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Severe drought uncovers sunken WWII Nazi warship in Danube river

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u/LinguoBuxo Mar 23 '23

It was here recently... They can't remove it, because it still has tons of explosives in it (unless me memory fails me)


u/Bright_Broccoli1844 Mar 23 '23

I hope somehow the explosives can be removed.


u/JamHead__ Mar 23 '23

I think the norm is to just leave them and let them degrade into harmlessness. Nobody's gone and blown themselves up after all this time, it's probably safe to just leave it.

There's a bunch of stuff like this in the North sea iirc


u/LittleMissFirebright Mar 23 '23

Call in the Mythbusters and let them blow it up. For science.


u/microwavet Mar 23 '23

They can, just explode them.


u/Citrinitas115 Mar 23 '23

Anyone know the name of the ship? Honestly would kinda love to explore around if I was able to


u/ITCM4 Mar 24 '23

U-96. /s


u/Vigo_Von_Homburg Mar 24 '23

*German, or Nazi German


u/CourseExcellent Mar 23 '23

I don’t think they’re gonna get it back


u/tango-tangerines Mar 24 '23

Oh I know that river from the Beautiful Blue Danube! Great song. Not so great that it’s being effected by a drought and sunken nazi warships tho :(


u/balistafear Mar 24 '23

Army fighting - bring ships

Army losing - self sink 200 ships in river to potentially create an underwater barrier to block enemy's ship from crossing

Decades later, army long dissolved & gone.

But the other government from the other country where ships are nesd to fork out money to clean and remove the sunken ships.

So.. you do today what you want, someone else cleans up tomorrow what somebody else wants.


u/breakfastcantwait Mar 23 '23

Fuck WWII Nazi warships.


u/ElPolloPayaso Mar 23 '23

You happy now that one of the Kriegsmarine ships have been sunken in a European river?


u/Doughspun1 Mar 25 '23

What I want to know is, is the boat still racist