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Are german businesses more pessimistic about their future than the G7 countries? [OC] OC



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u/Chris_Schmitz Nov 30 '22

Sometimes my gut feeling tells me that German entrepreneurs focus too much on negative issues, are risk averse and are not as innovative and free spirited as Scandinavians or Americans, so I was interested to see if there are any signals from business confidence indicators in the last decades.

As a source to get data on this, I took the OECD data for the business conficence index as a kind of reference.

At least for the last 10 years, this is not the case for the business confidence indicator. Business leaders in Germany tend to be more positive about the future than the entirety of G7 countries (US, Japan, France, Italy, UK, Canada and Germany).

The data were sourced via OECD API with a Python script and visualized with Power BI


u/GrievousInflux Dec 01 '22

Do you have any statistics to show if the data are significant? Those seem to be pretty small bumps overall.


u/hans0mc Nov 30 '22

It’s probably the German government that makes them worry about the future (prices, taxes, overregulation).