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u/Formal-Rain Jan 30 '23 edited Jan 30 '23

Yes it is, many Scots were indentured servants. Wanda Sykes even had white Scottish indentured slave ancestry.

Oliver Cromwell invaded Scotland burned Dundee and sent Scots as slaves to the English colonies in the Caribbean and New England.

Scots in the Highlands made to dig destitution roads for famine relief during the Highland potato famine. Nothing more than enforced labour because they were starving. The same blight that struck Ireland. People shoved on coffin ships starving.


u/sixteen89 Jan 30 '23

People don’t know because the Irish and Scottish don’t care and have moved on. Also it kinda ruins the “slave” narrative. Want to hear a real trip?? Read up on Bacons rebellion.


u/courierblue Jan 30 '23

Or the duration and conditions of slavery became drastically different between white indentured slaves and black slaves held in bondage. At some point very early on, most people in the colonies were indentured slaves until laws, culture, and economic pressures made it so that black slaves had less of a chance to be free and thriving once they were free.

Indentured slaves could work their time off and integrate with society, especially if they were white meaning they could seamlessly integrate within a generation or two as having always been free, but the other was often a slave for life, with no recourse for freedom, no compensation for their labor and a guarantee that their children would be born into bondage. Even if those children were part white, they were not entitled to the laws that governed white people. Even being a free black person, there were laws that restricted what you could or could not do as early as the late 17th century.

Compound this over a couple of years and integrate this difference into culture, and belief systems that persist even after the institution of slavery is abolished and there ends up being a difference, even though at one point way back in time, Scottish people and black people both started out as indentured servants.


u/DealerGreat1384 Jan 31 '23

All very true!