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Will Smith's family looking like a rogues' gallery of Batman villains

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u/blademak Dec 01 '22

Who is the guy on the far left, opposite of Jada?


u/ryancementhead Dec 01 '22

That’s Wills first kid Tre from a previous marriage.


u/Embarrassed_Stop_594 Dec 01 '22 Wholesome Take My Energy

previous marriage.

Ah, that explains it...


u/Acrobatic-Ad4706 Dec 01 '22 Snek

Wills first son. I think his name is Tre, the normal one in the family. No Jada in his blood.


u/Optimal_Carpenter690 Dec 01 '22

Trey, with a 'y'. Also, he's who Will Smith's Just the Two of Us is about and the kid who can be heard in the beginning and end of the song


u/Taraxian Dec 01 '22 Today I Learned

His actual name is Willard Smith III (Will Smith is Willard Smith II), "Trey" is a nickname (because it means "three")


u/Optimal_Carpenter690 Dec 01 '22

That I didn't know


u/secondarykip Dec 01 '22

It's worth noting that his full name is Williard Smith III


u/[deleted] Dec 01 '22 Evil Cackle

Would explain why he has normal cheekbones and doesn’t look like a psycho path


u/washtubs Dec 01 '22

Reddit discovers phrenology


u/Increase-Null Dec 01 '22


That's a pretty good album.

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u/Dward917 Dec 01 '22

Two of them actually did play Batman villains.


u/a_white_american_guy Dec 01 '22

Besides Jada, who else?


u/Effective_Wasabi_150 Dec 01 '22

Will Smith was Deadshot in Suicide Squad


u/YoYoMoMa Dec 01 '22

What are we, some kind of IMDB?


u/Effective_Wasabi_150 Dec 01 '22


My favorite Luiz Guzman movie


u/bryeo2 Dec 01 '22

i liked him innnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn


u/ExcelMN Dec 01 '22

That was tragic.


u/JerryRhinefeld Dec 01 '22

Look at me! This is my sisters outfit!

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u/AbedNoOneFan Dec 01 '22

He loved his time there, he got laid like crazy!


u/Baarkszz Dec 01 '22

That was streets ahead.


u/gamjh Dec 01 '22

If I have to ask, am I streets behind?


u/RokulusM Dec 01 '22

Six streets and a movie.


u/Thundrous_prophet Dec 01 '22

Did you ever see Heart Of Darkness? Way better than Apocalypse Now

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u/4rch_N3m3515 Dec 01 '22

#andamovie ✊

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u/Ganon2012 Dec 01 '22

For some reason, that made me think of Carl: "Truly, they were an Aqua Teen Hunger Force."

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u/jjisnotcool Dec 01 '22 Silver Gold

Didn't he also portray as slapman at the oscars?


u/[deleted] Dec 01 '22

He also played Twoface

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u/Comfortable_One_9607 Dec 01 '22

Keep his wife’s name out of your mouth! 👋


u/Admirable-Builder878 Dec 01 '22

Batman: I am vengeance, I am darkness, I am the night. I have sworn to justice that I will clean up this pestilent crime that plagues Gotham. Where are they? The criminals that rot our city from within. The leaches that feed on our innocent. The scum that dwells in a silent chaos,... Am I rambling? Jada, Jada, you get the rest.

Deadshot: Keep my wife's name out of your f#@& mouth!

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u/Liquid_Fox_31 Dec 01 '22

J.I. Jane 2, can't wait to see it


u/IsThatHearsay Dec 01 '22

Ah, the simple passing "joke" that essentially equated Jada to a strong and fierce woman, not really an insult, and the whole world wouldn't have even remembered within a minute or two after, had Will not done anything...

Now instead it will be remembered by everyone, even those who weren't watching, their careers permanently tarnished, and Will and his family will be mocked forever.

Gotta love a good temper tantrum.

(Not to mention the perfect framework now for all the jokes that came out of it - "Will, I think you should be far more concerned with who is in Jada's mouth...")

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u/stcv3 Dec 01 '22

Will Smith. He was in suicide squad. Not directly interacted with Batman in a movie but he was a bad guy indeed.


u/Friendly-Leg-6694 Dec 01 '22 edited Dec 01 '22

He did interact with him and got arrested by Batman in the alley.

