure of her surroundings.


u/classwarhottakes Dec 01 '22

Looks like a great and very relaxed start, they're both interested in each other and the kitten initiates play.


u/YesterdayOk5245 Dec 01 '22

Their just checking each other out, looks harmless.


u/Katseye1975 Dec 01 '22

First meeting? Amazing. My kitties will sniff and hiss at each other if one left the house for a minute or even got a bath and they've been together for years


u/lawtalkingguy23 Dec 01 '22

They’ll be fine.


u/JonesP77 Dec 01 '22

They dont try to kill each other so everything is fine. Not every cats become best friends. Sometimes its just more accepting and a bit playing. It takes time, sometimes many months!


u/NeatBack6989 Dec 01 '22

Yes it is, if there is alot of hissing and fighting then they would need some time apart but they look so playful. This is normal behavior. This is their "I am bigger than you" ever cat or dog work out who is more dominant over the other, it's in their DNA.


u/Kindaspia Dec 01 '22

Perfectly normal. No ears back, tails are up… they’re doing great.


u/DerekPaxton Dec 01 '22

The kitten is a little nervous but wants to play. The adult cat is being such a good boy, friendly, playful and not aggressive. They will be best friends soon.


u/MrSchmax Dec 01 '22

Oh yes…going to be good friends :)


u/stnkybuttfacejr Dec 01 '22

Mine go to town on each other and as long as nobody is noising or clearly more than a little agitated I let them have it. I can't remember ever having to separate them. I think that amount of play is good plus much more. It's play as long a nobody is yelling or bleeding lol


u/Someguyonreddit967 Dec 01 '22

Real fighting is LOUD


u/The_Kitten_Stimpy Dec 01 '22

yes. you have never seen a cat fight. It is just a swirl revolving with hair coming up out of the middle. that is play


u/sriracharade Dec 01 '22

Setup feeding rules now. I would recommend trying separate feeding areas first where they can't see each other so that each can eat their food in peace. This will also reduce the possibility of friction. Some cats like to eat together, though, so if that doesn't work, change it up.


u/Smart_Refrigerator60 Dec 01 '22

That was pretty vanilla


u/ZombieOfTheYear Dec 01 '22

Very good. They're feeling each other out, displaying no malice or overly territorial actions. I predict they're gonna be best buds soon.


u/verhol Dec 01 '22

No hissing or puffed up furs, they should be fine 😄 they are absolutely adorable btw! What a pair 🤍


u/mandarinonino Dec 01 '22

I would say they are comfortable with each other , the big one wasn’t aggressive and the smol one gave his back to him…


u/idiot5372 Dec 01 '22

This is fine and normal


u/ScienceTheLiar Dec 01 '22

They are going to be the best of friends very soon and I can't wait for an update OP


u/PancakeHandz Dec 01 '22

I would consider this a great success after my two cats seemingly tried to kill each other when they first met.


u/Popgallery Dec 01 '22

They are showing interest and no aggression. All good!


u/Bean-Swellington Dec 01 '22

The body language looks ok to me, neither one seems unhappy about the interaction. The might have a few arguments to see who’s in charge from time to time but I would be comfortable leaving them together


u/Sik_Facadian Dec 01 '22

That wasn’t a play it was a back off this is mine. But so far looks healthy for cats


u/3RR0R13 Dec 01 '22

That’s so cutee


u/jabrahssicpark Dec 01 '22

They seem to like each other! It's very playful and gentle


u/FreeSecret6 Dec 01 '22

Yes. Watch their tails. They are a lot smarter than we know. Let them work it out.


u/jlccourt Dec 01 '22

Adopting older cats (kudos for that, by the way) can be beneficial to kittens that still need a mother or father figure. The adult will guide the kitten into adulthood.


u/MrSuperHappyPants Dec 01 '22

This is perfect.

Purrrr(oh shut up)fect.

Give it a week and they'll be best buds. It's so great to have two kitties who get along. It took my current babies 3 days.


u/JackieET1987 Dec 01 '22

Wow if this is early on introducing them, this is amazing. They’re going to be the best of friends. I didn’t even have mine in the same room for almost 2 weeks.


u/StupiedSwede Dec 01 '22

Looks like an excellent start and once the older one get settled more in the new home they will have fun for sure.


u/Tritri89 Dec 01 '22

They are ADORABLE. They will be okay !


u/Healthy-Major2912 Dec 01 '22

Seems super playful! Ears are forward and the tail’s up. Great first meeting I can’t wait for you to show us more of their friendship!!


u/Tommy-s_Mommy Dec 01 '22

You introduced them slowly, didn't you, rather than just throwing them in together?


u/JojiTheKitty4 Dec 01 '22

They will get along fine, no hissing, no backwards defensive ears, no arched back, no puffing up for intimidating, they will be buddies.


u/Infamous_Subject6398 Dec 01 '22

Yes these two are very chill, no concerns at all.


u/aishanonoa Dec 01 '22

Id be very happy with this. Going well!


u/KatherinetheOK Dec 01 '22

Yeah, they respect each other's boundaries and may be trying to decide who's in charge, but they're not fighting over it at all. I don't see any fear or aggression, just the Getting To Know You dance. Pretty sure they'll be sleeping curled up together by the end of the year.


u/InkCarpntr420 Dec 01 '22

They will become bfs no doubt


u/Jhood888 Dec 02 '22

They look amazing together! Fun days ahead


u/intheshadows8990 Maine Coon Dec 02 '22

Perfectly fine. My stray void did this with the older 2 cats. They now all run and chase each other.


u/Rhiannonna Dec 01 '22

They should be separated at least for one week, I even did 3 once. Imagine somebody came into your home unannounced and then just wants to share your space, food and attention. They need to come to a place where the both feel secure and equally welcome, otherwise they will probably never get to a place of love or harmony. Most people don't take the time to do a careful introduction and then wonder why their cats are always tense and barely tolerating each other! Good luck with yours, they both look awesome! :8097: