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u/Gyspyboy1976 Jan 30 '23

Thats not true about the Scottish.


u/Formal-Rain Jan 30 '23 edited Jan 30 '23

Yes it is, many Scots were indentured servants. Wanda Sykes even had white Scottish indentured slave ancestry.

Oliver Cromwell invaded Scotland burned Dundee and sent Scots as slaves to the English colonies in the Caribbean and New England.

Scots in the Highlands made to dig destitution roads for famine relief during the Highland potato famine. Nothing more than enforced labour because they were starving. The same blight that struck Ireland. People shoved on coffin ships starving.


u/sixteen89 Jan 30 '23

People don’t know because the Irish and Scottish don’t care and have moved on. Also it kinda ruins the “slave” narrative. Want to hear a real trip?? Read up on Bacons rebellion.


u/WaltVinegar Jan 30 '23

Scot here. I dunno where ye got the info for that first sentence there, mate. Cannae speak for the Irish, but I suspect they might have something to say about their past treatment, and no likely "I don't care".


u/Formal-Rain Jan 30 '23

Fellow Scot here agree 100%