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u/Dave-justdave Dec 01 '22

Batman caught him and bc his daughter was there he went away quietly

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u/kylepm Dec 01 '22

I was about to point this out, too. Although I have a question: Was Jada's character invented for Gotham, or was it a pre-existing one? I never bothered to find out.


u/quantumn0de Dec 01 '22

Original character for the show. Falcone underling/lieutenant. Could have been anybody.

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u/mizukata Dec 01 '22

Unintentionally accurate post.

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u/bartolocologne40 Dec 01 '22 Wholesome Bravo Grande!

My favourite is the one on the far left because I have no idea who he is.


u/RunTellDaat Dec 01 '22

That’s Trey Smith! Willie’s first born


u/big_red_160 Dec 01 '22

He has another, older son? Wild


u/Boomshrooom Dec 01 '22

From before he got with Jada, from what I've seen reported his mum kept him out of the limelight and made sure he grew up with his head on straight. No wonder he seems like the only normal one.


u/GoodElevation Dec 01 '22

He was the subject of "Just The Two of Us" and I haven't really heard anything about him since


u/sdiss98 Dec 01 '22

They made it because they tried.


u/public_enemy_obi_wan Dec 01 '22

🎶 Just the two of us....🎶

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u/hughmann_13 Dec 01 '22

Just realized this guy exists and he looks like the only one that's not a total alien.


u/[deleted] Dec 01 '22



u/PharmAttack Dec 01 '22

Guess that's what happens when you method act so much that you fuck actual aliens.

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u/Erized84 Dec 01 '22

That's what happens when you're the only one not born from a narcisistic mother and fostered to be a narcissist as well.

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u/PickaxeJunky Dec 01 '22

Like the Fresh Prince of Bel-air in reverse.


u/HeavyMetalTriangle Dec 01 '22

Looking like a normal person amongst the Smiths is not a high bar to reach lol

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u/OtisTetraxReigns Dec 01 '22

Was gonna say, he clearly had very little to do with the rest of them, because he doesn’t look like he wants to kill himself.


u/Julii_caesus Dec 01 '22

He really does seem like the only non-freak.

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u/theblakesheep Dec 01 '22

He’s the one in ‘Just the Two of Us’


u/atducker Dec 01 '22

I kept reading down waiting for somebody to say it but maybe it's an age thing. When I saw him in this picture my first though was literally, "Is that the guy from Just the Two of Us?"

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u/areyoubawkingtome Dec 01 '22

That's actually also Will Smith. Will Smith is named after his dad and named his first born the same. So there's Will Smith Senior (Not pictured above), Will Smith Junior (pictured next to Jada), and Will Smith the third (otherwise known as "Trey"/"Tre").

Tre/Trey is a common nickname for people that are "The Third"s coming from the Latin for the number 3.

Pretty sure Will is short for Willard too and not William.


u/Optimal_Carpenter690 Dec 01 '22

If anybody has heard Will Smith's song Just the Two of Us, Trey is who the song is about, and the child that can be heard in the beginning and ending of the song

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u/weezmatical Dec 01 '22

He was from the "just the two of us" music video. Honestly he is easily my favorite of the group because the unknown is better than the known in the matter of the Smith family.


u/honestyseasy Dec 01 '22

He's like Amy Osbourne (Ozzy and Sharon's oldest). She refrained from the reality show and is just living her life, afaik.


u/FlukyS Dec 01 '22

It's funny she was regularly in the room when they were filming the show too, she just was blurred out when on camera


u/MotoRandom Dec 01 '22

I thought that was a staff assistant or tech. I never knew until later that was the other daughter. Maybe she's not bat shit crazy like the rest of them.


u/FlukyS Dec 01 '22

I used the watch the show from time to time, she is very normal compared to the others


u/Blight609 Dec 01 '22

It’s funny I remember that I watched that show as well, but the only thing I can remember is Sharon throwing food over the fence at the neighbors.


u/Empigee Dec 01 '22

Supposedly Sharon gave her a lot of shit for not wanting to be on the show.


u/FlukyS Dec 01 '22

Well he does have 5 kids and only 2 were on the show but Aimee was the only one of Sharon's kids who wasn't.

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u/DLArismendi Dec 01 '22

He looks like Hyde from that 70s show but, you know, black.


u/FrighteningJibber Dec 01 '22 edited Dec 01 '22

Hyde was black


u/Devinitelyy Dec 01 '22

The fro, my coolness, my suspicion of the man, it all makes sense now. I'm black!

