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[PARTS] Criterion Core 12.5" Barrels - $250...Aimpoint CompM5s No Mount - $760, T2 No Mount - $699, 3X-C Magnifier - $275...Lumens for 18% off ALL Lights and ShipFree for Free Shipping on ALL Holosuns...More in Comments Parts


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u/bigd081285 Dealer May 31 '23

Hey guys,

Should be getting 13.9 criterions next week or the week after so make sure to sign up for notifications. We also just added apex tactical to our line up so I'll be getting those products added to our website in the next week

Make sure to [EMAIL](mailto:sales@midwestoptics.net) us for price on any Holosun(including ACSS Models) & Scalarworks products on the product page. Just got a restock of 507K ACSS Models. Eotechs have been restocked as well

Coupon Codes

Holo14 - 14% Off most Eotechs

ShipFree - Free shipping on ALL Holosun

Lumens - 18% off ALL lights and light accessories

Fresh Restock on Modlite & Cloud Reins & MCH 2s. Also, have some X300 Turbos and 340DF Turbos Black

As always, thanks for all the support. Be sure to give us a follow on r/MidwestOpticsAllies

EVERYTHING we have is in stock ready to ship. Absolutely no dropshipping. No tax outside Illinois

Few Product Highlights

X300 Turbo Black - $275

X300 Turbo FDE - $283

M340DF Turbo Black - $295

H2 w std mount- $685

CompM5 No Mount - $760

CompM5s w LRP - $925

Geissele Triggers - $210

SSA-E X - $285

Super Scar - $305

Super MCX - $290

Super MPX - $300

Super ACR - $210

SRO 1moa/2.5 moa - $535

Raptor & Talon Combos - $110

Talon 2 Selector - $50

Talon 4 Selector - $75

Radian Raptor - $80

Radian Raptor SD - $109

Vickers Padded Slings(all colors) - $57.99


u/cltnthecultist May 31 '23

That’s… a really good deal on a compm5s, no? Or is that going rate without a mount?


u/yungtriscuits Jun 01 '23

Not to steal their thunder, but you can do about 10% better on it with a standard mount from Eurooptic, free shipping, add to cart for price.


u/Im-a-magpie Jun 01 '23

But possible tax depending on where you live


u/redditdave2018 May 31 '23

Eta for 14.5?


u/bigd081285 Dealer May 31 '23

1-2 months


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u/taracor Jun 01 '23

As soon as you get a 5moa SRO I’m going to be all over it.