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u/ImReverse_Giraffe Dec 01 '22

Same, and he looks the happiest out of all of them. Kind of like he doesn't live in the spot light and is able to enjoy it when he does come out once a year.


u/CO_PC_Parts Dec 01 '22 edited Dec 01 '22

he's kind of like the oldest Osbourne kid. He sort of stays out of the news. Also, apparently Jaden Jada hated him when he was younger.

Meant Jada, not Jaden


u/snowysnowy Dec 01 '22

apparently Jaden hated him when he was younger.

something tells me Jaden hates a lot of people

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u/slip_this_in Dec 01 '22 Starry

Never forget [Key and Peele sketch on how out of touch with reality Jaden is]


u/Jdubya87 Dec 01 '22



u/CodeNameBryan Dec 01 '22

"Dad bless you" 🤣🤣


u/Johnmcguirk Dec 01 '22

What did I say about science fiction, Clyde?


u/Dr-McLuvin Dec 01 '22

Lol that’s great. Never seen it before.


u/slip_this_in Dec 01 '22

"Working is kind of like acting on a set everyday in a film that noone's ever going to see and it lasts for the rest of your life". haha


u/MissPumpkinSpice1 Dec 01 '22

I dig this quote holy shit

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u/makemeking706 Dec 01 '22

Jaden looks like he has been doing meth.


u/Browzur Dec 01 '22

That’s high class fashion for you


u/Falkuria Dec 01 '22

I think youre heavily confusing meth with cocaine, lmao.


u/JesusHChristBot Dec 01 '22

He looks like he's been doing speedballs, that's what killed Chris Farley


u/Tadiken Dec 01 '22

You know what's funny? I saw Willow in concert on her birthday, right, so Jaden makes a surprise appearance(for the audience at least) to perform summertime with her and wished her happy birthday afterwards.

I gotta say, he gave one of the best sibling birthday speeches I've ever heard. He didn't say not one weird thing and talked like a whole ass normal person that just loves his sister for a solid 2 minutes.

Then I see his tweets again and remember I usually think the kid is an alien. Kinda starting to think he just acts that way as his celebrity persona.


u/TheSubredditPolice Dec 01 '22

He looks strung out in the picture.



Will is the only truly happy person in this picture


u/canihavemymoneyback Dec 01 '22 Take My Energy

Orrrrrr, he’s the best actor.

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u/WesleyJSnipes Dec 01 '22

Jaden looking like Ikea wall art.


u/paomplemoose Dec 01 '22 Gold Helpful

If this is what getting jiggy with it looks like count me out. Na na na na na na


u/cdug82 Dec 01 '22

Na Na na na na no thanks

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u/EfficiencyItchy1156 Dec 01 '22

Why his little son dressed like a curtain ?


u/muffcabbage363 Dec 01 '22 Wholesome Starstruck

They look miserable together.


u/MisteryOnion Dec 01 '22

Will is the only one smiling in every picture I've ever seen.


u/The_Humble_Frank Dec 01 '22 edited Dec 01 '22

his lips may be smiling in this picture but his eyes are not

post capulus edit: he's to his


u/Koldtoft Dec 01 '22

he's lips may be smiling in this picture but his eyes are not

he's lips may be smiling in this picture but his eyes are saying "please someone, kill me now"


u/centipede475 Dec 01 '22

Lol, really he looks like he about to cry , no he is already crying.


u/Locke_and_Load Dec 01 '22

Did you see his interview with Trevor Noah? He started randomly tearing up during it claiming he has “air plane eyes”.

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u/nryporter25 Dec 01 '22

His lips aren't even smiling it's like he's just showing his teeth


u/Dear_Giraffe_453 Dec 01 '22 Helpful

His Will Feral look...😁


u/the_backpack Dec 01 '22

that was way more clever than you'll ever get credit for


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u/carnalurge82 Dec 01 '22

"Kill us all, before it's too late"

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u/lydriseabove Dec 01 '22

Oh wow. I zoomed and covered the lower half of his face, dude’s eyes look like he’s in the middle of a breakdown


u/PM_Me_Spicey_Boobs Dec 01 '22

Hes just old. Thats how ur eyes get when you get old


u/notactuallyabrownman Dec 01 '22

Well yeah, he's had to pretend he's ok with dudes smashing his wife for ages now. There's only so far you can go with that before it shows.


u/WhyCommentQueasy Dec 01 '22

I still don't understand why he has to pretend he's okay with that if he's not.


u/SkyezOpen Dec 01 '22

He's in an abusive relationship.

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u/bob_nugget_the_3rd Dec 01 '22 Table Slap

Well when your married to Blofield your son is jaden, and all you got left is a smile, what else can you do


u/Martyr-Saint Dec 01 '22

They even Rebooted Fresh Prince.

This man has lost everything


u/ArbainHestia Dec 01 '22

Rebooted Fresh Prince.

I forgot that even existed.


u/Naschka Dec 01 '22

Nope, they wear Fresh Prince as a skin suit. I refuse to accept it as anything but the same in name only.

The old show was far better and back then he deserved to be called a star as his bright personality and the morals of the show did shine on those who watched it.


u/Ostracus Dec 01 '22

You'll note he married his current wife (1997) just after that show concluded (1996). Plus I'm sure Quincy Jones was a big reason for the show being what it was.


u/OriginalCause Dec 01 '22

The original was a show filled with tired old tropes that got flip turned upside down by a very talented cast and crew and was so lovable it spawned a generation of imitators.

The "reboot" is wearing the Fresh Prince like an Edgar-suit. On the surface, if you squint and tilt your head a little, it might look kinda like the Fresh Prince, but under all that is just another soulless cashgrab reboot.

It has a lot in common with the Wonder Years reboot in that way - and in my opinion would have been a lot better if it tried to stand on it's own two feet rather than drag a lot of reboot-baggage along with it.

I can't speak for others, but when I want a nostalgia hit, I want to actually feel the 'member berries kicking in. It's why dark horse shows like Cobra Kai are kickass and still going strong, and people barely even remember Bel-Air (seriously, how many remembered it was even named Bel-Air?) exists.


u/____0____0____ Dec 01 '22

Your Edgar suit analogy cracked me the fuck up. Nicely done


u/Naschka Dec 01 '22 edited Dec 01 '22

The most vivid memory i have of the original is carlton trying to get into a (edited)fraternity and getting treated like sh**, his speech afterwards was great.

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u/akaAelius Dec 01 '22

I assume the kids are trying to portray that "I'm too cool" look, or at least that what it seems like to me.

But I straight up snorted when I read the tag line, it's true. They look like a lineup in a Gotham precinct.


u/Metfan722 Dec 01 '22

Which is kinda funny since Jada Pinket was in the show Gotham for a good bit

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u/Sailor-Gerry Dec 01 '22

I'm guessing he's well versed in smiling through misery, what with all that pretending he's all good with his wife getting ploughed by every dude that finds their way onto the Smith estate...


u/AJ3TurtleSquad Dec 01 '22

Careful... you don't want Will to slap you now

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u/rythmicbread Dec 01 '22

I assumed they’re trying to Blue Steel it

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u/irrregardlesss Dec 01 '22

If your family were Scientologists you’d be miserable too.


u/HighlandMonkey Dec 01 '22

“Nobody’s leaving. Nobody’s walking out on this fun, old-fashioned family Christmas. No, no. We’re all in this together. This is a full-blown, four-alarm holiday emergency here. We’re gonna press on, and we’re gonna have the hap, hap, happiest Christmas since Bing Crosby tap-danced with Danny fucking Kaye. And when Santa squeezes his fat white ass down that chimney tonight, he’s gonna find the jolliest bunch of assholes this side of the nuthouse.”


u/Automatic_Llama Dec 01 '22

"We're going to this event, and we're going to have a happy, fun time goddamit."


u/drama-guy Dec 01 '22

I mean it's probably the same type of family publicity picture they've taken thousands of times. Who wouldn't come across looking a bit bored and tired of it all.


u/MechaPumpkin Dec 01 '22

He never should have left Jeff for Jada.

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u/jbcraigs Dec 01 '22 edited Dec 01 '22

They look miserable together.

It’s because happiness doesn’t come from just having wealth. It comes from actual growth and sense of achievement.

Only one person in that picture has any real achievements to show. 🤷‍♂️


u/ShitPostGuy Dec 01 '22

I dunno, I hear the oldest child is a fairly successful accountant or some such thing

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u/Fun-Razzmatazz9186 Dec 01 '22

Is he wearing a shower curtain?


u/[deleted] Dec 01 '22



u/muffledhoot Dec 01 '22

Damn you pulled out Carol Burnett - that’s great!


u/gsfgf Dec 01 '22

I think he lost a fight to a newspaper printing press

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u/sorefathers Dec 01 '22 Take My Energy LOVE!

Reminds me of the Rose family in Schitt’s Creek before they lost their money and became real people again.

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u/alias241 Dec 01 '22

They badly need cousin Carlton to move in.


u/GMANTRONX Dec 01 '22

Well, Jada is an actual Batman villain


u/dwagner0402 Dec 01 '22

Is young Smith going for the David Byrne look with such a comically oversized suit?


u/Fun-Razzmatazz9186 Dec 01 '22

I thought it was a shower curtain

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u/FartOnAFirstDate Dec 01 '22 Silver

It’s appropriate, because this family Stopped Making Sense a long time ago.

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u/M0D3Z Dec 01 '22

Trey is the only one that looks and seems normal. Also not Jadas kid.


u/pranamya2005 Dec 01 '22 Silver

There we have many famous Villians. Firstly from left to right, we have Trae Young, Sasuke, A newpaper, Slapman and Lex Luther.


u/Professional-Arm3610 Dec 01 '22

I found a solution for slap man’s powers, when he starts saying take my wife’s name out your mouth, put your butt in place of your face and it will become pleasant rather than painful

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u/BigAlternative5 Dec 01 '22

A newpaper

I thought he was Urban Camo. "How we going to catch this guy? He could be anywhere!"

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u/[deleted] Dec 01 '22

Group of strangers.

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u/Wrekless_ Dec 01 '22

Someone tell Jaden his suit is too big


u/softofferings Dec 01 '22

He looks exactly the same as he did when he was a kid, I don't get why he's so puny


u/WakaWaka_ Dec 01 '22

Someone tell his suit that Jaden is too small


u/Locke_and_Load Dec 01 '22

All jokes aside, Will is definitely not the same man he used to be. He used to have natural charisma and always found a way to light up a conversation or room. I took a lot away from the Charisma on Command video showing the difference between Will and Jaden, it was eye opening. But now? In his latest interview with Trevor Noah he ended almost every sentence with, “you know”. He’s lost the charisma and now has to basically “act” through conversations. Jada did a number on him for sure.


u/Embarrassed_Stop_594 Dec 01 '22

Yeah, I feel sorry for him.

I don´t know him and don´t know his wife (obviously) but from the outside, it looks to me like he is in an abusive relationship with a psychopath. That is my take on the situation anyway.. She wrapped him around her little finger and manipulated him into a life he does not like or want but feels stuck in.

But what do I know..


u/Produceher Dec 01 '22

This is so true. Not sure if it's Jada or what but comparing the charisma and honesty of Trevor vs Will was astonishing. He couldn't even "act" like a decent person. It reminded me a lot of Hillary Clinton. She was so afraid of being judged by every word she said, that she couldn't be herself. So she always came off as shady. When in reality, she was just scared of every word she said. Will is a shell of a man at this point.

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u/Retroreduxtexas Dec 01 '22

The young man on the left is Will's son from a previous relationship. Very handsome young man.


u/ymx287 Dec 01 '22

This picture perfectly embodies the psychological toll Hollywood can have on a family


u/Cash907 Dec 01 '22

Nah, Jada was a complete bitch right out of the box. Go watch a movie from the 90’s called “Woo.” It’s literally Jada being Jada before Jada was Jada.

This picture perfectly embodies what being raised by an entitled narcissistic sociopath does to a family.

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u/onliwenimtrunk Dec 01 '22

When is the GI Jane 2 release?


u/[deleted] Dec 01 '22

[removed] — view removed comment

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u/colonel_Schwejk Dec 01 '22

she looks like she want to kill the camera man and drink the blood directly from the wound

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u/Transdevil23459 Dec 01 '22

Lexi Luther


u/amethystwyvern Dec 01 '22

Jaden and willow just look like goofy spoiled kids.


u/MannowLawn Dec 01 '22

The one on the right looks like she can suck the joy out of every room.


u/rad1om Dec 01 '22

I mean, his wife is a certified villain. Change my mind.


u/CrawlerSiegfriend Dec 01 '22

Dude on the left looks too normal to be in this photo.


u/[deleted] Dec 01 '22


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u/dannyjbixby Dec 01 '22

I mean of course when one of them is literally Fish Mooney


u/Educational_Major226 Dec 01 '22

Wonder if there are any mirrors available in their house? I feel mean writing anything nasty but their sense of fashion is beyond weird to me


u/PhelesDragon Dec 01 '22 I'll Drink to That

They do, but Jada doesn't appear in them

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u/EViLTeW Dec 01 '22

Jaden and Jada are the only ones in this picture not wearing "traditional" fashion. Trey, Willow, and Will are all in pretty classic fashion.

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u/somebodysbuddy Dec 01 '22

Of Course There Aren't Mirrors. They Aren't Real, Just Like Eyes.


u/OathOfFeanor Dec 01 '22

I think Will and his daughter look pretty sharp.

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u/the_hero_of_all Dec 01 '22

Is it just me or does Jada just have a face that makes you instantly in a bad mood?


u/Hellalive89 Dec 01 '22

What a miserable bunch of oddballs and one actor acting happy


u/fatalcorn7367 Dec 01 '22

trey is the only vaguely normal looking one

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u/[deleted] Dec 01 '22

Something about Jaden makes me want to punch all of them.

Except that other kid. He’s cool.


u/edors_toi23 Dec 01 '22

They make me so uncomfortable


u/MisterBlick Dec 01 '22

Define "resting bitch face"...


u/Waffleman75 Dec 01 '22

Did Willow shave her eyebrows off?

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u/FaithlessnessMore835 Dec 01 '22

From left to right; "Dapper" , "Flapper", "Rapper", "Slapper" and "Napper".


u/ugonlern2day Dec 01 '22

Change the middle one to "Wrapper", wrapped in his newspaper suit and you nailed it.


u/AutumnAscending Dec 01 '22

Jada fucking terrifies me. Even when she had hair she didn't look human and now she passed that gene onto Willo.


u/PhelesDragon Dec 01 '22

So what you're saying is, they don't whip their hair back and forth?

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u/AmAttorneyPleaseHire Dec 01 '22

Will is the only one here trying to pretend they’re all happy


u/Scoreycorey515 Dec 01 '22

Watch out, he gonna find you and slap you


u/Tax-Visual Dec 01 '22

You think money changes people? 🙃


u/sandstorml Dec 01 '22

with wealth comes influence and influence is a two way street.

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u/exbusanguy Dec 01 '22

Does anyone even care about them anymore?


u/fatcat111 Dec 01 '22

There is a new Will Smith movie coming out, so you are going to see a bunch of Will Smith stuff over the next few weeks. He will kinda apologize for the Chris Rock incident, but it will be all about how it's affecting Will Smith, not about what he did to Rock.

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u/Uncle_Boppi Dec 01 '22

I think Trey Smith (left side) is really the only "normal" one out of all of them.


u/Snoo_89466 Dec 01 '22

Blade: so they're not a vampire family?

Van Helsing: nah man...

Blade: and you're sure?

Van helsing: nah man....


u/wellichickenpie Dec 01 '22

Jokers, mad clowns the lot of them.


u/bongo1138 Dec 01 '22

Man, I feel bad for Will Smith. I mean, look at him. He’s just trying so hard and his wife and daughter and son are, like, cartoonishly weird. That dude on the left (presumably his other son?) looks normal but who tf knows lol


u/PulledPorkPlease Dec 01 '22

OH SHIT it’s J.I. Jane!!


^ That’s me getting slapped by Will Smith and then dying.


u/RileyXT Dec 01 '22

Will's eyes are crying on the inside but he is a decent actor so his smile looks real... Idk what to think about him, should I feel bad for him that he is trapped by his freak wife, or does he actually respect her to go assault people on her behalf? Something is obviously happening that we can't see...


u/Retrotone Dec 01 '22

This photo slaps.


u/Wildfire9 Dec 01 '22

Man, you can discern so much from this photo.


u/marchillo Dec 01 '22

Jada seems like the kind of person who takes herself, her job, her breakfast... everything... way too seriously.


u/Trumps__Taint Dec 01 '22

So when is GI Jane 2 coming out?